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    Theodore Sparks
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    Alex Cornejo
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    Jack Coyle
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    Johnny Cortez
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    Kody Glithero
  7. It comes directly from the individual rankings that ontherise does for the Power Rankings.
  8. Ranking Notes: Point Values are as follows 1st-22 2nd-18 3rd-13 4th-11 5th-8 6th-6 7th-4 8th-3 9th-12th- 2 13th-16th-1
  9. The only thought that I had regarding not having Roberson get the fall was that possibly (and I do not know what the coaches might have been thinking by any means) the coaches thought that the Coaches Misconduct was an Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Seltzer when he questioned a call early in the match as that is the first criterion. But because it was a Coaches Misconduct that was called, it obviously does not go to that criterion. ART. 2 . . . In dual-meet competition, if teams have identical scores, the following team tie-breaking system shall be used to determine the winner. a. Th
  10. https://bit.ly/33Ucv7U Believe that is the livestream location!
  11. Here is another answer: Basically any event that is streamed by Mark Durham is on the list. This includes the Hurrle, Mater Dei Holiday Classic, Indy Nationals, Frosh-Soph (discussions of the qualifiers as well), as well as UIndy streaming the Midwest Classic, DIII Regionals, each Semi State, and State. To give you an idea of last years prices: Hurrle - $5/sub Mater Dei $10 Indy Nationals $10 Frosh-Soph $15 Midwest Classic $20 DIII Regionals $20 State Series $20 (but do not be surprised for this to increase this year due to likely low atte
  12. leggin89


    Aidan Torres
  13. Prayers go out to the Hammond High family as longtime Hammond High Head Coach Karl Deak passed away! https://www.lahaynefuneralhome.com/obituary/KarlBarney-Deak
  14. This post seems to have aged well... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nwitimes.com/news/crown-point-schools-to-go-virtual-amid-rising-student-staff-quarantines/article_cb55b409-7686-5e7e-83c3-b8babc3072d9.amp.html
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