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  1. The ref signaled unnecessary roughness and awarded the Def School wrestler 1 pt. Looked like the neck brace and stretcher were more precautionary but you never know in those cases. Hope the young man is ok.
  2. Rookies03

    Wrestlebacks question

    Obviously a very big topic this time of year.... just some thoughts on wrestlebacks at each level. Sectional - we have them after the pigtail matches. So as long as kids are seeded correctly and non-seeded kids are placed in pigtail rounds I think this is a good way to run the Sectional. Regional - You wrestle your way into your seed from Sectional and since only 2 Sectionals feed into a Regional there is no luck of the draw. Keep the same. Semi-State - Biggest opportunity for wrestlebacks but if you only do wrestlebacks after the 1st round then people will start asking for wrestlebacks all the way through and 16 man brackets cant be run in 1 day without running into the 5 match rule. Also most of the time the Semi State is wrapping up in the evening. To add Wrestlebacks might only add a couple hours but that means the event is going until late evening and the length of Saturdays is a big discussion regarding what is killing the sport (I know this applys much less cause most of these kids and families would gladly stay longer at this level but its still an issue). There also might not be the support of the HS admins as this would mean kids out on roads later in Feb when weather could be an issue and some are traveling 1-2 hours to get to their SS. There will always be bad draws and upsets. I say leave it the same. State - While it might not seem as if time would be an issue with the big break taken before the finals I dont think that break can be eliminated as they clear out BLF and re-admit everyone but there is more of an opportunity at State because it is 2 days. All that being said, I don't necessarily see the value. It might help with some recruitment but as out of season tournaments are becoming bigger and bigger with more and more coverage from flo and others I only see this helping a very few and the IHSAA isnt going to change for just a few. All in all it probably makes the most sense to look at WB for semi-state but time and matches make it the most difficult to implement. Plus we wouldnt get the 7 page thread on "death draws" and "need for wrestlback" in the forum to keep us entertained the week before SS!
  3. Rookies03

    Rules question

    Yes... sorry... he wins but he still loses... still very important distinction. Thanks!
  4. Rookies03

    Rules question

    Unless the wrestler winning commits a Flagrant Misconduct then he could lose but obviously this would be a pretty rare situation.
  5. Rookies03

    Rules question

    Tournament match scoring errors: A recordable error must be corrected prior to the offended wrestler leaving the mat area if additional wrestling is necessary (Mat Area: Rule 2-1-5: the wrestling mat plus 10 feet). Otherwise, when additional wrestling is NOT necessary, the offended wrestler or coach must remain in the mat area. A computational error must be corrected prior to the next match in which either wrestler competes. Again, if additional wrestling is necessary, it must be corrected prior to the offended wrestler leaving the mat area. I would consider this to be a computational error as the adding up of points was not correctly determined during the action. Therefore, this could have been corrected if determined prior to either wrestler wrestling their next match since the error would not have required re-wrestling. Now maybe the referee, scorer and coaches could not determine that a computation error occurred (they couldnt specifically remember the score and situation) however if they could then it could have been corrected.
  6. Rookies03

    Carmel Disciplined for Sauna Suits

    I believe that all of this was known at the seeding meeting on Monday but the coaches did the right thing and seeded wrestlers as they should have been seeded. A big kudos to those coaches for the doing the right thing!
  7. Rookies03

    Brackets from the Past

    As Maligned said, these are more examples of what the wrestlers did AFTER the year they were in this bracket. What is the most accomplished bracket coming into the state tournament? For Example 126 last year: Garcia - 1x champ, 1x 3rd place Rooks - 1x champ Viduya - 1x champ Mills - 2x 2nd and 1x 3rd Mejia - 1x 2nd, 1x 5th Poynter - 1x 4th Demien - 1x 7 Smiley - 1x 8 3 Crowns and 9 medals going in.... I am sure there are other examples from past years.
  8. Rookies03


