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  1. I'm still not understanding #1 in that list.... Does Nick Lee qualify based on his 2nd Place finish at the 2016 Junior World Team Trials? The list doesn't specify specific years...
  2. I don't believe Micic can take another year. I'm thinking one of his two years off was already an Olympic....
  3. Time for Bo to close the show.... Let's hope for some fireworks from the Blue Hair! A side note, I think this was mentioned earlier in the season, but Bo's dad moved the family to Kentucky and took the Head Coaching job at McCracken Co. They come up and wrestled at the Mater Dei where they beat Jeffersonville and lost to MD, Avon and Bloomington South. Didn't see a result against Castle.
  4. He beat Nick Lee twice to win a Fargo Cadet Freestyle title in 2013 at 126. He actually hit his growth spurt between his Jr and Sr years, winning a CA State Title at 132 in 2014 and jumped to win another as a senior at 182 in 2015. That's a helluva one year jump, not to mention winning a single class state title in CA doing so!
  5. I'd be good with that. Great match with Hall and Valencia as expected. Not that it matters, but what's your guess on Zahid's walking around weight? He has always looked huge to me.
  6. I am beginning to agree that a 3rd official should do the review at the NCAA. I know they won't do that in dual meets, but for conference and national tournaments, it should done that way. Very few calls are overturned. I think the referees that made the call have it in their head and aren't looking at it from a fresh perspective. JMO
  7. RS Freshman.... I had to look it up. He lost to Isaiah White and Connor Flynn this year, both in November. Lost twice to Chance Marstellar last year as a RS, finishing 28-2 both years
  8. Lewis did too Joseph what Joseph has done to others the past two years
  9. We'll see how it plays out, but I'll be shocked if they finish outside the Top 3 unless they don't get the 6th years and Hall, Lee and someone else redshirts
  10. Yep, and gaining a nice crop of newcomers that have been in PA this year working out, but not yet enrolled..... Aaron Brooks, Michael Beard, Seth Nevills, Joe Lee along with recruits Stariocci and Howard. Also, Kyle Conel from Kent St is seeking a 6th year and is planning on going to Penn State if he gets it. And most thought they were dead with the departure of Taylor and Ruth....
  11. Penn State is hoping/expecting to get the same 6th year for Cassar and Rasheed next year
  12. Stepped away for a second. How did Jordan get a point in the 1st period with both still neutral? Hands to the face?
  13. Not sure Yianni should have gotten the two.... Damn, there have been some close, tough calls! Yianni gets the TD off the scramble in SV! He's just so good at scrambling and turning crazy spots into points.
  14. McKenna is really good with the hands... both setting up his shots and preventing shots Crazy scramble there.... Thought Yianni could have gotten the TD but not swipes for points. Call and review says no TD and no points for either
  15. I think ending at 197 was an Ode to Bo... Highlight the dominant senior thing.

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