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  1. Mooresville sectional Monrovia Dalton 106 Denny 126 Mccubbins 285 Mooresville Comer 285 Whiteland Hammond 220 Curtis 285 Martinsville Stine 195 Center Grove Petro 113 Pruett 145 Mappes 160 Hayes 170 Greenwood Wilham 170 Franklin Fuqua 120 Cheam 285 14 state and semi-state ranked guys at Mooresville Sectional. Making for 36 state ranked and 38 semi state ranked guys at the Mooresville Regional. I know the topic is sectional but dang that regional will be fun!!
  2. 220 Grant Walker Martinsville over Jack Biddle OT Fall
  3. #6 Sam Hansen over #9 Griffin Stine dec 7-2. Good match.
  4. Neither are on the lists yet but Griffin Stine Martinsville over Will Rolley Castle. Both the 1 and 2 seed at Mooresville next week.
  5. Wampler over Wilson was a result of a called illegal slam. I did not see the slam, I know Wilson was winning handily at the time of the call.
  6. Bo Henry at Bloomington North Teams included Bloomington North, Martinsville, Castle, Owen Valley, Bedford North Lawrence, Terre Haute North, Jasper, and Princeton.
  7. Teams: Bloomington North, Brownsburg, Castle, Delta, Edgewood, Evansville Central, Franklin Central, Greenwood, Guerin Catholic, Hamilton Heights, Homestead, Jennings County, Martinsville, Monrovia, Mooresville, Northview, Plainfield, Scecina Memorial, Seymour, Terre Haute North, Terre Haute South, Tri High, Westfield, and Yorktown 106 Ben Dalton, Monrovia #6 Noah Gardner, Edgewood #11 Cameron Allen, Plainfield #14 113 Brayden Curtis, Yorktown #1 Carson Eldred, Westfield #9 Kyson Montgomery, Brownsburg #10 Devon Casebolt, Castle #16
  8. Started with 26 down to 20. I see these 20 staying the rest of the season. On Friday I had a "varsity" kid say he emotionally cannot handle the competitiveness and quit.
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