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  1. navy80

    UWW U15 Nationals

    John Purdy placed 4th and Lane Gilbert finished 6th in Greco. Freestyle today
  2. navy80

    SWINfan Shoutout

    I concur. Swin is Making The College Board Great Again! (MTCBGA)
  3. Where do Lee and Parris go from here? Do they redshirt? When is an ideal time for them ton redshirt? Can Red and Micic take an Olympic redshirt still? If so, will they?
  4. navy80

    Chad Red

    Calm down, LL. I’d say 99% of us on this board want to see Red do well. Just like 99% of us want to see Lee do well.
  5. How many AA's did Mason beat???? 1. Stencel 2. Hemida 3. Hillger 4. Dhesi
  6. WOWZERS... Indiana gets hammered this round. Red was the only one who won, I believe. Several tough losses.
  7. I am really hoping Lee wins but McKenna is wrestling very well.. Red seems to be on a roll and SHOULD earn AA again. Wowzers...Lydy and Harvey still alive! Would be cool to see both earn AA. Mason has been on a roll but Stencil is a big HWT and Mason seems to struggle with bigger heavies.
  8. Any ideas on how to watch? I clicked on the track video earlier today and had no issues watching. Now it wants me to sign in and watch it... but I don't have cable or any of the providers.
  9. Mason was way more active than Stoll. Still basically used his strength to push Mason out of bounds and scored three points that way. Crazy...
  10. Thank you. He’s a state qualifier for anyone else wondering lol. Lost 3-0 Friday night.
  11. Okay so what team did he wrestle for so I can see his results. Thanks
  12. Fill me in on isiah Mohammed.. I don’t recall his name.
  13. navy80

    Impact freshman

    A good parent will do whatever they can for their child to succeed. Kudos to Nelson for making the move as it was a calculated risk that has paid off, so far. I’d do the same.
  14. navy80

    Brock Hudkins

    Let’s get all our out of state kids to transfer back to Indiana!!
  15. navy80

    All Indiana College Lineup

    How would our all Indiana team do against top 5 teams?

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