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  1. Great links! Can you post the 2004 semi state brackets or the links to the general page? I changed the links to 04 but none work. Thanks!
  2. Good luck in your career! You have been fun to watch and stay up to date on through the years. GO NAVY!
  3. Great idea. However, I think by voting on Twitter is going to be more of a popularity contest instead of an actual winner. Not everyone has Twitter either. The wrestlers who are younger will have more fans who can vote compared to the older wrestlers... Can we do one on here?
  4. IAWRESTLE.com also has a simulation going. Nick Lee beats Pletcher 7-6. Mason Paris loses 8-7 to Stevenson. I can't figure out how to see the wrestle backs so I am not sure what everyone else placed.
  5. Any chance Caden Rooks gets an at large bid?
  6. Refresh me on Jake Tucker.. was he from Northern Indiana?
  7. It's pretty cool to see both brothers placing AA and wrestling each other. Will they wrestle or will one FF? It's kinda weird to enter two wrestlers at the same weight class from the same team. But, I like it!
  8. I think Lee wins but if Red pulls an upset it wouldn't surprise me. Red is wrestling tough today. Lee 8 Red 5
  9. Thanks for those brackets. They're a game changer.. really cool how you can click on a wrestler and see their state final results etc..
  10. If Parkinson gets on the opposite side of the bracket he makes the finals and scores some team points. Hayhurst and Bauman losing by two points on Friday night definitely cost them as well. Hayhurst was up 4-2 at one point. Bauman was up 5-2 at one point. If these two didn't lose their lead and Parkinson gets a better draw they'd place 9. But, woulda coulda shoulda
  11. 106 Cernus vs Miller 113 Moran vs Cottey 120 Littell vs. Seltzer too close to call! 126 Mendez vs Lowery 132 Garcia vs Mendez too close to call! 138 Rooks vs Boarman 145 Lee vs Viduya 152 Rodgers vs Kervin 160 Slivka vs Dickens 170 South vs Deters 182 Brewer vs Walker 195 Allred vs Allred 220 Fowler vs Bates 285 Keys vs Parsons
  12. 1. Mater Dei not winning state as a team! They took 9 and had 9 good chances to win Friday night. 2. Riley Rust 29-9 over Brock Ellis 49-1 score (5-1) 3. Noah Hollendonner 40-5 over Noehre AND Levits 4. Deters over Calhoun 5. ?
  13. Mount Carmel results.. 113 Sergio Lemley won 3A and finished 35-3. 120 Colton Drousias got 3rd and finished 33-5. 132 Noah Mis won 3A and finished 35-4. How would these kids finish in Indiana? Lemley beat KT and L. Frazier at the IHPO in 2019. Lemley finished as a two time middle school state champ and finished 5th once. Drousias beat Aiden Torres 6-0 and lost to ZEKE 2-5 at the IHPO in 2019. He finished 1st and 3rd in middle school state. Mis had no recent Indiana results but..He won Indiana middle school state twice and got 2nd once. He has wins over Conley, Rioux, and Zeke and had a loss to Boarman. Lemley is on Cottey's level. Would have made for a great state finals match. Drousias is a solid top 5. 120 is stacked in Indiana. Mis is top 2. Him and Mendez would have been a good match. Mis beat the kid who gave Mendez his only L. Other notable results.. Belleview 120 Josh Koderhandt won 3A. Josh also won Mater Dei this year at 126. He beat Alstott 7-2. This was after Alstott had beat Lowery (who won Indiana state yesterday) 3-2. 285 Olmstead got 3rd place in 3A. Olmstead beat Dancy 1-0 at Mater Dei.
  14. Hollendonner had the best tournament run. I don't think ANYONE on this board gave him a chance. Kid looked ripped as well. Two huge wins to get under the lights. Impressive. No kidding! They don't play. The security lady in our isle took her job very serious.
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