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  1. I hit refresh for 35 straight minutes once I got to the front of the line. I finally got tickets. So don’t give up and keep hitting refresh when you get to the front of the line
  2. Was in school at MD and practicing with the team 1 month ago.
  3. Why is everyone putting Nick at 149. He’s the 141# NCAA Champion. Never wrestled 149, never will.
  4. Lee’s 2015 (Nick and Joe)
  5. You are absolutely correct. I thought it was bad in real time but after watching it again, it’s a HORRIBLE no call.
  6. It has worked perfectly all day for me
  7. Read the rule book, that’s 2. Dalton lost that match. Deckard got screwed
  8. Sunday at 10:30am EST on the Big Ten Network
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