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  1. Love it! He has set the bar high for a rookie. Future champion mindset right there.
  2. Great breakdown....mine is very very close to yours. With maybe a few "homer" placements being the difference..haha. Swing bracket for Riley & Wawasee will be how the 152 bracket plays out? Should be some good matchups and a great day of wrestling. Stay healthy everyone....see you Saturday!
  3. I don't post often but when I do and there may be opposing views I post my name so there is no confusion where my opinion is coming from. This is Steve Sandefer Sr. Yes my son is the current head coach at Mishawaka, but other than that I am not an official administrator or coach at Mishawaka. I proudly support our community, school and team. I love wrestling and try to positively promote the sport at all levels....not just self serving to our own program. As such I do have some disappointment and contention to see such negative comments regarding individuals within a profession that give
  4. After some very valued input from coaches and officials alike that have many years of experience with helping to make the Al Smith the tournament that it is today....Coach Steven Sandefer was able to communicate those concerns on the fly this morning with his Athletic Directors as he was busy coaching and they were busy getting this tournament started this morning. Credit to our AD's Dean Huppert and Sherry Keyser to trust the information that was being relayed in such swift motion and realizing immediately an alternative date was needed right away. Thankfully our Athletic Department take a
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