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  1. Casey Kenney.. 16-2 record and 5-1 in the UFC but he doesn't appear to be ranked. Casey has fought four times this year going 3-1 and his loss coming to the #12 ranked fighter. In high school, Casey got 2nd as a junior and 4th as a senior in a loaded weight class. Nelsen, Raley, Kieffer, Eppert, Johns? Dang he wrestled some of the best at the time. From Indianamat- 2008Win vs. Jacob McCarthy( Mount Vernon (Fortville)) Dec 4-0 Win vs. Paul Beck( Mishawaka) OT 4-3 Win vs. Brandon Nelsen( Lawrence North) Dec 3-2 Loss vs. Ethan Raley( Indian Creek) Dec 7-3 2009Win vs. John Petrov(
  2. After looking up Carroll's track record I was surprised his accomplishments weren't greater. Nothing against him, but he won Super 32! Bates is a state champ and 3rd place finisher and "only" placed 7th! He is the favorite to win whatever weight he chooses and I expect college coaches to be flocking to him now. He is only a junior, correct?
  3. Jesse with two big wins tonight! Check out Flo Wrestling Twitter for highlights.
  4. I hope so. Kid looked great today. He got caught up in a cradle against #3 ranked Spencer Moore in the finals but overall is a top 4 kid.
  5. Gavin Brown "only" beat Watson by one. If Brown is top five nationally, then kudos to Watson! In other IHPO news... Jesse Mendez seeded second. Preston Haines finishes 4th at 109. Good run for him.Evan Dickey with a solid tournament as well. 129- Zeke doing what Zeke does.. WIN. I am really surprised that Zeke ONLY beat freshman Brady Ison 7-3. Ison is good but dang, didn't see that match closer than a tech or pin. Zeke with a 9-1 win over Sam Goin, 8-4 over S. Robinson Jr, and a 5-1 win over Illinois state runner up. 174- Bryer Hall finishes 2nd. Sam Mor
  6. 2003 New Castle Semi-State bracket. bracket.pdf
  7. Great links! Can you post the 2004 semi state brackets or the links to the general page? I changed the links to 04 but none work. Thanks!
  8. Good luck in your career! You have been fun to watch and stay up to date on through the years. GO NAVY!
  9. Great idea. However, I think by voting on Twitter is going to be more of a popularity contest instead of an actual winner. Not everyone has Twitter either. The wrestlers who are younger will have more fans who can vote compared to the older wrestlers... Can we do one on here?
  10. IAWRESTLE.com also has a simulation going. Nick Lee beats Pletcher 7-6. Mason Paris loses 8-7 to Stevenson. I can't figure out how to see the wrestle backs so I am not sure what everyone else placed.
  11. Any chance Caden Rooks gets an at large bid?
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