    All this talk about Maurer vs Hughes has got me thinking if this would come down to a flip of the disk. Making a couple of assumptions (for argument sake)... 1. First period would end 0-0 (Hughes fends off several Maurer blast doubles). 2. Hughes rides out Maurer but does not turn him for 1 period (won't make that assumption for 2 periods). What would the strategy be for each wrestler if they win the flip of the disk after period 1? Maurer wins flip - Does he take down to try and score 1st point? Does he choose neutral to go another 2 mins on his feet? Does he defer? Hughes wins flip - Does he take down to try and score 1st point? Does he choose top as this might be his only opportunity to hammer on Blake? Does he defer? I agree that Drew has advantage on top but going 30 second overtimes does Blake ride him too? Fun to discuss!
  9. Rookies03

    2017 vs. 2018

    this is just for fun so dont beat me up too bad.... I just picked 2 for each final and winner not taking into account the random draw. 106 - Red 13 over Micic 12 (the super frosh wins the first battle of these 2) 113 - Micic 13 over Cummings 16 120 - Red 14 over Hudkins 15 126 - Micic 14 over Red 15 (the senior gets the win) 132 - Lee 15 over Red 16 (a healthy Lee takes this hypothetical re-match) 138 - Lee 16 over Black 17 145 - Tsirtsis 12 over Lee 16/Lee 17 (Big Semifinal match) 152 - Lee over Lee (rematch of 145 semi final)* 160 - Hughes 15 over Covaciu 16 170 - Stevenson 13 over Hughes 16 182 - Rypel 16 over Lynde 12 195 - Davidson 17 vs Sliga 13 vs Rypel 15 (couldn't pick a winner here) 220 - Parris 18 over Robinson 14 285 - Streck 16 over Bernard 14
  10. Rookies03

    Most losses

    Larry McMillen Lowell 13 wins in 1966 Don Heintzelman Delta 16 wins in 1981 Dustin Nosko EMD 23 wins in 2003 Steven Stahl Elkhart Memorial 29 wins in 2008
  11. Rookies03

    The next Kris Rumph???

    No one knows cause they probably aren't wrestling yet. LOL In all seriousness, its very hard to predict the same level of success as Rumph but to look at kids who can maybe qualify or place at state with not much wrestling experience other than HS might be possible. I know its not a "next" guy but I thought I heard Guerrier from Ev Cent didnt start till HS and ended up 4th this year.
  12. Rookies03

    Most losses

    3 with 6 losses. Robert Miller LN in 93 Pete Knecht HN in 94 Asa Garcia Avon in 16
  13. Rookies03

    Sprinting to get seats

    I agree... State is so much fun when a whole section is cheering together. I wonder if IHSAA or Bankers Life could designate 1 or 2 sections in the lower level as "No Seat Saving" sections. Maybe the corner sections that can see all the mats but aren't the best seats. Most big groups would obviously avoid these sections since they can't save and give family, friends or small schools a chance to get a good seat. Of course it would be first come first serve but could open up seats without that much extra work.
  14. Rookies03

    2018 Sectional Forfeit Data

    I agree with you... 15-20 lbs is not gonna be healthy weight for a 106 lb kid in one year but that's why I was saying 4-9 lbs. I do agree that adding 9 lbs of muscle in an off season is even a bit of a stretch but not out of the question. Especially for a Junior or Senior who eats correctly and lifts correctly (now a HS kid eating correctly is a totally different subject). Also, if the weight class was increased then the undersized freshman has several years to put on that weight vs trying to do it in one season.
  15. Rookies03

    2018 Sectional Forfeit Data

    I dont agree with this... an upper classmen can do a lot to put on healthy weight. Lift weights, eat healthy, etc. Raising 106 to 110-115 is a kid only adding 4-9 lbs. Now a freshman or even young sophomore might have trouble especially if they havent gone through puberty yet. However you could always let that kid only wrestle kids who are comparable in size. You cant tell me that a 95 lb pre-puberty freshman wrestling a kid who cut from 110-115 to 106 isnt going to be discouraging.

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