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  1. That is correct, any males that are showing are qualified for the tournament. They made the executive decision that round of 16 competitors were going to be invited since they had such a huge turnout this year.
  2. Portage Sectional: Chris Sojka - Griffith - Teacher Mark Maldonado - Highland - Teacher Brian Williams - Lake Station - Lay Luis Acuña - Portage - Teacher Mark Hidalgo - River Forest - Teacher Not sure about Andrean.
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    Nathan Paceley
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    Jayden Bartoszek
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    Alejandro Ramirez
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    Guillermo Rivera
  7. Spartan Classic has streams up, but it appears that the internet is causing a lot of issues with keeping the streams up! Especially mat 2.
  8. After some teams leaving for Day 2 due to the threat of snow. The host Bombers were handed the team title today based on total points or least points given up in the 3 duals. RC vs Cascade, Ham Heights vs Cascade, Ham Heights vs RC.
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    Alejandro Ramirez
  10. My obvious choice is NCAAs. But beyond IHSAA Individual and IHSAA/IHSWCA Team State, my favorite in state event is the DII Midwest Classic. Brings so much talent to Indiana. Excited for when UIndy brings NCAA DII to Indiana in a couple years.
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