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  1. Winter Sports - January & February Fall Sports - March & April Spring Sports - May & June I have been saying this to anyone that will listen. Shortened seasons are not ideal, but this might be the best and safest option for this year to try and "guarantee" seniors and all kids a school year and athletics. This also allows kids to play multiple sports. This would also give schools 20 weeks to figure out how to get back to live in-person school and educating kids in a safe manner, which should be the most important mission right now. Would also like to think that 6 months from now we will have a better handle and understanding on Covid 19 and be able to get back to normalcy. It is unnecessary to rush into a fall sports season, when we don't even know how school is going to work. Would hate to get to week 2 of football season and be right back where we were in March. Just my two cents... WE WILL WRESTLE AGAIN
  2. Brayden Lowery defeated Koderhandt this past summer in Fargo, it was a great match with Brayden coming out on top with the W 17-12
  3. From last year’s flyer: ELIGIBILITY: This tournament is open to any wrestler in grades 6th – 7th & 8th enrolled in an Indiana Middle School who has not completed at least one year of 8th Grade.
  4. Indianapolis Cathedral
  5. Wade McClurg

    Roncalli vs. Southport

  6. Wade McClurg

    Roncalli vs. Avon

  7. Indianapolis Cathedral
  8. Columbus East
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