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  1. Still waiting for anyone to provide one instance where I was "hating" on Chad Red. Again, your inability to understand the difference between asking questions and providing potential answers vs. making accusations or "hating" is comical. As for the rest, I believe it speaks for itself.....
  2. It's comical that you are telling me to take it easy it's only a board, when it was your panties that got in a bunch in the first place. You told me to study and learn, when nothing I stated had anything to do with a lack of knowledge. You didn't give your opinion, you questioned others knowledge and whether they were an elite wrestler and you didn't like someone's use of the word flaw because you don't "prescribe" to it in reference to wrestling. You got in my craw because you made invalid criticisms and came off like you knew more than everyone else, not only to me. I can live with what I post here. I know the limits of my knowledge and know when it is appropriate to ask questions. And I do recognize awesomeness. I just haven't seen any of it in your posts. Have a great day. It's just a message board, right Luke?
  3. I don't. I'm asking. You seem to present yourself as knowing more than everyone else. I am not looking through any "lenses" but am simply asking questions that are fair and reasonable to anyone that knows anything about the sport, whether they wrestled at the collegiate level or not. I've you've read this thread and the other college thread and paid attention, you would have read that I thought Chad would win the match. You would have also read discussions on what could have been holding Chad back this year and at NO point did I ever act as if I knew the answer. I simply asked questions and posed possibilities (injury, health, weight management, etc. for example). At some point, people must understand the difference between asking a question or posing a possibility to making an accusation. Perhaps you can do that while teaching me the definition of the word flaw? I'd welcome that discussion. Lastly, if you have seen me make any remarks about Chad that were disrespectful, please point them out to me. Chad was one helluva a HS wrestler. He was an NCAA All-American as a redshirt freshman. His sophomore year, to this point has not held up to that level. Yet there is time. It can still happen. But the fact is he is 6-7 against D1 competition. It doesn't take an NCAA All-American to know that is not what most would expect from an All-American. Again, to clarify, the criticism is about his performance, not him. There IS a difference. Enjoy your day on your high horse.
  4. Just curious as to what you see as Chad's flaws? He is 6-7 against D1 competition this year. Is that what you expect? Is that meeting Chad's expectations? I have nothing against Chad at all, but facts are facts and this has not been a stellar year for him and he is not trending in a Championship direction. And no, I didn't wrestle at that level nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  5. Weekend results from the Greyhound Duals (Sat) and Greyhound Open (Sun) Greyhound Duals McKendree @149 Isaiah Kemper went 2-0 UIndy @125 DJ Smith went 2-0 @141 Dillon Hurst went 0-1 @174 Gleason Mappes went 3-0 @285 Dylan Faulkenberg went 2-0 Greyhound Open @133 Christian Mejia - McKendree finished in 3rd Place @141 Alec White - Purdue finished in 2nd Place @141 Dillon Hurst - UIndy went 0-2 and DNP @141 Jonathan Moran - Indiana went 2-2 and finished in 4th Place @149 Breyden Bailey - Indiana finished in 1st Place @149 Ryan Surguy - Marian went 1-2 and DNP - His losses were to fellow Hoosiers Breyden Bailey and Austen Laughlin @149 Trace Manspeaker - UIndy went 2-2 and finished in 5th Place @149 Austen Laughlin - Ancilla College went 2-2 and finished in 6th Place @157 Blaze Lowery - UIndy went 2-2 and finished in 4th Place @157 Dawson Combest - UIndy finished in 2nd Place @157 Brett Johnson - Marian finished in 3rd Place @165 Jack Eiteljorge - UIndy went 3-1 and finished in 5th Place @165 Tanner Webster - Purdue went 0-2 @184 Thomas Penola - Purdue finished in 1st Place @184 Spencer Irick - Indiana finished in 2nd Place @197 David Eli - Purdue finished in 3rd Place @197 Jack Michel - UIndy finished in 5th Place @285 Brandon Streck - Indiana finished in 2nd Place
  6. I think Suriano's style is right up there with Pletcher's in terns of being boring.
  7. @174 Dylan Lydy drops a 5-3 decision to Myles Amine of Michigan. @285 Mason Parris with a tight 10-7 victory over Jacob Aven of Purdue. Parris got a little sloppy and gave up a take down in the 1st period and getting a little too aggressive in the 3rd trying to turn him and Aven slipped out and came through the bottom to reverse him. A nice win by Parris and Aven battled him hard.
  8. Nick Lee wins the much anticipated rematch with Chad Red 5-4. Purdue and Michigan starting now... @133 Stevan Micic with a dominating 9-1 win over Ben Thornton. Micic was very strong riding but was only able to get 2 back points on a quick tilt. Had several others where he got 1 1/2 swipes but couldn't hold it. Nevertheless, there was no chance for Thornton on bottom. Micic moves to 8-0 on the season and will hold his #1 ranking.
  9. I believe the rule is you have to come above the waist within those 5 seconds
  10. We'll agree to disagree. Red initiated zero offense until about :30 left with Nick having a 5-3 lead. Red played defense the whole match and never tried to score. His only takedown was off a scramble after a Lee shot.
  11. Lots of tying up and hand fighting to begin..... Red not initiating anything and doing nothing but stepping back to avoid Lee's shot attempts. Stall warning on Red. Lee gets in on a single leg. Red fights it off for a good 30-40 seconds and rolls through and gets hold of Lee's leg. Lee gets the leg free and spins behind for the takedown. Lee with a spiral ride. Red gets up, but Lee returns him and they go out of bounds w/ :05 left in the first period. After the first period, it's 2-0 Nick Lee. 2nd Period starts with Red on top. Lee starts to get out and changes to a switch attempt. Red hangs on for dear life and a stalemate is called with 1:05 remaining. Red hangs on and Lee comes close to getting out but Red hands on. Stall call on Red, 3-0 Nick Lee with :12 left. Period ends 3-0 Lee leading with Red having a 1:12 riding time advantage. 3rd Period starts with Lee on top. Red escapes with riding time reduced to :56. Lee gets in on a single, Red rolls though. Big scramble and Red gets the takedown. 3-3 all tied up with Red gaining riding time advantage again. Stalling on Red makes it 4-3 Lee as Red hangs on to Lee's legs. Lee stands up and gets the escape to take a 5-3 lead. Both wrestlers facing off in the middle. Red pushes the action for the first time. Lee gets a Stall warning as they go out of bounds. They lock up, Lee pushes Red and he falls down. Lee remains in the middle as time wanes. No takedown for Red as time expires and Lee takes a 5-4 win after Red's riding time is added. Nick Lee wins 5-4
  12. SWINfan

    Lee vs Red let the games begin!

    Will post play by play & results on college board...
  13. SWINfan

    Lee vs Red let the games begin!

    Flowrestling with subscription.... BTB2GO w/ subscription... you can do a 1 month sub for $14.95. Lee vs Red about to start. Plus Michigan on the mat in an hour so you can watch Mason Parris today for that same $14.95

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