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  1. I think your last sentence almost contradicts the first. I don't think there is any program that is the best because it is just so rare to see guys excel at that level. I don't think MD's style, at least in the last 10+ years, has anything to do with it. The schools closer to the Adademies definitely have an advantage, but it still takes a special wrestler to get it done.
  2. Dickens has beaten Rodgers 3x in the past 2 years: Team State (last year) 4-3 Team State (this year) 3-2 Mason, OH Invite 9-2
  3. How freaking ridiculous is it that this isn't established and done the same way EVERY year?
  4. Thomas Deck also finished 2nd in 2017, losing to Jesse Mendez 5-0. The depth in Kentucky is nowhere near the same as Indiana, but they have some really good dedicated wrestlers and programs.
  5. I think Rakestraw is fine as a host/moderator. As with some others, I think it would be better if Goebel and another person were added. Not sure if the IHSAA would hesitate to add Joe or Mike due to their affiliation with IndianaMat, seeing it as turning into an ad. Goebel referencing the rankings is one thing, but I could see their hesitation to taking it farther than that with IM. I wouldn't have a problem with it, just trying to see if from another point of view. If not one of those two, then who else would be a good addition?
  6. Union County is the top team in Kentucky again this year. The KHSAA State Championships were last weekend and below is how many of their guys fared, including 6 State Champs. I also included how each fared at the Mater Dei Holiday Classic as a reference point. As a team, they finished 2nd at the MD, well ahead of 3rd place Roncalli. Union Co also had duals with several Southern Indiana teams, so I thought there would be interest in how those guys finished. Weight Wrestler KY State MD Holiday 113 Trayce Eckman Champion 2nd Place (lost 6-2 to Cole Ross) 132 Gabe Adams 3rd Place Champ (beat K. Egli 6-3) Note: Lost to 2018 IHPO Champ Thomas Deck 3-2 in semifinal) 138 Jake Insko Champion 3rd Place (lost 15-2 to Blake Boarman) 145 Trevor Pogue 2nd Place 4th Place (lost 6-4 to Brody Baumann in 3rd Place match) 152 Payne Carr 2nd Place 3rd Place (lost to Jonathan Kervin 13-5 in semifinal) 160 Dalton Russleberg Champion 2nd Place (lost to Eli Dickens 5-3) 170 Stephen Little Champion 2nd Place (lost 7-2 to Gabe Sollars) 182 Micah Ervin Champion Champ (beat Macartney Parkinson 7-4) 220 Darius Moore 2nd Place 5th Place 285 Matthias Ervin Champion Did Not Wrestle 145 Ty Lehman (Trinity) Champion 6th Place (Included a 3-2 loss to Trevor Pogue who he beat for the KY State Title) Indiana Native For those of you not familiar with the MD Classic (been sleepin'?) - the field included MD, Union Co, Roncalli, Portage, North Posey, Franklin Community, Evansville Memorial, Gibson Southern, Mt. Vernon, Sullivan, Father Ryan (TN), Christian Bros (TN) Belleville West (IL) and Louisville Trinity and St. Xavier and a few others.
  7. Kyler West - two of the three missing losses are to Logan Sutton and KY State Champ Trayce Eckman, from Union County at 113
  8. Macartney Parkinson's 2nd loss was to Kentucky State Champ Micah Ervin of Union County, 7-4
  9. Yo, Uncle Jimmy, my poster name begins with SW and I have something to say about you're crazy opinion! I have no qualms with anything you said. Coach Goebel is/was an awesome coach! But he is not a TV personality. It's not his strength. I think he's solid, but not great in that role. I think a 3rd person would be great. I can't recall exactly how the State Finals broadcast was several years ago, but I think it got better with the addition of Blake Maurer. Adding Blake,Mike or another personality that closely follows wrestling would spice things up. It's hard for anyone to know wrestling in depth in all four corners of the state and in between, but it's possible. With Mike being more familiar with the Southern end, Mike could bring a nice balance.
  10. I personally thought regulation should have ended 11-11 and it should have gone to OT, but I haven't re-watched it. Just re-watched it and feel the same. I think the escape was a cop out. IMO, the ref should have awarded a reversal or not. I think an escape was the easy way out because they couldn't decide if control had switched, which I don't think happened.
  11. I'm glad you posted this! I was thinking of doing the same thing. Hopefully, people will include Evansville as well. For those that purchased the streaming on Track Wrestling, all matches from all four semi-states are available on demand.
  12. I thought MD got good if not great draws in all classes except 182. That doesn't mean they will win every match, but it is set p fairly for all of them with the possible exception of Freeman at 120. Bettich in the Quarterfinal and Seltzer in the Semi if he gets past Bettich. I don't think anyone is sleeping on him or anyone else. Drawing Driver was the best possible draw for Ross because if he wins, it also prevented him from seeing Cottey on Saturday morning. Another example is Blake Boarman got a great draw with Hayden Shepherd. Not so much because Shepherd isn't good, but because it avoided a potential first round match with Logan Bailey and put Bailey and Drake Campbell, they only two he has lost to this year, on the opposite side of the bracket. The key is no matter what draw you get, you still gotta go out and win,
  13. Like Kentucky and their 32 man field? I agree... I just wish they would wrestle back Semi-State to 3rd (make the 1st round the Ticket Round if that saves time) and State all the way to 3rd. A guy losing Saturday morning to the State Champ shouldn't be limited to 5th Place, IMO.
  14. Do they not understand the concept that being on the podium is a BIG deal to most kids, even if they aren't the Champion? He compared it to other regular season tournaments, but what is their logic that their way is better than every other state (assumption - at least most), and the NCAA? I know they are not the NCAA, but finishing in the top 8 is an important part of the sport. It just seems to me that they feel like their way is the better than everyone else's. And I would also argue, there there is definitely a possibility that a kid eliminated in the Ticket Round at Semi-State could end up as the State Champion occasionally. Not often, but its possible.
  15. Just wanted to share that has already been posted along with a whole lot more info on Hoosiers wrestling in college over on the College board. Everyone is welcome to come join those of us that discuss and post college results weekly!
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