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  1. IHSAA team state had to have close to 1500-2000 in attendance with just 8 teams 64 fans a team isn't bad at all. With this years numbers.
  2. Pool C just has 3 teams that can all claim each team is under seeded. No other bracket can do that. And there was no jab Y2. It's just the truth. FWC found itself in the easiest bracket again this year.
  3. FWC found theirselves in the easiest bracket again this year.
  4. The Mooresville win was after the seeding. Just wondering what wins they had that put them up to #2. So a win over Avon. What are Penn Perry and Portage best wins and who have they lost to?
  5. Is Avon the best team they have beaten?
  6. Who has Brownsburg beaten to deserve the #2 seed? Who has Penn and Perry lost to?
  7. What was wrong with just having 8 teams?
  8. Terrible news. RIP Mr. Jay. Any word on who will be taking over the record books? We should keep what he started going.
  9. I forgot no one can be right but Y2. And no I'm not.
  10. Cathedral vs Portage will come down to falls and maybe some bumping. Cathedral will prolly want to keep their 52 away from Lawerence. I'd imagine that will be the play for the Irish. Huge match at 26! Might be a state finals preview.
  11. Y2 it came directly from the team. They had just quit. Ive been heavily involved with Marion county and city wrestling since the 80s. I know more than you'll ever dream of knowing about wrestling. Why do you constantly act like a jerk?
  12. I know I was surprised when I came to the dual and seen them. It's a week by week thing with these two. Improves the Irish greatly.
  13. I figured that was it but then saw the top 138 ranking and was confused.
  14. Culp not being #1 is kinda surprising with his results so far.
  15. Was told by Cathedral parents on Saturday that those two will not be wrestling this year.
  16. Its a good tournament. But it's common sense. Mishawaka LN Cathedral Franklin are all way down to what we are used to. Teams that couldn't even make it to the final round robin would show up at the team state back in the day. Teams would place 5th at Calumet then be in the final eight of team state at the end of the year. Also you had Ft Wayne Snider and Griffith who were both tough as nails. That's 8 teams who were powers!
  17. I'd hope their a lot of good guys. There are 16 teams. It's a good tournament. Cathedral is no where close to a top 15 dual team. I just watched them this past weekend. This tournament with its round robin style used to be as hard to win as the team state. And no their isn't a team in this tournament that could win team state.
  18. I mean from the days of Mishawaka Franklin Cathedral Crown Point Portage all had dual teams who could win the state championship. Yes while those other teams might be good. I'm talking about how it was as hard to win this tournament as it was the state duals. This used to be an absolute grinder. Now it's just five duals against some top 30 teams and programs who are still good but nothing like their teams of the past.
  19. I think WC dropped Avon pretty hard last year. Maybe even a worse score. WC dominated that tournament last year too. With some very high margin wins.
  20. The teams are still there but boy how this tournament has fallen off.
  21. Good point will Danny Williams. He forfeited. But then didn't not continue wrestling later on that day. Much different than winning Friday night. Forfeiting Saturday morning then competing in your next match.
  22. Sorry voice command put are instead of our. Haha. Watch your run on sentences. You're out of your mind if you think they would still have state with zero fans. If you don't have fans there is no sport. I mean was this a serious statement or a joke? The IHSAA are going to book Bankers life with no fans?
  23. Mr. Pants so with your logic. You'd have no problem if Chad Red both Lee boys and Rypel all got FFs at the state tournament bc the other teams coaches considered it a good strategic move? I mean they aren't there for the fans enjoyment. It's what's good for those teams and their wrestlers.
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