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  1. Warren did a great job today. Ran smooth with great competition all around.
  2. bluemonster


    Alec Viduya
  3. bluemonster


    Logan Bailey
  4. bluemonster


    Bryce Lowery
  5. bluemonster


    Brayden Lowery
  6. I haven’t had the opportunity to see Searcy but Pierson is a two time state placer who could win it all. If he can give DP a go he must be the real deal!
  7. bluemonster


    Gabe Sollars
  8. bluemonster


    Brody Baumann
  9. bluemonster


    Matt Koontz
  10. bluemonster


    Alex Cottey
  11. I’d have to look at video. But, I believe it was Cottey 2TDs and 2 escapes and Ross 1 TD and 2 escapes. Final 6-4. Great match by both.
  12. That is pretty cool to see where kids are at those years later.
  13. If there is no jostling around, off the top of my head in pool play: 106 - BB Miller vs Carmel Chundi CHS Dickey vs RHS Lowery 113 - BB Haines vs Carmel Hooper PM - Cottey vs WC Perry 120 - Mishawaka Fogerty vs Avon Garcia 126 - EMD Hayhurst vs Avon Rioux 132 - RHS Slivka vs CHS Wilson EMD Egli vs Avon Conley 138 - PM Koontz vs WC Ross 145 - PM McKivitz vs WC Anderson Just a few I could think of. I’m sure there’s many more!
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