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  1. I don't look at going from 12 to 8 schools as a decrease in the chances of a 1A school going to or winning team state. Yes there are less spots but all schools have the opportunity to compete this year for a spot next year. There should still be motivation at smaller schools to draw athletes and grow the sport. Ultimately Classed Team State alone won't grow a program but it can be a carrot to draw kids in. Still takes a lot of work and dedication from the school, coaches, parents and athletes.
  2. It should be about both (although more the kids than the adults). When talking about class wrestling you have to really consider the average kid vs the elite kid (and their families). If the experience is not enjoyable for the parents of a wrestler then there is less likelihood that the kid will continue to do the necessary things to improve and continue with the sport (notice I said "less likelihood" as there are exceptions to every rule). As for class wrestling as a whole, I think any argument (for or against) needs to have good comparative (and if possible) historical data. Supporters for class wrestling say "it will grow the sport" - has the IHSWCA team duals helped grow 1A and 2A? If so support your claim with real numbers. Supporters for single class wrestling say "it will water down the sport" - what has been the response of other states going from single to class? I am sure at one time all states were single class. Look at the most similar state (at that point in time) to our state (current point in time) and look at the trends. Using singular points of data to prove a point rarely are effective (EMD or Fargo results or David Taylor). These are all outliers and wouldn't show a norm that could be applied to all. Using EMD you are basically says that all 1A schools are the same as EMD. That's just not true. Using National tournaments to suggest class wrestling doesn't prove much because you are talking about the top 1-3% of each state. Too many other factors and class wrestling isn't likely to change those results. BTW... I am for class wrestling as long as we can keep our single class state tournament... is that possible?? Have cake, eat cake.
  3. I completely agree that the weight cutting problem is only solved by coaches, parents and athletes cause there just isnt a good way to legislate it as some will always find "work arounds". I also agree with healthy living is the way to go but understand a kid "cutting" (within reason) down a weight class to make the lineup but not hard 15-30 lb cuts.
  4. Helps prevent kids from cutting a bunch and then replenishing after weigh-ins which is 60-90 mins before wrestling begins. If you have to weigh-in every time you step on the mat then more likely you are at your natural weight and not cutting.
  5. Coaches do have access but every time an alpha weight gets changed an email goes to IHSAA office. If you do it then they IHSAA will know. Not sure why a coach would have the access either. Maybe there could be a legitimate reason a coach would need to edit that weight?!?
  6. Generally I agree with you on the response “well why don’t you just get your license” but getting out on the mat to officiate and seeing how difficult it can be gives you a little more appreciation to the ref.
  7. Let me start by saying, Indiana officials as a whole are much better than many surrounding states. That’s pretty easy to say going to Regional or National tournaments with officials from multiple states. One of the reasons that Indiana is so good is a very real attempt to be consistent throughout the state however there are some nuances in different areas. The region typically is pretty aggressive with stall calls compared to Indy or down south. It probably appears worse to Indy guys because Indy has soooo many officials (some really good and some newbies) making consistency within Indy a little harder and it just seems too aggressive when you see refs from NW Indiana that call stalling without hesitation. Good or bad kids and coaches have to adjust and wrestle through it.
  8. In looking at the results of the CCC, Westfield had 8 wrestlers finish higher in placement to FC 6. One could assume that Westfield would win 8 of the 14 matches in a dual (with bonus points likely deciding the dual). Based off of this it makes sense to rank Westfield higher in dual rankings. Regardless it is great that FC is continuing to build their program.
  9. I believe the rule refers to manufacturers logos. Any other decorations just can’t be offensive. Therefore it is my understanding that a Penn State sticker would be ok.
  10. Think of it this way... suppose there was a proposed rule change to remove 138 and add 95 with the reasoning that we already have 132 and 145 and having a wt class in the middle was too much AND adding 95 would give more opportunities to smaller kids. Would you be for this change? These are all big "What Ifs" so not a lot of reality of them happening but the lowest weight class has evolved from 98 to 103 to 106 because kids are getting bigger not smaller. I think kids cut too much weight (not all but some) and maybe this could help.
  11. So maybe I'm not explaining my view very well. 106 generally has one of the highest forfeit rates. A lot of schools just try to find any kid who weighs less than 106 (usually a freshman who hasn't started growing yet) to get forfeits. If we started at 113 and added a weight in the middle or upper weights now that Varsity spot would be filled by a bigger and in a lot of cases a more "varsity" ready athlete. And to answer your questions... If they’re great, why throw them on jv? Not throwing them on JV. If they are a JV level wrestler then yes they could be great at the JV level (maybe this is a philosophical difference as I don't see greatness measured in Ws and Ls but rather everything else gained from being a wrestler - hard work, dedication, sacrifice, discipline, etc. You can achieve greatness in these areas without being a state placer or champ). Putting a 100 lb kid with no muscle tone on varsity seems more like throwing them on varsity rather than throwing them on JV if they are truly JV caliber. Would you rather have guys like Cernus and Cottey on jv? No. They would most likely be on varsity just at 113. They could cut less weight and I'm pretty sure they would still be great. What I would really rather see is upper classman get more opportunities to be a varsity athlete. 100 lb freshman getting to be a varsity athlete because he is the only one that weighs less than 106 over a junior or senior who is a back up wrestler in the middle or upper weights but is still pretty good.
  12. Can't they contribute and be great at the freshman level or JV level?
  13. 1. Adopt different weight classes for freshman and JV than Varsity and eliminate Varsity 106 to add a larger weight class. Zero seniors qualified for Semi-state at 106 this year. No other sport caters to underclassmen. New weight class could be in the middle or upper weights just get rid of 106. 2. Adopt college stalling rules for the offensive wrestler. Hold on a leg for an audible 5 seconds and get called for stalling. 3. Add Fleeing to the Stalling penalty chart (so first stall/flee is warning but second stall/flee is a point - I think this could make it easier on officials to call - not that I agree with getting a warning for fleeing but if it helps it get called more it would help). 4. 4 pt nearfall. This is awesome at the college level and promotes more activity on the mat. 5. Inbounds - 2 points no matter what. On feet. On mat. In pinning situation. Those 2 points must be on the mat and can be from either wrestler. Knee, foot, toe.... doesn't matter. Any 2 points. Extreme rule (I dont really think this should happen but...) - Make out of bounds its own penalty chart... if official blows the wrestlers out of bounds its a warning to both wrestlers.... 3 warnings and 4th is double disqualification. That might make them wrestling in the middle
  14. When coaches can see how cross training can help their athletes then everyone wins. A week at Disney Duals wont take away from summer football and probably helps make them better football players. All it takes is a little communication and working together for a kids to be successful as a multi-sport athlete. Not gonna say it is easy but coaches working together is a big deal. And Kudos for Coach Snyder and all the other coaches that promote being a multisport athlete!
  15. Absolutely.... Many of the challenges kids have to being great in wrestling happen to coincide with small schools but big schools aren't necessarily immune to challenges. They are just different challenges. Ben Davis, Pike and Fishers (3 of the biggest HS in the State) had 3 SQ combined. Oak Hill, Western, Wawasee, Jimtown all had 3 each. All that being said school size is probably the best way to divide schools into classes. I would just be a bigger supporter of an "all-in" team state tournament series vs changing the individual tournament.
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