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  1. bluemonster

    Semi-State Bracket Links

    Do you want them to change? The AD’s were given permission to release the formula. All good
  2. bluemonster

    Perry Meridian Regional

    Wonderful write-up!
  3. bluemonster

    Regional and semistate brackets

    Why so late? Is it a new schedule the IHSAA has decided to go with?
  4. bluemonster

    Andrew Black?

    Personal issues have kept him from competing this year.
  5. bluemonster


    Alex Cottey
  6. bluemonster

    Undefeated Wrestlers Left

    I agree, I’m looking forward to watching this stud at NC Semi State
  7. bluemonster

    Congratulations Bulldogs

    I’ll be the first to admit that I was convinced that this was their down year, WRONG! Remarkable team effort and a true testament of a great coaching staff.
  8. bluemonster

    Team State Draw TONIGHT at 9pm EST

    Mike says 10 minutes or so
  9. bluemonster


    Jordan Slivka
  10. bluemonster


    Brooks Davis
  11. bluemonster


    Alex Mosconi
  12. bluemonster


    Austin Lane
  13. bluemonster


    Gabriel Smith
  14. bluemonster


    Brayden Littell
  15. bluemonster


    Brayden Littell

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