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  1. From last year’s flyer: ELIGIBILITY: This tournament is open to any wrestler in grades 6th – 7th & 8th enrolled in an Indiana Middle School who has not completed at least one year of 8th Grade.
  2. Indianapolis Cathedral
  3. Wade McClurg

    Roncalli vs. Southport

  4. Reminder you have until 8:00pm tonight to register for the “RWF Folkstyle Open” on Trackwrestling and to send your satellite weigh ins to wrestling@roncalli.org. Tonight, we will have an on-site registration and weigh-in from 6:00pm-7:00pm in the wrestling room. Sunday morning, we will also be holding on-site registration and weigh-in between 10:30am-11:00am in the new gym.
  5. Registration is now open on trackwrestling, search RWF Folkstyle Open. We are excited to host our event in our brand new gym. Registration will remain open until we reach the 350 cap, or close Saturday at 5:00pm. Please read flyer.
  6. Wade McClurg

    Roncalli vs. Avon

  7. Indianapolis Cathedral
  8. Columbus East
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