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  1. Frazier is a seasoned senior going D1. Hawkins coming in as a stud freshman. I see Frazier winning by major but since they are teammates... I can see Frazier winning by less since they know each other.
  2. I appreciate the response! Good luck to him and I as well as many people will be following him through his journey in HS and most likely college.
  3. He is a two time MS state champ. Was looking forward to seeing him in HS. Is he young for his grade?
  4. 31KG Spenser Mccammon tech Falled his way to a Greco title. he leaves Vegas as a double champ.
  5. This is a great opportunity for the hard nosed wrestlers who love to compete!
  6. Spenser Mccammon 31KG futures went 4-0. Two techs and he won 9-5 and 10-5. He wins over the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers.
  7. Dang. So where was the turning point when Crown Point went from mediocre to elite? Coaches? Athletes? What can other programs learn from them?
  8. I found results that Hawkins beat Hockaday. What other middle schoolers beat state placing high schoolers?
  9. Possibly the number one team in the nation!!!!
  10. Hah. I don’t mean to. Generally curious. Nowadays transfers don’t matter because everyone does it. It’s the new norm.
  11. Mater Dei was a true team if I recall. All their kids on the 2003 team were Mater Dei kids. It was a LeBron super team. what about Crown Point this year?
  12. They have another Schaefer coming up from middle school I believe...
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