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  1. wildcats2020

    NC Semi-State top 3 early Preview

    the new castle ranking for 106 is wrong garret condo is ranked 7th and he hasn't wrestled 106 since his freshmen year
  2. wildcats2020

    Manchester vs. Adrian this Friday at Carroll HS: @7:00 PM

    that would be some great wrestling to watch. i think stevie browning would have a great matche against manchester if he wasnt out on a concussion
  3. are the state rankings going to change before next season
  4. wildcats2020

    should there be wrestlebacks during state series?

    yes that's what i mean't
  5. wildcats2020

    should there be wrestlebacks during state series?

    yes but i think the round on friday night should get wrestlebacks
  6. wildcats2020

    should there be wrestlebacks during state series?

    glad to see not the only person that thinks this
  7. If there was i think the meets would have to start on friday night and finish on saturday
  8. wildcats2020

    class wrestling

  9. wildcats2020

    class wrestling

    top five at 126?
  10. wildcats2020

    class wrestling

    class wrestling will not work in indiana
  11. idk i still think it would be a close match
  12. wildcats2020

    Semi State alternate?

    I don't know where you heard this
  13. wildcats2020

    Semi State alternate?

    the first person beat by the semi state qualifier that went out for what ever reason would be the alternate

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