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Everything posted by backtothemat

  1. He might be getting a little bit better with that kind of training Here’s to a healthy season next year!
  2. I heard 3 on FloWrestling Radio Live today. They were guessing. Demas lost at conference and Woods has very few quality wins (albeit to go with 1 loss), and I think Chad is the clear cut third in the Big 19 now so there you go. Flo has a live bracket reaction show tomorrow at 5 central (which is when the brackets come out).
  3. When was the last time we had that many (or is 13 not that many)?
  4. I am hoping VintageGhost was being facetious.
  5. Madison is not central to anywhere! I kid. I kid. Kind of.
  6. Freeman, Baumann and Fitts of MD are good recent examples of what CFleshman is saying. They all wrestled one year of JV.
  7. There are video reviews, it seems like, in every D1 dual I watch on TV. Many times because of situations involving timing. That review ability doesn’t exist in our high school system. Not our refs’ fault IMHO. BTW, Graham is a badass. Good luck at the next, highest level.
  8. If Parkinson gets a normal draw and gets past Friday night and places, I wonder how much that would have helped. Bauman Friday loss turned out to be not that bad with Jajuan placing 2nd.
  9. Avon showed up this weekend big time. Impressive.
  10. A Mullet is business in the front party in the back. A Kentucky waterfall is business in the back party in the front! Am I right?
  11. Someone send this to Flo Wrestling. I can see them posting this.
  12. I thought it was shave ice. and here we go......
  13. Peyton is a great kid (according to my son Baxter who did some off season travel with BBurg) who is coached by a great coach and who has turned into a stud wrestler.
  14. Walker (if healthy or mostly healthy) over Parkinson 182.
  15. On the negative side, Lucas Davison suffered a Big 10 seeding nightmare loss to the Maryland 195.
  16. I hear ya but the fact that they meet Friday night plus what’s waiting for either of them Saturday morning?
  17. I didn’t know Don wrestled! I don’t think he’s eligible.
  18. Graham Rooks has a great come from behind (6-0) win today against another ranked (albeit lower than Rooks) wrestler. A fifth year Sr from SIUE who put Rooks on his back in the first simply couldn’t keep with Rooks’ pace after that. I think it ended up being 9-7 Graham in OT. Cayden also picked up a nice win (a major).
  19. That's a good point. Hadn’t heard anything on the injury.
  20. McCartney Parkinson just got the worst draw in the history of this tournament on paper. Wow.
  21. Okay. The pairings show is upon us. What “interesting” draws do we have in front of us this weekend.
  22. This is a tough one. If he was temporarily injured enough to possibly get beat in that ticket round match then he should not have continued. Any other scenario other than that except defaulting to fourth would seem to have some sportsmanship/morality faults to it, in my opinion. Tough one.
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