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  1. Wheeler high school is currently at 32, I have a few that are not allowed to practice until physical are turn in. I believe my real number is at 26-28. I will know in a few weeks but I’m usually good on keeping everyone who steps on my mats. This is actually the highest numbers we had. Full line up, With a 14 that I had for a least 2-3 years so I have a nice core. Wheeler only having 531 kids enrolled , and only on our 7th year of having this program. And we are finalizing our plans for our new wrestling room. Things are moving forward in the right direction.
  2. Don’t update it until mid following season...I went through Gio and Jose records we are at 252 wins.. so let Gio puts some more wins before update 🤣. And just Incase I have little Diaz going in 6th grade. That’s my back up plan.
  3. Lorek u don’t need another mat ... that’s mine
  4. I agree, let parents make that choice without penalizing the kid. Reality is it happens and it will. I’ll rather have it in the open instead of trying to me sneaky about it. What is not fair is the some get away with it and some don’t. I don’t agree that you need to go to power program to have success. My opinion only, but that doesn’t mean I want to control or prevent others from doing what they believe is best.
  5. I like having one class wrestling. At the end of the day it’s still an individual sport. Give me the top team in Indiana... they will not have all state champions. Yes dual meets are going to be hard to compete from a typical small school to a big program. So what, it’s all practice. Doesn’t matter until sectionals and so on.
  6. Your absolutely right. The amount of money in wrestling scholarships are just not even worth mentioning. Yes, For a highly rank wrestler, I’m sure they do fine. The rest well not so well. So academics is where things even out. Like I said use wrestling as a tool for college. When wrestling becomes the best tool is when academically you barely qualify for that school. And it’s a low acceptance rate( of students who qualify). But your been recruited by their wrestling program. That’s an A’s in your back pocket!!! If your transfer your kids make sure it’s for academics and a good environment. All that other nonsense doesn’t really matter. Talent is talent. Work is work.
  7. I’m going to give my take coming from a small school, being a coach and a father. When I made my decision to stay in a school that was small, academically fantastic and no wrestling program. I knew that the reason I was there and move my kids to Indiana from Chicago was for the academic and the environment. It wasn’t always easy. Sometimes I had my doubts. But I always felt that wrestling was a tool to use for my kids to get a better education. And I believe I made the right choice. Having my oldest be able to attend a very prestigious college and wrestle d1. My second going on same path. And having 7 years of wrestling program existence we produced three college wrestlers, the fourth one did not want to wrestle in college. I am going to tell you that going to a big school or a top program is not always best. If your eyes are set on what they do in wrestling only, well in my opinion that is what hurts the sport. There’s a lot more than wrestling, like academics, growing up with your classmates, that bond and memories that can’t be build by just a wrestler. This are the things that make men that make a difference in life. Not always about winning. Unfortunately a lot of parents are so focus on winning that some of this kids don’t wrestle in high school bc they are burn out. And so some high school wrestlers that were considered “studs” “hammers” did not achieve what was “ what they were supposed to” don’t end up wrestling in college!!! I have seen it over and over. And I also seen wrestlers that were not state champions do well in college and sometimes even get better scholarships than some state champions. (Academics) you can be great anywhere you go, that honestly on the individual and what they are willing to sacrifice for their goal. There is something special about knowing your wrestlers for 12 years and seeing them still love the sport and become productive men in society.
  8. As to all the bs earlier , people are always ready to criticize. Well our social today got rain out. We have 3 1/2hrs to kill. How about us coaches try to get all this boys together before the main event. Let's instead of criticizing joe, we actually do something for this young men. We can take them bowling for an hour? Any suggestions?
  9. This is what I need: 113, 170, 220 freestyle duals at crown point. April 7 let me know if you have anyone that will be interested. It's a iswa state qualifier. 219-241-7227
  10. I need a 195lb and 220lbs for crown point freestyle duals. It's this Saturday April 7. Call me coach diaz at 219-241-7227 if your interested. This is a qualifier for iswa state
  11. Jdhomes

    Pin Chain

    It's as bad some kids walking around with a hammer "I'm assuming they are considering themselves as a hammer" .... I just thought they had to go to work after the tournament.
  12. Our first time being in this tournament.... all I can say is that we are very please on how the tournament was handled. I enjoy been around good people and Elkhart memorial staff and coaches have plenty. Thanks for having us and .... I loved the food!!!
  13. Michael, Nolan tucker is not going to wrestle anymore. His going to dedicate himself to baseball.
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