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  1. GAT36

    Colton Cummings of Lowell commits to

    Congratulations to Colton & the Cummings family. Some of our best youth wrestling memories were spent with them. He will make Indiana wrestling proud!
  2. Congratulations Bam!
  3. GAT36

    Nick Ellis of Roncalli commits to

    Congrats to Nick & his family.
  4. I love it! This is the type of article that makes this website what it is.
  5. GAT36

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat Dual Ranking

    Proof that hard work pays off.
  6. GAT36

    Team Rankings: IndianaMat Dual Ranking

    legitimate question
  7. Great job on the rankings. You'll never make everyone happy.
  8. GAT36

    Article: 2014 Al Smith Preview

    Portage has been in the past. Did the North Montgomery for a while. Word was they were supposed to get in the Al Smith, not sure how or why it fell through.
  9. GAT36

    Article: 2014 Al Smith Preview

    Correction: Great Job!

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