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  1. The whole situation with kids going to Culver and excelling in wrestling then the parents taking them somewhere else is very odd. Maybe there’s some entitlement they want that they don’t get. I honestly don’t think these people are like the rest of us that rely on the public school system. Not trying to bash anyone but I just don’t get it.
  2. It’s hard for me to grasp a parent being upset about the coaching when their child ran thru one of the toughest state tournament series in the United States. Dont know any details but Brennen was so dominant I just assumed he was helped a little by the coaching.
  3. Been saying this for a while!
  4. I think it’s cool how a high school wrestler from here has the opportunity to wrestle D1 and face the best in the country. Just a shame he might be remembered from that match.
  5. Those were the the good old days! This site is way better though.
  6. I wonder why he did that little dance after he reveresed Nolf?!?
  7. Was the Kyle Todrank that just got pinned by Jason Nolf the same guy that wrestled for Gibson Southern in high school!?
  8. Congratulations to Silas Allred for winning the prestigious Brennan Cosgrove trophy! After almost 24 hours of debate the Brennan Cosgrove Trophy committee voted to give Silas this historical award. It was a very difficult decision between Silas and Jesse Mendez!
  9. Can't wait to see who wins this year!
  10. You’re playing a dangerous game my friend!
  11. Yes he does... Dude is a little brick house.
  12. I seriously can’t pick! Both are studs!!!
  13. Yeah Mason just needs to get a little bigger and he'll be fine.
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