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  1. It's getting hot in here!!!
  2. Bam advances to the Semis w/ a 9-5 decision.
  3. 4th @ SS to State Champ Rob Pavletic - Hobart 171# 1989
  4. Jer Reitz has been electric all year. Cannot wait to see the potential showdown between him & Breyden Bailey!
  5. If I'm not mistaken all (3) matches, semis & finals, went into OT!
  6. Brock Peele was very impressive at EC at 113#.
  7. I watched it several times & had 11-11 every time. Not sure what I am missing? Regardless it was a great match by two great kids that I cannot wait to see again!
  8. Poynter v. Triana Rumph v. Black = PPV
  9. The tournaments they are able to attend, i.e. Cheesehead, is a good example of what throw45 is stating. Would rather not name names.
  10. Congratulations to Colton & the Cummings family. Some of our best youth wrestling memories were spent with them. He will make Indiana wrestling proud!
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