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  1. Guest Clinician will be Deondre Wilson. Coach Wilson was a 2x State Champ for Warren Central and will be showing some great technique this Wednesday!
  2. We're still rolling every Wednesday night! Enter through Door 14 6-7:30
  3. Make sure you are at Warren tomorrow to learn top notch technique from Coach Escobedo! This is a great opportunity to learn from one of Indiana's all-time greats and grind it out with some of the best high school wrestlers from central Indiana! Be there!
  4. This Wednesday make sure you are at Warren! Our guest clinicians will be Indiana legends and current IU coaches Angel Escobedo and Brandon Wright. These guys have accomplishments way to lengthy to list. Both of these men are committed to making Indiana wrestling better. Do not miss out on this opportunity to learn from some of Indiana's best! Time: 6-7:30 Enter through door 14 Be there. Work hard. Get better.
  5. Warren RTC is back! We will still be having great technicians and lots of grind time! This Wednesday will be live night and open to all wrestlers. Next Wednesday we will have IU’s Angel Escobedo! Make sure you are there! Wednesday 6-7:30 Enter through door 14
  6. Make sure you are at Warren tonight! As a Uindy alum, I have a great amount of respect for Coach Warthan as a wrestler, coach, and man. We are pumped to have him come in and show some awesome technique. Be there and ready to go by 6 tonight!
  7. In preparation for the upcoming freestyle and greco state series, we will be hosting Uindy head coach Jason Warthan this week. Coach Warthan has transformed Uindy's program into a DII powerhouse and has produced over 30 national qualifiers, 16 All-Americans, Uindy's first ever National Champion, and multiple top ten team finishes. This is a great opportunity to learn great technique from Coach Warthan and his wrestlers as well as grind it out with some of Indiana's best! Make sure you are there! Details Enter through door 14 6-7:30
  8. This has been one of our best years for RTCs! We have had consistently over 60 wrestlers and multiple state qualifiers, placers, and champs coming to Warren every Wednesday to grind it out. If you want to get better, learn some awesome technique, and make fun of Coach Tonte's wardrobe make sure you are at Warren tomorrow! Practice starts at 6!
  9. Haha! Sadly, Alissa wouldn't let me cook the ground hog...she thought it looked cute. I tried to tell her the cuter the critter, the sweeter the meat...she was not convinced (probably why she dumped a limestone slab on my ankle).
  10. This Wednesday we will be hosting another great RTC with coaches and wrestlers from Manchester coming down to show some great technique and to grind it out with some of Indiana's best! Sadly, I won't be able to roll around and get my butt kicked because a rather large limestone slab fell from our tractor's front end loader and kind of landed on my ankle...true story. Practice starts at 6 sharp. Make sure you are there! 6-7:30 Enter through Door 14 Be there. Work hard. Get better.
  11. Cost is $5. $10 for an autographed photo of yours truly.
  12. Make sure you are at Warren tonight! Coach Pompei will be bringing some of his All-Americans from this year's team that finished top 6 in the nation! Not only will there be top notch technique and great freaking wrestling, but you can also weigh in for our tournament right after practice! Make sure you register on Track. Cost for our tournament is $25 for both styles, $15 for one. A portion of the proceeds of our tournament will be donated to Autism Research plus Chris Lytle will be there! The best RTC tonight plus sign ups for the biggest and best local freestyle tournament. It's a win
  13. We are pumped for tomorrow's RTC!!! I have known Coach Pompei for some time now and the things he has accomplished at Indiana Tech is nothing short of incredible! This year alone, his team won their conference with 5 individual champs, 7 national qualifiers, 6 All-Americans at Nationals, 7 scholar athletes, and another top ten finish! Coach Pompei will be showing some great technique and there will be plenty of time to grind it out with some of Indiana's best! Make sure you are there!!! Door 14 starts at 6:00pm Be there. Work Hard. Get better.
  14. Don't forget, RTC tonight! Lot's of great technique and live with guest clinician Chad Welch. Found this video on the youtubes of Chad winning his Midlands Championship. Be there and be ready by 6!
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