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  1. What's your definition of a sleeper? Outside the top 5? Outside the top 10?
  2. 106 West is the favorite against Egli 113 through 160- Mater Dei should win first in all of them. 170-Deters vs Sollars will be a good one. 182- MD wins 195- MD will lose once...possbily twice 220-MD could lose once 285-MD could lose once, possibly twice I could see 4 to 7 losses by Mater Dei-
  3. The State of Indiana wrestling is the first winner. Next would be Indiana wrestling fans. Lee is the favorite on paper but Red will keep it close. I can see Lee winning 8-4 match.
  4. You must not be knowledgeable of MMA. UFC is a business. MMA is the sport. FC fighter made a living through MMA. Which is very difficult to do. Especially because he was a fighter when it wasn’t that cool. Before the sport gained all this popularity. It also means he was a professional fighter. Equivalent to wrestlers trying to make the Olympic team etc.
  5. Purple Raider Open Carson Brewer 4-0 for 1st place Donnel Washington 2-2 Daniel Tolin 1-2 Nate Cummings 3-2 for 4th place David Eli 3-2 for 5th place kyle Todrank 1-0 then MFF
  6. Yes he did and the crowd went crazy...
  7. That sounds right. Harris was undefeated going into state. Williams entered state with three losses.
  8. 119 in 2006. Three state champs from 2005 -103 Galka 47-0 -112 Harris 42-0 -119 Williams 46-2 plus Salas 12-5 placed 6th at 119. Freeman 45-4 placed 7th at 112. Weinzapfel 36-5 was a SQ at 103. in 2004- Freeman was SQ 42-4 and Harris 37-6 was 3rd at 103. Williams 42-4 placed 5th at 112. these were all returning in 2006 at 119. at the Evansville semi state, Williams placed 1st over previously undefeated Gallahgaer and Freeman! Gallagher Franklin upset state champ Harris 6-2 in the quarters. Returning state champ Galka got beat first round by Freeman. Freeman then loses Saturday morning to Harner Norwell 38-1 at the time. Harner then upsets Gallagher to make the finals. the bottom half of the bracket. returning state champ Williams wins 13-1 and 16-0 to advance to the semi finals. Salas wins in overtime over Weinzapfel 3-1 Friday night then 5-2 over Miller Muncie Soutside. Salas upsets Williams 4-3 in the semis. three returning state champs. None of them made the finals. Salas from Merrilville pinned Harner in the finals. The following year 2007 from the same weight class saw two state champs. freeman B South got 1st at 125. Freeman ended up placing Q, 7th, 5th, and 1st. Galka Hobart got 1st at 130. Others from the 2006 bracket 119. Harris who previously placed 3rd, 1st, 7th. placed 7th as a senior. michael Columbia city placed 8th in the star studded 06 bracket and placed 6th the next year. Weinzapfel lost in overtime to the eventual state champ Salas on Friday night rebounded in 07 by placing 6th. Young of zionsville was a SQ in 06 and placed 4th in 07. excuse the grammatical errors as I am on my phone. Will we ever see three defending state champs in the same bracket? i think Indianamat would go crazy even if we get two defending state champs in the same bracket!
  9. Wow. Yeah he definitely would have had another title.
  10. Ah yes, forgot about Howe.
  11. I agree. Why was he so underrated? State champ and state runner up. Placed at Fargo in freestyle and Greco multiple times.
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