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  1. We have 5 teams, would like to add 5 more.
  2. Southridge High School in Huntingburg Indiana is looking for teams for a summer duals tournament on June 18th. 2022. If interested contact Aaron Chambers at aaronchambers135@gmail.com
  3. Southridge High School in Huntingburg Indiana is looking for teams for a tournament on Saturday 12-3-22. It will be an individual tournament with pools. For more information contact: Coach Kurt Collins kurtacollins@gmail.com 812-449-3744
  4. What is the cost of the Frosh/Soph qualifier?
  5. Southridge is also not allowed to practice due to the weather today
  6. How are you going to determine which 128 teams get into your four 32 man qualifier tournaments? What about the other 191 teams you have left out?
  7. Robert Faulkens is the assistant commissioner for the IHSAA in charge of wrestling. He said we will stay on the present 14 until 23'-24' and then change to the new 14 NFHS weight classes.
  8. The questions raised in this the Evansville semi-state was about how the Evansville semistate guys stack up against each other. Please type very slowly and explain how the guy from Fort Wayne would figure into that semi-state ranking.
  9. I got all that. My point was why, in a thread about the Evansville semi-state, when comparing the Evansville semi-state 182lbers he would bring up a guy from FW Snider.
  10. Well this is the Evansville Semi-State rankings thread. I don't see why he thinks anyone was focused on the wrong guy at 182 in a thread about the Evansville semi-state if he was referring to Veazy. Unless the IHSAA moved Fort Wayne Snider to the Evansville semi-state or Veazy has transferred to another school.
  11. Which teams from the Evansville semi-state attend the Al Smith?
  12. Indiana is not changing the sectional. Same as before.
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