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Everything posted by backtothemat

  1. On the negative side, Lucas Davison suffered a Big 10 seeding nightmare loss to the Maryland 195.
  2. I hear ya but the fact that they meet Friday night plus what’s waiting for either of them Saturday morning?
  3. I didn’t know Don wrestled! 😉 I don’t think he’s eligible.
  4. Graham Rooks has a great come from behind (6-0) win today against another ranked (albeit lower than Rooks) wrestler. A fifth year Sr from SIUE who put Rooks on his back in the first simply couldn’t keep with Rooks’ pace after that. I think it ended up being 9-7 Graham in OT. Cayden also picked up a nice win (a major).
  5. That's a good point. Hadn’t heard anything on the injury.
  6. McCartney Parkinson just got the worst draw in the history of this tournament on paper. Wow.
  7. Okay. The pairings show is upon us. What “interesting” draws do we have in front of us this weekend.
  8. This is a tough one. If he was temporarily injured enough to possibly get beat in that ticket round match then he should not have continued. Any other scenario other than that except defaulting to fourth would seem to have some sportsmanship/morality faults to it, in my opinion. Tough one.
  9. Read Maligned’s reply above please.
  10. Thanks Hook. Miss all of your stories this season!
  11. No but Evv North regional is sending I think 19 (33.9%) which means that between Mooresville and Evv North regionals you have over 82% of the State qualifiers from the Evv SS. Pretty dominant.
  12. Justice, You have gained many new fans tonight (unintentionally I’m sure), including me. You have had the advice I give to all high school athletes to “not peak in high school” built in to your very nature or is it the nurturing from your terrific family. Either way you will have great success in whatever you decide to do. Congrats in advance! Doug Annakin
  13. At 182, surely Walker being a four seed ranked #1 could draw someone ranked higher than 7th?
  14. He didn’t start bulking up and increasing is calorie intake until after team state where he went 195. I’d say good strategy by he and his Dad. Can’t be much over 205 if at all.
  15. But a tight ticket rounder against Castle’s Sutton.
  16. Does it really matter? If only four advance to SS from Regional and there is a very lopsided Sectional, you are still giving the top four from the stronger sectional opportunity to finish top four at Regional. Or is the argument that the fifth place finishers at the stronger sectional could make Regional if in the other sectional? That’s a weaker argument IMHO to shaking up sectionals.
  17. Come on casualwrestlingfan, at least give us a few weight classes! 106, 145, 160, 170, 182, 220, Hwt?
  18. Hip Hip Hooray x 3 to Indianamat.com Well done everyone!
  19. Looks like all other SS's streaming/TV viewers are spoiled! This is big news for the Dirty South (copyright TripleB)! The Ford Center is a great live venue, but no wifi and no streaming until this year! Thanks for the info SWINfan
  20. Anyone know why Pierson FF’d to Lowery in the 126 finals of Perry Meridian SS? I’m assuming injury, hopefully not too bad though.
  21. And this: the first two matches could have gone either way. They were that close.
  22. I’ll just say this: I would go to The Evv North Regional just to watch Deters vs. Sollars III.
  23. Yes. Yes they did. And that’s with a Boonville transfer to Castle in Logan Sutton plus Purdy who I am not sure but thought wrestled out of Boonville as a youth. But, I’m sure glad they’re both at Castle!
  24. Saw Lane wrestle at Mater Dei over the holidays. Love his wrestling style and the way he carries himself. One of my favorite matches of the year so far was Lane against Cole Ross. Crazy good defensive scramble fest. Ross by one I think was the margin. This article makes me that much more of a fan of his.
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