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  1. Jesster125

    Who impressed you the most

    NICK SOUTH!! Watched him through middle school and his freshman year and he was pretty solid, hadn't seen much of him since his year off for transferring, but wow what a year off did!!
  2. Jesster125

    That time in 2018 when Parris almost lost

    Parris vs Stewart was probably my favorite Mason match of his career! Stewart kicked Mason in the face and Mason didnt even flinch!! I also agree on the Mason/Osborne match!
  3. Jesster125

    Indiana not alone w/ controversial calls

    Would be nice if trackwrestling showed all 4 matches at the same time. I had to switch back and fourth from mat to mat. Got to the point I just watched one mat the the whole round.
  4. Jesster125

    Upsets, surprises and great matches

    They wrestled in ISWA Freestyle State.
  5. Jesster125


    Nice pick with Browning!!! Browning wrestled a great match. Struggling last year with injuries and Roberts beating him 12-2 earlier in the season. Kudos to Browning!!
  6. Jesster125


    I agree! At 195 finals, not saying the final result would of been different, but that was bad. The 2 refs on the mat call it a takedown, but then FC coach tells the ref to go ask a high school kid who has his face buried in his phone, who is from FC, if time expired before or after?
  7. Jesster125


    145 should be a good battle. Redd, Humbert, and Otto!! Redd is a SQ and is the #3seed. He will wrestle Otto #2 seed in the semifinals. Otto beat Redd 11-3 at the begining of the season. Humbert #1 seed has a win over Otto 4-3. Redd with a Fall over Humbert. Green could cause Humbert some trouble, depends what Green shows up to wrestle. 132 Negandgard Vs Boogs should be a fight 138 Wolf Vs Walton should be good also!
  8. Jesster125


    Should be a good fight for the title!

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