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  1. Common sense to me would be to keep your kid away from the sport if they are sick or the parent feels the risk is too much. I myself will have my son wrestle as long as he has zero symptoms. To the country kid, don’t have your child wrestle and you won’t have to worry about it. At some point we must get back to normalcy and allow these student athletes be just that. COVID will not go away just as the flu has never left.
  2. Interesting topic. If we are a go, I would venture to say we could have the best state tournament in the history of Indiana. If Ohio, Michigan and Illinois gets cancelled and we, by the grace of God, have a season. The amount of transfers to Indiana will be insane. It may pay to be a border school North, East and West!
  3. Maybe!?!? No, not really. Our Hector was a baseball guy.
  4. I believe he gave Silas the top award so as not to repeat winner gave the other category to Mendez. At least that’s my guess.
  5. Who are the 2 state champs (possible)?
  6. Alex Cottey started when he was 4yrs old. We couldn’t keep him off the mat while his brothers were wrestling.
  7. Jacob Cottey - 3x State Qualifier, 2x Placer. ( 7th and 5th). Fargo All-American
  8. I’m excited for this weekend but what a treat to have March 15th to look forward to as well!
  9. The Cash’s are a top notch family. Justice is a kid that surpasses a trip to BKL. He had my son Alex’s back more times then I could count, such a great young man.
  10. I think they started out at Perry Meridian and then migrated North with the NW Settlement
  11. I was searching his name too and couldn’t find it on list. Is there proof he is even a real coach?
  12. Off the top of my head: 113 - A. Cottey PM 120 - Z. Seltzer CHS 152 - B. Coleman WC 195 - S. Allred SHS 285 - D. Keys BB
  13. Warren did a great job today. Ran smooth with great competition all around.
  14. bluemonster


    Alec Viduya
  15. bluemonster


    Logan Bailey
  16. bluemonster


    Bryce Lowery
  17. bluemonster


    Brayden Lowery
  18. I haven’t had the opportunity to see Searcy but Pierson is a two time state placer who could win it all. If he can give DP a go he must be the real deal!
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