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  1. Here is a link..... https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6519300-gable-steveson-dylan-martinez-held-on-suspicion-of-sexual-conduct
  2. That's why I posted it, with so many teams from Indiana heading down. Not to scare, but just as a reminder to be careful and to support the wrestling community as a whole.
  3. Not a ton of details, but a van carrying wrestlers from Warrior Wrestling Club in Calera, AL crashed and rolled over on their way to Disney for the AAU Scholastic Duals. Nine passengers were taken to Montgomery area hospitals, one with serious injuries. It was reported there were multiple ejections. I'm not sure how many vans the club had going down, the the club's statement below. I don't know the Warrior Wrestling Club but I am assuming it is where wrestlers from Thompson HS in Alabaster train. Alabaster and Calera border each other. The Thompson Warriors are Alabama's dominant wrestling program, winning both the team and individual State Tournaments in 2019, including 5 individual state titlists. The best known nationally is Sam Latona who will be wrestling at VA Tech next year. There has been no names or specific injury information released. “Earlier today a group of wrestlers from AL and TN headed south to compete in the AAU Scholastic Duals at Disney. During the drive down one of the vans was involved in an accident. All parents have been informed. With respect to the parents and wrestlers we will not be disclosing any names or injuries. All we ask is for your prayers.” https://www.wsfa.com/2019/06/17/church-bus-crashes-overturns-us-montgomery-county/ https://www.al.com/news/birmingham/2019/06/9-taken-to-montgomery-area-hospitals-after-passenger-van-overturns-on-us-231.html
  4. They're still going tonight.... @61kg Colin Poynter and Trey McCartney had byes in the first consi round and each won their next match. They will face each other in the next Cons Round 16 #1. @70 kg Matt Lee picks up a win over Bryce Andonian. It shows no score and FloArena shows code VFO. I'm guessing Forfeit? @74kg Kasper McIntosh won his first consi match 21-11 and lost the next to James Noel 10-0. The loss eliminates him. @86kg Thomas Penola won his first match 14-4 and advances to the Round of 16 against 5-seed Jack Jessen of Northwestern. Lucas Davison, Noah Cressell and Brandon Streck are slated to wrestle in the Round of 16.
  5. Juniors Round 2 @61kg Colin Poynter drops a 10-0 decision to Jordan Decatur @65kg Alex White gets a 9-2 win over Lawrence Saenz and will face 2-seed Joshua Saunders in the morning @70kg Austin Rainbolt loses 10-0 and is eliminated @70kg Mason Miranda lost a 9-6 decision and is eliminated @70kg Matt Lee with a quick :36 TF and advances to face Bryce Andonian, State DI Runner Up in OH and #6 ranked nationally by Intermat at 145. @70kg Graham Rooks wins an 11-2 decision and will face 4-seed Anthony Artalona in the Round of 16 @70kg Brayton Lee gets a 12-0 TF and advances to the Round of 16 to face Kevon Davenport of Detroit CC, ranked #4 by Intermat. @70kg Kendall Coleman wins 12-2 and will face Sonny Santiago in the Round of 16. @74kg Joe Lee moves on with a 13-1 TF over former Florida State Champ and Northwestern RS Erich Byelick. He faces former Ohio State Champion and OSU RSFR Jaden Mattox in the Round of 16. Penola, Davison, Cressell and Streck have yet to wrestle with lesser #'s in their classes.
  6. Senior Semifinal updates... @57kg Thomas Gilman beats Nate Tomasello easily and Daton Fix wins 2-0 over Darian Cruz @61kg Nico Megaludis handles Corey Clark easily and Corey Brewer gets an 11-0 win over Joey Palmer @65kg Yianni takes out Jordan Oliver 16-5 and Zain Retherford advances with an 11-3 win over Jaydin Eierman @70kg James Green beats Jason Nolf on criteria after scoring last. Ryan Deakin beats Alec Pantaleo 8-4
  7. A few updates from the Juniors.... Colin Poynter after a bye will face Jordan Decatur, the 2-seed in the 2nd round. Trey McCartney lost by TF in the first round Alec White won his first round match 10-0 Austin Rainbolt, Matt Lee and Mason Miranda dropped their openers. Brayton Lee, Kendall Coleman and Graham Rooks all won their first round match. Brayton could see Kevon Davenport of Detroit CC in the round of 16. Joe Lee wins by fall in :50 and Kasper McIntosh fell 5-2 to Iowa's Nelson Brands
  8. Senior FS wrestling to start in 2 hours, yet no sign of brackets on Flo. In fact, Senior Men's FS isn't even listed with the others right now. It disappeared from the list yesterday at some point.
