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  1. Coaches, we wanted to get out to you some changes that will be implemented for the 20-21 Girl`s season. When we started this 4 years ago, our goal was to grow this opportunity for the Girls. We have reached a level where we need to make a few `tweaks`. Originally, Mr. Faulkens gave us 2 extra lower weight classes. The new weights for this coming season will be: 98,106,113,120,126,132,138,145,152,160,170,182,195,250. If there are any changes that would happen between now and the start of season, these could be subject to change.A school will only be allowed 2 wrestlers in a weight class, with one being the scoring wrestler.We are looking to have 8 invitationals through out the State this year. If you would like to host an invitational, please let me know right away so we can get a schedule made up. We would like them to be North, South and Central. These invitationals will be part of our seeding for Regionals. Therefore, it is important that we get as many as we can.The Regional date is 1-8-21; Maconaquah North; Franklin Community South. The State is 1-15-21; location TBD.We are planning on having weigh ins for State begin at 3:00 PM EST. Wrestling to start at 4:00 PM EST.
  2. But if this were actually classed from the beginning of the tournament, I believe the champion for the smaller schools would be different. Would be closer to those teams that fair really well at the team state duals, as teams would probably be moving more qualifiers to state facing 1A and 2A schools.
  3. A lot of good ideas here. Definitely something that the different officiating associations and maybe coach's association should bring to the IHSAA. They are able to have all the events that officials so in their myihsaa profile, so it shouldn't be hard to figure out a way to and things to schools that have only officials they would have seen.
  4. So I just looked over my school ratings. I had 28 schools give a rating. Out of those 28 schools, there were only 9 schools that I actually had any involvement with officiating either varsity or JV this season. If you don't know the official, then you shouldn't be giving them a rating.
  5. We threw out t-shirts for a couple seasons after every pin we got during a home dual.
  6. When a smaller school isn't able to grab kids from other schools.
  7. What upsets or surprise losses so far?
  8. Back then, the Valpo Duals was 10 matches in two days. I know Griffith use to go to that. Not sure if it was that season. Plus add on other super duals and invitationals, matches sort of racked up.
  9. Are you saying a #1 semi state ranked wrestler won't make it? So in that case, you rigged the rankings to better help yourself with the pick'ems contests. Looks like we have an Astro here! @Caleb Spires is not allowed into the IndianaMat Hall of Fame until Pete Rose is allowed in the MLB Hall of Fame.
  10. I'm just trying to find the bible verse saying, "thou shall not wrestle females". Must have missed that one.
  11. They are still being compiled. Going through every single sectional, team, and wrestler takes quite a bit of time. On top of trying to do it while having jobs.
  12. This past Saturday I took our two girls from Bellmont to Bellfontaine, OH for an all girls tournament. 140+ girls, 4 mats, and great competition. It was their first time hosting this tournament and their plan is to grow this into one of the best girls wrestling tournaments out there. Ohio already has the "Iron Man", they are looking to turn this tournament into the "Iron Maiden". Next year the tournament will be on January 30th, and they are looking to run 5 mats. Even though it is after our girls state, I highly suggest looking into attending this tournament for your girls next season.
  13. Doubt there will be a C considering only two sectionals feed into a regional.
  14. I'm in the process of doing a study of the weight classed other states are using for girls wrestling. I'm wanting to come up with a good 11 weight classes system that would create better competition, and be something to present to the IHSAA as we work towards sanctioning. Also, with there being more girls tournaments, there can be a way to start seeding girls for the regionals.
  15. littlevito


    Isaiah Brege
  16. littlevito


    Kyle Lawson
  17. littlevito


    Isaac Ruble
  18. Then what is the point of having the rule in place? Basically if you compete within the loop of Indy you pretty much get the IHSAA to turn their heads on issues that they put the hammer down in the rest of the state. It's not just with wrestling.
  19. littlevito


    Trinity Malave
  20. Watch out for Columbia City. If they wrestle like they did last weekend, they could have a chance at the team title.
  21. We had that happen last year. The scratch weigh-in ended up not being good. There was no waiver for our guy to compete.
  22. Shouldn't this topic be discussed by the IHSWCA to the IHSAA to explain the interpretation of "head to head". It's not right when someone that has no clue about the sport makes decisions on their interpretation. Two teams can email the same question about a weight management topic and get two totally different answers. I've seen it. It's not right.
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