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  1. My obvious choice is NCAAs. But beyond IHSAA Individual and IHSAA/IHSWCA Team State, my favorite in state event is the DII Midwest Classic. Brings so much talent to Indiana. Excited for when UIndy brings NCAA DII to Indiana in a couple years.
  2. I wouldn't say they are wrong, but I would say that it is not the usual. Just giving you an idea, the Duneland Conference in NWI pays $65/dual. Saturday tournaments pay usually between $150-300. Some 2 day tournaments pay $400. Sunday tournaments pay $100-200 or so. I would say a normal week it is around $350 a week if you work 1-2 duals and a Saturday tournament. Obviously sometimes higher, sometimes lower depending on the level of competition. Please don't tell my wife that I could be making more, because she will sell my soul for it!
  3. From the officials from this weekend (Big 10s): Mike Chase was a 2x ACC Champ at University of North Carolina Angel Rivera wrestled DII in New England area. Jason Wedgbury wrestled at Northern Iowa 2x National Qualifier Jeron Quincy was a DII National Runner Up at University of Central Missouri Curt Frost was a couple time state qualifier in Iowa Matt Sorochinsky was an Ohio (I believe) state champ and a DIII Runner Up at Ithaca College. These are just the ones I know.
  4. Eldest brother (half) Jon Brandon wrestled for Portage graduating in 2006-ish. Middle brother Bobby wrestled in Portage for middle school before moving to Merrillville either his 8th grade or freshman year. They moved to Apple Valley, MN, after Bobby’s sophomore year.
  5. Girls will be in the morning of both north and south.
  6. leggin89

    Greater South Shore Conference

  7. Not exactly the same DAC it used to be... but still pretty good. Though between the HCC and DAC, there are half of @ontherise219's #1's. DAC 106: #6 Gavin Jendreas, #9 E'Shawn Tolbert, #23 Mason Jones 113: #1 Ashton Jackson, #9 Johnny Cortez, #20 Kaptur Nowaczyk 120: #7 Hayden Demarco, #18 Evan Cruz 126: #1 Logan Frazier, #24 David Maldonado 132: #4 Anthony Bahl 138: #1 Jesse Mendez, #20 Lucas Clement, #21 Stefan Vitello 145: #3 Aidan Torres, #6 Nick Tattini 152: #1 Sam Goin 160: #3 Cody Goodwin, #19 Alex Bennett 170: #9 Connor Svantner 182: #2 Orlando Cruz, #6 Jake Sues 195: #5 Gage Demarco, #6 Will Clark, #19 Dylan Kwiatkowski 220: #11 Corey Hill, #14 Michael DeGrado, #21 Paul Clark 285: #17 Trey White, #19 Jack Ruess, #20 Theodore Sparks
  8. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/teamtournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=633937132 Try this one
  9. leggin89


    Seth Aubin
  10. leggin89


    Aiden Dallinger
  11. Mark Durham and Joe did it again! Great tournament, greatly ran. Was nice to have the watches for the officials for the timing situations. Saw a couple of last second scores/non-scores where the officials were able to know exactly as time ran out!
  12. Some change to the Quad Stream it appears, so you’ll wanna take a look.
  13. Mat 1 was Dane Mauer and Matt Coughlin.
  14. Almost. MD- 1 TF- 1.5 Fall- 2
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