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  1. TOTAL DOMINATION!! Great job Nick!
  2. Yianni coming back will have NOT prevent Nick from wrestling next year. Just the opposite is true. With Yianni back, Nick will definitely be at 141 next year.
  3. Nick will be the returning NCAA Champion at 141 next year. He won’t redshirt.
  4. Doug, did you think points were scored when Sollars cradled Deters and put him on his back for 2 1/2 - 3 seconds before Sollars lock was broken? Then the ref put them back on their feet with no points. I’ve watched the replay several times, a takedown and backs seems pretty clear to me.
  5. Dickens with the first period pin fall
  6. I wouldn't leave Joe Lee out of the mix next year! He's a BEAST!
  7. Matt lost to the guys that got 3rd and 4th. He was right there.
  8. That’s a ridiculous statement. He’s National top 10 in his weight class with a huge upside. Any top wrestling program would love to have him.
  9. I think absolutely it should have been.
  10. Watch it again, Doug. I think Fix was going behind for the takedown and the win. The grabbing of his headgear prevented it.
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