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  1. Who takes the team title? Will Cathedral hang on to their lead? Indianapolis Cathedral 70.0 2 Avon 58.0 3 Brownsburg 57.0 4 Evansville Mater Dei 54.0 5 Roncalli 49.0 6 Columbus East 46.0 7
  2. navy80

    Laville HWT

    Rankings guy said a college coach should look at him.. I didn't think nothing of it but dang! That kid is no joke. I love watching him shoot so much and stay active.
  3. navy80

    Mendez vs. Watts

    Who are all the state champs Mendez has beaten? Watts X2, Moran?
  4. navy80

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    Agree, it's just crazy this has to happen on a Friday night. The loser tonight could potentially tech fall a place winner tomorrow... It is what it is..
  5. navy80

    Mendez or Littell

    Pretty sure Mendez beat him at Y’2’s tournament 1-0.
  6. Do you have past results? 1999-2003 timeframe?
  7. navy80

    113 Friday Night Rematch from the IHPO

    K.T. wins 13-11 in overtime.
  8. navy80

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    Wow. Brewer went from a top 2 finisher to he could be gone Friday night. Brewer’s time is now though. I hope he pulls it off.
  9. navy80

    Congrats to the 278 Frosh-Soph SSQ's

    Does this have seeds? When do brackets come out for it? I forget, thanks
  10. navy80

    Mendez vs. Watts

    This is a classic. You have the nationally ranked freshman who has to hypothetically/probably beat two former state champions to his the tournament.
  11. When Lee was a HS freshman didn't he beat highly ranked Zach Davis 13-4 who later lost a decently close match to Micic in the state finals? Frosh vs Senior? All good points though.. Except foe McKenna beating Micic. QUESTION- If Micic bumped up I wouldn't expect him to weigh 133 the day of the match. Would he not weigh closer to 141? What did Seabass weigh when he bumped up to face Micic at 133?
  12. High School Result- Micic 10 Lee 3 College prediction for 2019: Micic 10 Lee 5 but I could see the score being 9-5/8-5/7-5
  13. I’d say the score would be closer due to the size difference but end result would be the same.
  14. Micic by the almost the same score they wrestled in high school and for the same reason.
  15. Lee needs a good win against Carr. That should put Carr and McKenna against each other in the semis.

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