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  1. 31KG Spenser Mccammon tech Falled his way to a Greco title. he leaves Vegas as a double champ.
  2. This is a great opportunity for the hard nosed wrestlers who love to compete!
  3. Spenser Mccammon 31KG futures went 4-0. Two techs and he won 9-5 and 10-5. He wins over the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers.
  4. Dang. So where was the turning point when Crown Point went from mediocre to elite? Coaches? Athletes? What can other programs learn from them?
  5. I found results that Hawkins beat Hockaday. What other middle schoolers beat state placing high schoolers?
  6. Possibly the number one team in the nation!!!!
  7. Hah. I don’t mean to. Generally curious. Nowadays transfers don’t matter because everyone does it. It’s the new norm.
  8. Mater Dei was a true team if I recall. All their kids on the 2003 team were Mater Dei kids. It was a LeBron super team. what about Crown Point this year?
  9. They have another Schaefer coming up from middle school I believe...
  10. Lets talk about the growth from CP from last year to this year. Every single wrestler except one, improved and placed higher than before. Cruz got a tough draw and regionals and semi state or he would likely be at state again. Bahl- 27-4, 5th place to this year 36-5 and 2nd. Frazier 34-4, 2nd place to this year 34-1 and 1st. Goin 16-3, 4th place to this year 40-0 and 1st. Cruz 31-3, 5th place to this year 39-2 and 2nd. Tattini, 20-9, lost in ticket round to this year 31-7 and state qualifier. Will Clark 17-6, lost first round semi state to this year 36-5 and 5th. Paul Clark 18-8, lost in ticket round to this year 31-10 and 4th. Goodwin, Not on roster between sectional and regionals to this year 36-4 and placing 4th. Biegley, not varsity to this year 21-15 and state qualifier.
  11. 103/106 - Bittner (SQ) MD v Jendreas (2nd) CP Jendreas takes this by decision. CP up 3-0. 112/113 - Williams (6th) MD v Nowaczyk (SSQ) CP Williams takes this by decision. Tied 3-3. 119/120 - Hillenbrand (SSQ) MD v Cruz (SSQ) CP Swing match. Both are solid wrestlers. No score update. 125/126 - Macke MD (3rd) v Frazier (1st) CP Swing match. Macke is the best to never win state. I can see Macke OR Frazier winning in a 2-1 or 3-2 match. No score update. 130/132 - Coughlin MD (2nd) v Bahl (2nd) CP Coughlin wins here. MD up 6-3. 135/138 - Scott MD (3rd) v Mendez (1st) CP Mendez tech falls Scott. CP up 8-6 140/145 - Lehman MD (SSQ) v Tattini (SQ) CP Lehman was funky. Tattini could have placed yesterday. too close to call. Nod goes too Tattini. CP up 11-6. 145/152 - Weinzapfel MD (1st) v Goin (1st) CP Weinst wins here. I'll go with decision since they're both state champs but I could see a major or fall. CP up 11-9 152/160 - Nosko MD (1st) v Goodwin (4th) CP Nosko wins with a major here. Although I could see it only being a decision. MD takes the lead 12-11. 160/170 - Wildeman MD (1st) v White (SSQ) CP Wildeman majors White. I could see White keeping it close too or Wildeman getting the fall or TF. MD up 16-11. 171/182 - Maurer MD (1st) v Cruz (2nd) CP Maurer was the king of close matches. He wins by decision. MD up 19-11. 189/195 - Coughlin MD (SSQ) v Clark (5th) CP Clark wins by major. Coughlin was good. he could keep it close though. MD still up 19-15. 215/220 - Unfried MD (SQ) v Clark (4th) CP Unfried was better than a SQ here. But these Clark boys are GOOD! Clark wins by major. TIED 19-19. 275/285 - Schwartz MD v Begley (SQ) CP Begley wins via dec here. CP up 22-19. I have two swing matches. Let's split the and it would be 25-22 CP wins. However, the 2003 Mater Dei team had Mater Dei Magic which meant they rarely got pinned and could pull pins out of their butts. I think their magic would make this an exciting dual with lots of upsets. This would be a dual where MD and CP both win 5 each out of 10 duals.
  12. They bring back Schaefer, Seng, Elpers, Vanover, May, Turner, and Martin. Out of this group they have 5 sectionals titles, 4 regional titles, 2 semi state titles, and two placers. All seven returners went to semi state. They won’t be what they’ve been the last few years but they’ll be a solid team. the middle school rankings don’t show any top 50 8th graders coming in but I’m sure they’ll have someone.
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