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  1. Good for him! that's awesome!
  2. I remember watching Nathan wrestle but didn't know he went to Stanford! Very cool.
  3. I was watching a Save Stanford wrestling video and saw Suhas Chundi of Carmel speaking! I didn't know he was on their team. 125lbs, of course.
  4. The part about how his sister was murdered was heart breaking!
  5. I listened to Nick on another Podcast where he talked about his story. Very cool and interesting!
  6. Can someone break this down for me.. The winner of these brackets either win an Olympic spot or earn a best of three series with someone to win an Olympic spot? Will they do a wrestle back or does the second place finisher be the alternate?
  7. Agreed.. but maybe even three categories! 1. High School 2. College 3. International
  8. Galbe is scary good. He is Tier 1 by himself. Mason is Tier 2 all by himself. Tier 3.. everyone else.
  9. And Mason Parris.. I'd love for Mason to get the W over Gable. At least make it a close match. HAs there ever been two dominant heavyweights in college like Mason and Gable? They smoke everyone...
  10. I am really impressed by Nick Lee's offense. The kid is always looking to score. It will be interesting to see his gameplay against Eierman since Eierman is a defensive wrestler. I am really impressed with Chad Red's ability to face adversity and grind out wins. What a performance in the wrestle backs. Red and Lee have represented Indiana well. It's amazing they've both AA'd at 141 three times, wrestle in the same conference but have only wrestled twice in college. I am a fan of AJ Ferrari.. Not only does he have a cool name but the kid is confidence, puts in the work,
  11. Hildebrandt with the 4 seed. Was hoping to see him get the 2 or 3. Red got screwed on getting the 8 seed. However, I can see him beating Eierman. It's hard to beat someone three times in a season. N. Lee got the expected 2 seed. I'd rather see him go through Tariq than Rivera again. B. Lee with a tough draw. He'll face Jacori Teemer in the 2nd round then will have David Carr in the quarterfinals. Joe Lee has Travis Whitllake first match. DJ Washinton has a good draw and should win his first two to face #1 Seed Kemerer.
  12. He will do great in the Marine Corps.. I hope he tires out for the All-Marine Wrestling team!
  13. Interesting.. #1seed Gimson goes down in semi finals but his brother wins and advances to the finals. That’s so cool to see the brothers doing well at the same weight.
  14. Go over to the MMA forum and there is a thread about him. He has a huge opportunity tonight!
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