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  1. Not to mention a 1000 yard receiving season in football and a state qualifier in wrestling. Kid is crazy talented
  2. I forgot, the Indiana state tournament must be much stronger than the NCAA’s since they have wrestlebacks and we don’t? Obviously only the champion matters, why would anyone care about being an all-American if they didn’t win it, correct?
  3. 145 Young (4) over Leazier (1) Young got the best of him earlier this season, wouldn’t be surprised if he got it again this time around
  4. When was the last time an unranked opponent beat the #1 wrestler as early as regional?
  5. My apologies, I assumed you meant Southern Wells.
  6. I don’t recall southern wells beating McCammon, however McCammon did beat Meiring twice this season. The scores were both close however McCammon handled the match both times. I wouldn’t be surprised if McCammon beats Wells. Those Semis will be super fun.
  7. Don’t count McCammon out, he’s unranked however he might give Fiechter a tough Semi. I have my money on Colt by bonus points against anyone he wrestles this weekend
  8. Predictions or dark horses/upsets? Team race? Brackets should be out by tomorrow
  9. I’m very interested to see the differing opinions on this one. Fort Wayne has always been the hardest to predict for me
  10. It states “shorts designed for wrestling” which would include the fight shorts
  11. Hoping he does and is healthy. Real tough kid
  12. Wouldn’t be too confident, I’ve seen bigger upsets throughout the state tournament. Will be a great day of wrestling no matter the outcome.
  13. 106 Todd, Cline, White, Lee 113 Curtis, Robinson, Cunnington, Marrs 120 Schliessman, Tighe, Tinsman, Hoover 126 Curtis, Blackburn, Walker, Hoover 132 Barr, Wills, Thomma, Willen 138 Rutter, McCammon, Meiring,Heskett 145 Hunt, Young, Love, Johnson 152 Heistand, Moore, Jones, Keesling 160 Swanson, West, Duncan, Ashburn 170 Bell, Prybylla, Caldwell, brown 182 Abbott, Stevens, Womack, Franklin 195 Pease, Ullom, Enis, Minton 220 C Brown, Ice, K Brown, Rojas HWT Parson, Swallow, Shaffer, Smith
  14. Any predictions for individual weight/team race? I realize we don’t have the brackets yet however I’m sure they’ll be out within the next few days. Teams are Yorktown, Delta, Muncie Central, Winchester, Wes-Del, Wapahani, Randolph southern, Daleville, Cowan, and Monroe Central.
  15. 106 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Sam Hein of Harrison 2nd Place - Caleb Barr of Lafayette Jeff 3rd Place - Daylen Johnson of Marion 4th Place - Romello Williams of Anderson 5th Place - Harvey Barr of Kokomo 6th Place - Preston Jones of Logansport 1st Place Match Sam Hein (Harrison) 35-4, So. over Caleb Barr (Lafayette Jeff) 12-2, Fr. (MD 11-3) 3rd Place Match Daylen Johnson (Marion) 30-4, So. over Romello Williams (Anderson) 25-10, Fr. (Fall 1:40) 5th Place Match
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