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  1. I agree 100% with everything you are saying. Logically, you are spot on, but my gut tells me Red will step up and give Nick problems. I'm a fan of both, but would love to see Nick even the score. I'd love to see Nick finish in the Top 4 this year, redshirt next year and come back with the chance to win two national titles in '21 & '22.
  2. SWINfan

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #4

    I noticed that today. Have you seen enough of both Deters and Sollars this year to say that Deters would be the favorite this weekend and beyond?
  3. SWINfan

    Chad Red

    I agree. I played DI baseball and while they are different sports, I can't imagine the level of commitment required to be a national caliber athlete under such a microscope. In college we drank and partied, played games hung over, chased women, stayed out all night sometimes. We were still good enough to make the NCAA Tournament one year and a solid program the others as well as having a couple of guys good enough to make the Majors. I never wrestled at a high level, but I am pretty confident there aren't a ton of guys standing on the podium at the end of the year doing all of that. There are times I wish I was more dedicated and would have liked to see how good I could have been, but I am also smart enough to know I had physical limitations that would keep me from getting drafted (too short, didn't throw hard enough). Nonetheless, I have nothing but admiration about the commitment these guys make to be the top at the college or high school level.
  4. SWINfan

    Chad Red

    I look at the Top 20 rankings for 141 and see no reason why Chad couldn't be an All-American this year. I see a lot of guys he could lose to, but only a few I don't see him potentially beating. The seeding/draw could be big for him, which the rest of the year will determine. As far as being a "gamer", his next chance to prove that still fits is Sunday against Penn St. It will be a charged up, sold out atmosphere, of which 99% will be against him. To me that is the kind of crowd that would spark a fire in him. Lots of questions have been raised about why he hasn't been as dominant and no one on here (at least no one posting) know for sure. But my question is, does Chad still LOVE wrestling and still have the level of DESIRE he once had? The college atmosphere can divide one's attention and it can be easy for people's focus to change, even if just slightly. If the answer is yes, I expect him to show up Sunday and make a run at AA status once again.
  5. SWINfan

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #4

    Different people do the SS rankings & State rankings, therefore different opinions.
  6. Here are the 10 Hoosiers currently ranked by 4 services. Note Wrestle Stat (WS) ranks to 33. Flo, InterMat (IM) and Open Mat (OM) rank to 20. Looks like 174 is the place to be! Weight Wrestler School WS Flo IM OM @125 Drew Hildebrandt Central Mich 22 - - - @133 Stevan Micic Michigan 2 1 1 1 @133 Paul Konrath Indiana 25 - - - @141 Nick Lee Penn State 4 6 6 7 @141 Chad Red Nebraska 21 - 19 17 @174 Dylan Lydy Purdue 19 15 14 11 @174 Jake Covaciu Indiana 17 - - - @174 Ben Harvey Army 22 - - - @174 Drew Hughes Michigan St 25 - - - @285 Mason Parris Michigan 3 7 8 15
  7. I'll take a stab at predictions.... Even with a few wrong, I'd be surprised to see it go any worse for Purdue than 6 matches to 4. Please note, I am typically not very good so if you are laying money somewhere, take the opposite of many of my picks and you should be just fine! Predicted winners in bold inside the quote.
  8. SWINfan

    Chad Red

    The prevailing opinion on Heil is he had to change styles due to the Danger rule. Heil always seemed to wrestle close matches and lived in scramble mode, often where his back was exposed, but without control by the other wrestler he was safe. Once the Danger rule was put in place, he couldn't live in those scramble positions any longer and his results suffered from the forced change in style.
  9. Nebraska has Maryland Friday night before the Penn State match Sunday, both on the road. If Chad is not fighting issues with making weight, I suspect he'll wrestle both. Sometimes travel can make it difficult if making weight is a challenge. Maryland should be an easy warm up for Sunday. At this point, if there are no health or weight issues with either wrestler, my gut tells me the edge falls to Red right now. Nick lost his first match of the the year Sunday, in a match where he consistently got to the leg of his opponent, only to be defended and countered into scrambles. That seems like a Chad Red Special in terms of strategy. In fact, I could see Chad almost inviting Nick to the single leg. The questions are: 1. Will Chad be quick enough to counter and keep Nick from finishing (which he is usually VERY good at)? 2. Can Nick finish those attacks and stay out of scramble situations? 3. Will Nick adjust to different types of attacks, from the beginning or after a first failed finish? The fact that Nick lost this weekend and the match is at Penn State makes me want to lean to Nick. But my gut tells me this time, Chad gets it. No idea if that feeling will be the same if they meet up again at the Big Ten Championships.
  10. SWINfan

    Chad Red

    This has been discussed some on the college board, both in its own thread and within the Hoosiers in College Results threads. To keep up on many former Indiana kids and how they are doing in college, check it out. That said.... I think the point is there has been good and bad with Chad. He certainly beat Heil but he has lost to unranked wrestlers and losses have mounted. Chad Red being ranked just on the cusp of the Top 20 (he lost this weekend to Josh Alber again, so he may not be ranked this week) is not the Chad Red most fans expected. I believe it is a question rather than a judgement. As Wrestling Scholar alluded to, there is, s, and some because of physical limitations, health and weight management. I don't pretend to know about Chad, his work ethic, behaviors, coaching or anything. So asking questions is definitely different than making accusations or judgments. The question I ask, is 141 the right weight for him? Is he having to cut hard? Would he be better served at 149? Chad still has plenty of time to make his mark. He'll have an excellent opportunity to make some noise this coming Sunday when he should face Nick Lee at Penn St. Last year's All-American finish was a good start. Maybe people should pump the brakes on the expectations. Winning championships ain't easy.
  11. SWINfan

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    Have to assume its correct, but there are definite changes in the lineup vs. what there was Saturday. Then again, Saturday's results were incorrect until changed sometime Sunday.
  12. SWINfan

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    Weight Summary CMTCARM DETCATHC 152 Joseph Urso (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over drew mulay (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 5-0) 0 3 160 Cameron Amine (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over ashton breen (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 4-3) 0 3 170 Kevon Davenport (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over asa terrell (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 7-3) 0 3 182 danny benoit (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over John Browning (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Dec 10-4) 3 0 195 Easton Turner (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over robert bowman (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (MD 10-2) 0 4 220 Brendin Yatooma (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over nick mishka (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Fall 3:47) 0 6 285 Steven Kolcheff (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over jalen grant (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Fall 1:48) 0 6 106 jordon blew (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Anthony Walker (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Fall 0:40) 6 0 113 coltan drousias (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Valentino Scicluna (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Fall 1:22) 6 0 120 rehan uribe (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Matthew Anderson (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Fall 1:22) 6 0 126 noah mis (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Philip Burney (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Fall 4:33) 6 0 132 Camden Trupp (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over alex lalazas (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 6-5) 0 3 138 Joshua Edmond (Detroit Catholic Central HS) over connor gaynor (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) (Dec 10-5) 0 3 145 miles hoey (Chicago (Mt. Carmel)) over Derek Gilcher (Detroit Catholic Central HS) (Dec 8-3) 3 0 Team Score: 30 31
  13. SWINfan

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #4

    All is right in the world... er, my head now. No more scratching. Thanks
  14. SWINfan

    Evansville Semi-State Rankings #4

    Scratching my head over Blaine Mayer left out of the top 8 at 138..... Maybe Mayer should be where Reynolds was duplicated?
  15. IU wins the dual 36-3. When is the last time they won a Big Ten dual that big? Maryland just doesn't have much at all. @174 Michigan State's Drew Hughes drops a 9-3 decision to Ohio State backup Ethan Smith.

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