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  1. IU89

    State Rankings #6

    Dude, you cannot be serious. He would start for every team in the state except maybe six or seven. He pinned a returning Michigan state champion earlier this season. Ask that kid if Brody felt like a JV wrestler. Everyone in Indiana acknowledges that Brody is a bad ass, I guess except for you.
  2. Yes, you are pathetic and incredibly ignorant. Had the ref done this to ANY wrestler on the mat after approving his hair in the locker room is grounds for termination and not allowing him to ever work again. Allowing a documented racist to referee high school sports is also extremely pathetic. Also pathetic you find this situation comical. Says a lot about you to side with this POS.
  3. I heard an interview on ESPN radio with an assistant coach from that night’s opposing team. The official was at the weighin, checked fingernails, skin and HAIR. That Official said nothing about that young man’s hair. He waited until he toed the line and shook hands with his opponent to say a word. This Coach said in NJ those issues are handled in the locker room at weigh ins. The opposing coach questioned the officials motives and he knew the whole story. All of you stating that this was not racial without knowing all of the facts are being naive. What other reason would he have to wait? To embarrass this young man publicly instead of when it should have been addressed in private? Where the only remedy would be a forfeit? The official should be fired and banned for life. Even if it was not racially motivated his judgment is horrible and there is no place for him in this sport.
  4. Me too! Great wrestler and even a better person. Also a great family.
  5. IU89

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    It’ll be streaming live!
  6. IU89

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    Lee teched and pinned everyone in a weight class that had 2 nationally ranked wrestlers yesterday. Warren will be lucky to avoid the same fate. If he keeps it to only a major he’ll be very lucky.
  7. If they have an OW, it should be Matt Lee. He was untouchable today! Great job Matt!
  8. IU89

    Mater Dei vs PM

    Dude, you must be stoned!!
  9. https://www.grapplergold.com/ggi
  10. IU89

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    McCracken County decided about 4-5 years ago to go all in on their wrestling program. They wanted to hire a great coach and they found that in Coach Nickal and convinced him to move his family to Paducah from Texas. Great hire.
  11. IU89

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    Overtime 1 pt win over Conley as I recall. Match could have gone either way.
  12. IU89

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    160 Sollars MD major (10-0) Reff MD 49-14 final
  13. IU89

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    145 Matt Lee MD pinned Hartz 152 Dickens MD Dec (9-3) Deters MD 42-14
  14. IU89

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    132 C. Egli MD dec (6-2) Hunt 138 B. Mayer MD dec (5-0) Moore MD 36-14
  15. IU89

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    195 Nunn TF McGrew 220 Castle pin 285 Castle dec (2-1) 106 Freeman MD pinned Ellis 113 Ross MD dec (8-2) Hayhurst 120 Boarman MD major (11-2) Casebolt 126 K. EgliMD pinned Hettenbach MD 30-14

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