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  1. ISWA Chairman Vote Keith Davison

    It's a "no brainer."
  2. ISWA meeting/Trip Crown/Election this Sunday

    But do they have to be present in Indy?
  3. ISWA meeting/Trip Crown/Election this Sunday

    How is this election process going to work anyway? Does it require a nomination, is it put to a vote on Sunday...??? Too bad the ISWA meeting couldn't be held in Ft. Wayne.
  4. ISWA meeting/Trip Crown/Election this Sunday

    I think Coach Davison is a pretty intelligent guy who would have an army of supporters behind him.
  5. New Cathedral addtions

    Of course they were, it's Indy...
  6. rumor has it

    Interesting...he would be a good addition to an already solid DAC team.
  7. Jesse Mendez

    Facebook sources say Crown Point.
  8. Disney Duals

    I watched a ton of matches from this week...looked to me like they had a lot of really inexperienced officials.
  9. Disney Duals

    Mafia loses on criteria to young guns black. I heard there was an unsportsmanlike involved. Bailey and Parris both won in their matches.
  10. Disney Duals

    Mafia wins 6 of the last 7 matches to beat the Florida All Stars. Bailey lost a close one and Parris with a major.
  11. Disney Duals

    Mafia in a dogfight with Florida. Mafia has probably lost a couple they didn't expect. Still a few matches to go!
  12. Jabin Wright of Kokomo commits to

    Congrats to Mr. Wright!
  13. Brayden Lowery

    Does he have to sit out a year?
  14. USAW Folkstyle Nationals

    Iowa bracket #'s seem way down.