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  1. bluemonster

    Disney Duals

    That wasn’t just Florida, they have Ohio and Georgia kids as well.
  2. bluemonster

    Disney Duals

    Looks like Avon took it on the chin to the Florida team. I didn’t expect that.
  3. bluemonster

    Jesse Mendez

    We haven’t seen the best Jesse Mendez yet. He gets better and better each match, that’s scary good. Yes, I believe he will be the best this state has ever had once it’s all said and done!!
  4. bluemonster

    Junior 138 possible champ vs champ

    I think one decided to go up a class!!! Too bad. I know the young buck was ready. Just another bump in the road.
  5. bluemonster

    Austin Lane of Perry Meridian commits to

    Congrats Austin
  6. The Knights are getting another Falcon stud!
  7. bluemonster

    Perry Meridian-RTC

  8. Brady McKivitz and Jacob Sheets from PM
  9. bluemonster

    Down #s

    Alex Cottey and Aiden Warren from Perry Meridian spent most of the year on the Flo Big Board for Sophmores. Both have wins over several nationally ranked guys over the years.
  10. bluemonster

    Semi-State Bracket Links

    Do you want them to change? The AD’s were given permission to release the formula. All good
  11. bluemonster

    Perry Meridian Regional

    Wonderful write-up!
  12. bluemonster

    Regional and semistate brackets

    Why so late? Is it a new schedule the IHSAA has decided to go with?
  13. bluemonster

    Andrew Black?

    Personal issues have kept him from competing this year.
  14. bluemonster


    Alex Cottey
  15. bluemonster

    Undefeated Wrestlers Left

    I agree, I’m looking forward to watching this stud at NC Semi State

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