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  1. Would love to see 80 and 81. Those were my first 2 wrestling state championships
  2. You heard the announcer, everyone is good in the Big Ten. McCartney looked great!
  3. McCartney Parkinson is a HAMMER on top!!! Great win!!
  4. McCartney Parkinson in the line-up for Purdue tonight. Great opportunity for a great kid.
  5. https://www.ihsaatv.org/?B=222202
  6. IU’s Bullock is an embarrassment!
  7. Good move. He wanted no part of Gabe Sollars.
  8. Luigs won the 133 spot in last weeks wrestle-off. So I expect to see him tomorrow.
  9. I second this. Where can we see this match?
  10. Willie has him 6th in the country P4P and 1st at 138
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