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  1. Bellmont- Ruble brothers (Isaac & Jon)
  2. I understand what awood2 is saying. I sat with a Big Ten official at a high school tournament 2 years ago and he told me "you could not pay him enough to officiate a high school match". He said the rules differ so much, more than most people realize. This official is one of the better Big Ten officials and he admitted he would screw up a high school match. But then again he is not licensed to officiate high school matches.
  3. According to the IHSAA website here are some attendance numbers from the past: Recent 2015-16 - 33,593 Total, 12,643 Finals 2014-15 - 29,388 Total, 10,528 Finals 2013-14 - 29,807 Total, ???! 2010-11 - 27,999 2009-10 - 25,811 1997-98 - 35,732 Total, 10,178 Finals 1996-97 - 37,020 Total 1994-95 - 36,528 In last years recaps the IHSAA states that the 33,593 was a new 3 session record. The totals listed in the nineties above is also from the IHSAA's website in those years recaps.... I guess I don't undrerstand their definition of records....ha.
  4. His LEGACY should not be questioned by anyone. Only 2 career losses, both as underclassman and both to number 1 ranked wrestlers in the country. There hasn't been anyone in the state of Indiana (I'm pretty sure) that had to wrestle two #1ranked national wrestlers in the state tournament for their only two career losses... Not Angel, not Blake, not Lance, not Alex and definitely not Drake....let's face it Indiana hasn't had many #1 ranked kids. His LEGACY is not based on number of state title, career wins or career pins... His legacy is solidified on who he is, how he conducted himself, how he
  5. I don't know how you can leave Nick Lee off this list. He will more than likely end his high school career with (2) losses. One as a freshman to the number one ranked senior in he he nation at the time. IMO every one mentioned would have lost that matchup as a freshman as well. The second one as a junior to the number one ranked wrestler in the nation again. I think you are kidding yourself if you watched that match and don't think Red and Lee aren't even. The difference is that Lee is only a junior and will only get better next year. Assuming only two career losses, both as underclass man to
  6. I know Mishawaka Marian has had a state qualifier before, I see they have one this year at 220. When was their last one before this year?
  7. Some people on here are complaining that they couldn't see all the mats from their seat, then continues by suggesting going back to a two arena set up. That will fix not being able to see all the mats from your seat. Another person complained about the lack of communication (cost of entry, etc...) Y2 has had that posted for sometime, again I didn't receive a call from anyone giving me the details either. Was yesterday perfect? No but I for one thought this year was a HUGE step in the right direction. Having all the mats in ONE area is a HUGE plus. The seating, although lacking was by far bette
  8. What teams are at Bishop Luers Saturday??? Thank you.
  9. I think the main issue on this thread is the double standard by which Yorktown is displaying. There is NO question (Yorktown) has benefited by MANY transfers over the last several years (some names listed in a previous post). Back in 2010 / 2011 was the MOST blatant example of questionable transfers ever! Yorktown had a "hole" in their lineup at 138 that they felt needed to be filled to advance to the state finals. Early in the year I think there was a transfer student from Jay County who just happens to be a very good 138 lb wrestler. The IHSAA declared him ineligible to participate at Yorkt
  10. Maybe it was the "flying skunk"... Call it what you want, that kid impressed me more than anyone Saturday. Best of luck at Bankers Life Mr. Coy.
  11. This is probably one of the best topics to debate right now. I don't have a dog in this fight so my opinion is based soley on what I have seen this year and previous years. I think we currently have a 4 class system right now (around these weights). Class A = Micic (no one even close to him, he has proved it...pressure or no pressure??? really?) Class B = Lee (no one close to him, Micic way above him, everyone else way below him) Class C = Red and and a few others (like Early and Davis) Class D = the rest of the field.... After watching Lee destroy everyone except Micic and the
  12. I don't disagree with you on this but the fact remains they are a 1A school and their numbers should be reflected in the 1A catagory. Just my opinion. You could also say Yorktown is an outlier as well since I don't believe any 2A school has qualified the number of wrestler they did but you shouldn't remove them from the data for that.... just note it as so.....
  13. A more accurate view of these numbers would be to put MD in 1A since they are actually a 1A school in size even though they choose to jump up and participate in the 3A Invitational. Not that it would tell anything diffferent just more accurate view when looking at numbers and school sizes.....
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