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  1. You do not have to see him wrestle this year.....Jesse is a LOCK
  2. Sorry to hear this sad news. Condolences to the whole family from the Crown Point wrestling family...
  3. Crown Point advancing 8 with 5 Champs
  4. He Bummed up and wrestled a great match so his team could defeat Oak Park River Forest!! As posted throughout the room at Crown Point.....THE TEAM THE TEAM THE TEAM!!! Unbelievable wrestler and a even better young man to talk to....Sky is the limit!!!
  5. Scott Vlink Crown Point?? Has to be in the top 50...
  6. Confirmed on IWCOA Twitter Page with picture and Caption....Isiah Wrestled Chumbley....
  7. Crown Point is going to have 2 or 3 kids make the trip....
  8. Thanks Maligned.....You do a great job with this and it a Great event. Thank you for the clarification
  9. That Seems Fair.....Win your Semi State and you are a vote in...…..I don't understand the whole point process, but I am sure it is right.
  10. Doesn't Crown Point get an auto bid via their Team Semi State Championship Yesterday??
  11. Many Tears of Happiness and Defeat today....Best of Luck to all the Indiana High School Wrestlers today! May your DREAMS come true!!!
  12. We will Do a Total Medal Count after next Saturday Night and See just down the Region is. It goes in cycles and I would agree though we may be down a little this year that if is coming in the near future. I WOULD never count out the physical Brawlers from the NW Corner of the state next Friday and Saturday. See you all next weekend
  13. Great Job...Awesome Write Up....Thank You
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