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  1. With 4/5 NCAA Champions many years recently, isn't that what Penn State has had? Minus the deep pockets part? ha ha
  2. Based on rumored OK State weight cuts, some are already predicting him to wrestle 174 in 2 years
  3. IU adds some unknown guy named Red as a Volunteer Coach Indiana Wrestling adds CJ Red
  4. Watching Greco is like watching paint dry. Just can't do it.
  5. Not firsthand knowledge, but there is strong scuttlebutt that Ferrari's issues go much farther than the current protection order. Have heard from several places he was dismissed from the team (or it was in process) before the protection was filed. Not saying he can't come out clear of all of this, but the text messages I've seen posted and other rumors, it seems to be a behavioral pattern. Sorry for the interruption, but back to talk about IU Wrestling
  6. Evansville Central - Brandon Robards Saw on Twitter today
  7. Thanks for the update. Do you mind sharing about Brody B as well? I felt like the 23-16 loss took a lot out of him. Maybe it was all of the matches, but it just looked like he was out of steam in his blood round loss. Then, he didn't wrestle Greco, so I assumed he was banged up after FS. He had a helluva run, winning 6 matches and having to wrestle 4 matches in less than 3 hours on the final day. 6-2 and no AA had to be tough! Looking forward to seeing what weight he wrestles and how he does at Purdue!
  8. Note: Hunter May FF'd both his consolation semifinal and 5th/6th Place match. Not sure what happened/why.
  9. Rioux and Veazy both advance to the Final! Dickman wins in the blood round, then loses so he'll wrestle for 7th Place Schaefer, Doster and Betz lost in the blood round, finishing just short of AA
  10. Good stuff.... I'll take Codei Khawaja
  11. Womens 16U up now. 16U and Jr. Freestyle back at 4:30. -16U Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Consolations - Jrs Up to Quarterfinals and Consolations
  12. #5 Ranked (Flo) Zeke Seltzer drew #14 Ranked Anthony Santaniello (NJ) in Round 1 and had to fight to move on. Seltzer was down 4-2 and got a takedown with about 15 seconds let and ultimately won 5-4. Tough first round match! #surviveandadvance
  13. LOTS of rumors flying around. Seems to be a lot of noise that has been muffled. Whether his treatment of women is criminal or simply despicable, is unknown at this point. Generally, he seems to have an affinity with guns and many OK State women on campus aren't fans. Specifically, he is currently under investigation for sexual assault. Have heard his fate at OK State was pretty much sealed even before that. Wish I knew more details. Just a lot of smoke....
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