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  1. The IHSAA is operated by the State of Indiana. The state or federal government are typically inefficient at everything they manage.. Maybe Indianamat can get an interview with Mr. Faulkens about transfers.
  2. Mater Dei will be fine next year. Their JV won the SIAC and their Varsity won state, twice. It's the year after they will be very down and take a few L's. 106- Isaiah Schaefer 9th 113- Evan Seng 11th 120- Reed Egli 12th 126-Tyler Vanover 11th 132-Matt Herman 11th 138-? 145-? 152-Ashton Hayhurst 12th 160-Spencer Turner 10th / Gabe Vogegel 11th 170- Brody Bauman 12th 182- Gabe Sollars 12th 195-Clay Martin 11th 220-Nick Boots 12th 285-James Ralph 12th
  3. Next year can be scary just for Brownsburg. Preston Haines, Isiah Street, Logan Miller, Leighton Jones, Blaze Garcia all have a shot at the title. wow
  4. Agreed. Cant wait to follow him in college.
  5. I am disappointed that he didn't jump in your arms.. I really wanted to see if you could hold him LOL. Congrats!
  6. Agreed. I saw other kids throw their headgear etc.. Saw one kid toss his 6th place medal and walked away. His coach went and got it. Good on Goin for facing adversity like that.
  7. What school is he looking at?
  8. The Most Valuable Wrestler at State. 4 pins. 6th as a freshman with one pin. Upset in ticket round as sophomore 2nd as a junior with two pins 1st as a senior with four pins! 2 time IPHO runner up. Where is he wrestling at in college? Please tell me he is wrestling at the next level?!?
  9. I don't believe anyone on here had Cottey as the underdog.. Cmon! He's a two time runner up and one time champ coming into the state finals. He's a senior going against underclassmen. He was clearly the favorite.
  10. I checked out Big Mo.. 6'1 260lbs. Has several D1 offers from Kent State, Central Michigan, Ball State, Indiana State, and Air Force.
  11. I can support a referee who makes a confident call and doesn't waiver. He had the best view. It's unfortunate but.. part of it.
  12. Finals Representation Evansville 12 ECC and NC tied at 7 Fort Wayne 2 Evansville has both 132 and 182. ECC has both 120's. Evansville flexin' at state..
  13. Where did he come from? He's a junior who came into state at 13 wins and 0 losses. He's had three solid wins against Watts, Munoz, and Erb. He's ranked 8th. He is my pick for the most suspiring wrestler to make it to the finals.
  14. Agree.. His time is due for a finals berth. He is a two time placer and three time qualifier. But Im going with Conway in my pickems.
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