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  1. It was his 2nd injury time. When a wrestler takes his 2nd injury time his opponent gets his choice of top, bottom, or neutral on the restart.
  2. The coaches voted to not keep score in the first round of sectional where a 16 man bracket is used. It makes it more fair for team scoring to not have a team get a big lead because they got lucky in the draw and got a lot of forfeits where other teams got byes. The IHSAA then decided that to be consistent we would not score any level of the tournament until the 1/4 finals or round of 8.
  3. Its no big deal. Its just that as it has been posted on this website many times that it does not matter if a school is closed or not. It matters if they can practice or not. You could post that you like turtles instead of the fact that a school is closed. That has the same bearing on if there will be any additional pounds given for the regional or not.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to come back and let us know that you agree with your own post. As to your first post, just telling us that a school is closed does not tell us if they can practice or not today. As others have said it matters if they can have a practice or not.
  5. At the regional the 5th place from the replaced wrestlers sectional is the first alternate. If that wrestler is unavailable then the next alternate is the 6th place wrestler from that sectional. They do not replace the exact seed. Everyone moves up from that sectional.
  6. Where is #75, You're crazy High School located?
  7. If a school can not practice due to weather the two days before the event you can get an additional 2 pounds. Two is the limit.
  8. If a school was not allowed to practice due to the weather you can get an extra pound. If that is the case that school should have contacted the host school and the host school should have let every other school know.
  9. Rules for college and high school are not always the same. In high school in the 80's they were not legal.
  10. no. I wrestled in the 80's. they were not legal at that time. Here is a story from 1985 that confirms there were not legal. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/lifestyle/wellness/1985/11/27/wrestling-to-make-weight/b86b3727-278c-4e82-831c-83f9bf937355/?utm_term=.e6e0122ca3f3
  11. I say Southridge wins the team title by 10 points.
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