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Notable wins 12-5

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Carmel at Peoria, IL


Washington Dual wins over ranked opponents:

120: Jerde © wins by decision vs. Deleware (W) 4-1 ranked 16 in Class 2A

145: Eiteljorge © wins by decision vs. Miller (W) 3-1

ranked 10 in Class 2A at 152

220: Hipple © wins by fall vs. Robison (W) 3:26 Ranked 11 in Class 2A


Dakota Dual wins over ranked opponents:

132 Bernard © wins by fall vs. Barker(D) 1:55 Ranked 9 in Class 1A

220 Hipple © wins by decision vs. McPeek(D) 9-3 Ranked 9 in Class 1A


Lost some close matches in the Dakota dual to ranked opponents.

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Sounds like Avon had a bad day. WC rolled over them. I expected a win by WC but not that bad.

I think Avon did very well starting (7) Freshman in that lineup , beat Cathedral 39-21 went (3-2) , took 2A #1 Bellmont to the limit 34-32. Came down to the last match , fell short 3-2 dec.


As everybody knows WC is loaded with upper class men and it showed during the dual. Good experience for #avonyounggunz

We'll take our whippings this year and learn .

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Yes, Avon is very young and very good. 6-7 underclass men and still only a handful of spots behind a senior loaded WC in the power rankings. I was just a bit surprised by the score.

Avon is about the 8th to 10th best team.  The #1 team in the state will be 20+ points better than teams in that range almost every time.  

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Here is the box score

138 Buck nc pin 2:34 over Turner de 0-6
145 Marsh nc Maj Dec 9-1 over Green de 0-10
152 Melton nc Dec 4-3 over Abbott de 0-13
160 Decker nc pin 1:33 over Folkner de 0-19
170 Grey de pin :27 over House nc. 6-19
182 Hoots nc pin 3:46 over Pease de 6-25
195 Woolard nc Dec 7-3 ot over Evans de 6-28
220 Clouse nc pin :26 over Maxwell de 6-34
285 George de pin :36 over Fultz nc 12-34
106 Owens nc pin :25 over Summers de 12-40
113 Ridge nc by forfeit 12-46
120 Manton nc pin 2:31 over Love de 12-52
126 House de pin 4:37 over Reagel nc 18-52
132 Richardson de pin 2:40 over Tuttle nc 24-52

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A little bit of an upset, I guess. New Castle beats Delta 54-24. I don't think Sage Coy wrestled. New Castle's unranked Nate Woollard defeated No. 7 ranked Scottie Evans by points, but I'm not sure the score. I guess it was a pretty back-and-forth match.

 Evans lost to Woollard 7-3 in overtime. looked to be an off day for him.

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