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  1. What are the dates/schedule for Fargo and can it be found on TW or Flo?
  2. Nick Lee - Penn St. Male Athlete of the Year
  3. Not that this will sway opinions, because as SunDevils just posted, we're splitting hairs here. But Nick Lee has been named Penn St. Male Athlete of the Year. Here is the article, which also provides a good summary of his career accomplishments, including 118 wins. Nick Lee - PSU Male Athlete of the Year
  4. While I agree with the premise of that argument, it's not absolute. Myles Amine has a bronze medal, yet he's no better than the 4th -6th in the US, arguably 4th best in Happy Valley PA. Granted it's not a direct comparison to Maroulis, but an Olympic Medal, while impressive as hell isn't always the UTB, so to speak
  5. Much more interesting would be how it plays out with Lee, RBY, Daton Fix and Vito Arujau (who is also rumored to be bumping to 133). That's a deep weight if it happens.
  6. The odd thing is that most have Bouzakis slotted at 133 and Mendez at 141. Not sure it might not be better switched. But not sure how either may still grow. Time will tell, but the future is bright.
  7. I think we might be jumping a bit ahead here with the 4xer and Champ as a true frosh talk. Jesse is great and will continue to be. But he's taken losses to guys he may see again. I don't think there is a direct line to connect the match with Gross to being a Senior World Team Member. Lots of land minds in between. I like the fact that he went for it and held his own, however. I think he may go his freshman year if he can wrestle 133. 141 may be a bit much, going back to the strength that's already been mentioned. To go 133 he'd probably be most physically ready, but that class is loaded. RBY, Fix, Arujau to name a few. The competition, is easier at 141, it seems, but will he be physically ready? I still think he redshirts. OSU doesn't have a team ready to compete at the highest level next year. No need to push Jesse or any of the other incoming frosh.
  8. Seth Gross is now the US World Team Member, beating Daton Fix at Final X. Jess gave him a helluva run. That just goes to show you can't give these veterans anything and have to finish them off. Nice run for Gross after the 1st round scare from Mendez!
  9. Mendez gets a nice 10-0 win over Shelton Mack. Josh Rodriguez in the consolation semifinal. Rodriguez was a 3x NCAA qualifier out of North Dakota State and finished 2nd at the US Open. Rodriguez lost to Dan DeShazer today after beating him at the Open. Seth Gross won the other semifinal getting the fall over Nico Megaludis. Mendez is holding his own quite well. Should he win, he'll have either Megaludis or Graf for 3rd Place.
  10. Yep... possible some others too. Believe it was Y2 that originally suggested the FloBowling option. But if FloBowling gives you access to FloWrestling, is there really a difference if you are looking for that option?
  11. Cherry picking a few results for you that I found interesting. If there is anyone else you want results on, say the word. At 79kg - Chance Marstellar scored fairly late and then ended up bloody, holding on to a 5-4 win over Carter Starocci. Very physical match. - Alex Dieringer took out Isaiah Martinez 14-3. AD was favored, but that was a thrashing. No other real surprises so far. In the next round... Mendez will face Shane Mack with a potential match against Tyler Graf in the consolation semifinal (incorrect - see later post) . Lucas Davison's consolation match is not yet set. He'll face either Christian Lance or Nick Gwiazdowski.
  12. Apparently, the semifinals for 65kg, 70kg and 125 kg will not wrestle tonight with the other Semifinals. Since there is no one sitting in Final X at those weights, those matches will be wrestled tomorrow morning with the finals from the other weight classes whose champ will go to Final X.
  13. McKenna is likely the only one that can change that, but that's likely what we'll see. Evan Henderson is a wily vet so he won't give it up to Nick without a fight. Just a note, they won't wrestle the Finals at this event. The two semifinal winners will face off in a best of three at Final X in New York City on Wednesday June 8th, at 1:00 Central Time. An odd time for an event, but it is part of the annual NY Beat the Streets event. Just in case anyone didn't know... Final X Locations and Bout order Update: So much for McKenna having a say. He goes down to Ian Parker 8-5 after leading 5-2.
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