  9. I was hoping/expecting him to be there. Why not, with the rest of the family there?
  10. Were there no Indiana wrestlers in either Junior or Senior Greco?
  11. Senior 57kg and 65kg are just downright nasty.... 57kg Thomas Gilman Daton Fix Zach Sanders Nathan Tomasello Frank Perrelli Darian Cruz Vito Arujau Joshua Rodriguez Zane Richards Jesse Delgado Nick Piccinnini Austin Miller Eddie Klimara Austin Assad 65kg Jordan Oliver Zain Retherford Joey McKenna Frank Molinaro Yianni Diakomihalis Jayden Eierman BJ Futrell Dominick Demas Colton McCrystal Evan Henderson Jayson Ness Bryce Meredith Nick Dardanes Brandon Wright Dean Heil Mitch McKee Nick Lee, Jordin Humphrey, Kaden Gfeller, Kanen Storr, Nick Dardanes not seeded.....
  12. I looked Saturday or Sunday and you listed some I didn't see.... But you got all I had written down except Ben Freeman. I included him since there are a couple of Purdue fans around here. The Pre-seeds are out and only two IN Seniors earned seeds... Brandon Wright #14 (of 16) @ 65kg Riley Lefever #8 (of 9) @ 92kg Correction: My brain short-circuited this morning. Guess i was thinking of Ben Thornton. Scratch Freeman. He doesn't count!!
  13. Saved by the Bell: The College Years wasn't a good sequel... Let's hope the same doesn't happen here.
  14. Thanks for all the kind words. My renewed interest in wrestling started 7-8 years ago as my nephew got pretty heavy into it as a youngster. It was also around that time that Nick Lee started making some noise before entering HS. Unfortunately, due to concussions, my nephew no long wrestles (he did get in some varsity matches as a freshman) but my interest thanks to the Lee's, and Indiana Mat has continued to grow. I used to got to Mater Dei matches as a kid with my dad so even though I didn't go there (he did) I always followed them and knew some of the guys when I was in HS. I moved to Alabama 20+ years ago and it got away from me other than hearing from dad how MD and other Evansville schools were doing and always reading how they fared at the State Championships. But with the lovely thing we call the internet, it has made it easy to follow schools and individual kids, so I don't just see myself as an Evansville/SW Indiana guy and have become fans of kids from all over the state. The advent of streaming the past few years allowed someone like me (who gets back home once, maybe twice a year) to see the kids wrestle who I have read about and followed via Indiana Mat, Track Wrestling, etc. So this year, with some extra time on my hands, I thought i would dig into how the kids I had followed were doing in college. In the past, the college board got little attention outside of the few IN kids making noise on the national scene and a post or three about IU and Purdue. Maligned always did a nice job with the guys qualifying for the NCAA's etc., but my curiosity went beyond all of that and to kids wrestling and (hopefully) succeeding at all levels. So with Track Wrestling, Intermat, the college signings page here, etc. I was able to find a ton of guys I might never had heard anything about. It was a lot of work and took a lot of time, but it was fun! Hopefully, with the database I put together, it will be much easier to update each year and at the point I can't keep up anymore, someone else can easily take over. I love how passionate fans are here on the HS board (though I could deal with a little less of the craziness) and hope that people will eventually make it a habit to check the college board regularly as well and give some attention to those guys that continue on their wrestling careers and continue to work their asses off, even if they aren't doing so at the Division I All-America honors level. Thanks again for those that have helped and those that appreciate the effort to give some kids some due that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.
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