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  1. Why is everyone putting Nick at 149. He’s the 141# NCAA Champion. Never wrestled 149, never will.
  2. Lee’s 2015 (Nick and Joe)
  3. You are absolutely correct. I thought it was bad in real time but after watching it again, it’s a HORRIBLE no call.
  4. It has worked perfectly all day for me
  5. Read the rule book, that’s 2. Dalton lost that match. Deckard got screwed
  6. Sunday at 10:30am EST on the Big Ten Network
  7. If you leave town without going to the Schnitzelbank you have made a serious lapse in judgment. Their German food is phenomenal.
  8. The feed quality for the Evansville North Regional was fantastic.
  9. I always attended and watched from the Budweiser suite
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