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  1. Joe is also one heck of a young man. Role model material, that kid is all heart, determination, and class.
  2. That match was awesome! Thanks for giving the fans a great match - so fun and exciting!!!
  3. When I said that, it was in the spirit of the idea that what I saw was a frustrated young man, who has spent years watching this board wish to see Streck "maul" somebody, upset because he didn't end his high school career with the dominance we've come to expect from him (and I suspect he's come to demand from himself). I take nothing away from Samuels - it was a heck of a match - Streck could have handled his emotions better, but when he said "Not good enough." - he was clearly talking about himself and his mistakes...a funny little dig on Purdue's football team (they need all the help they c
  4. Question: Asa didn't win Sectional, Regional, or Semi-State. Is he the only State Champ this year to not be Sectional, Regional, or Semi-State champ? How many times has this happened over the years?
  5. I liked him from the start. It was exciting to see him get the win and for Evansville Semi State to claim the first champ of the night! Looking forward to watching your high school wrestling journey!
  6. One of my last impressions was from Streck's interview - "not good enough." He'd just won a state championship and he was already dissecting his failures in the match. Purdue is lucky to be getting him - their football team might make a run with that kind of work ethic in the locker room
  7. MCWC has that tag line "Be a Stud." Joe Lee lived it. Controlled aggression. Just beautiful.
  8. I've been around this sport for a long time and I've never seen Banker's Life have that kind of atmosphere - it was just awesome to be a part of it. I was "Team Lee" before the match and despite the outcome, I'm still "Team Lee" - he's an outstanding technical wrestler and is just pure class. He now has 2 losses - Micic & Red - the simple fact that he could walk into the room and choose what weight he wants to wrestle and those are where he chose to go says all that needs to be said about Nick Lee - he knew the risks and rewards and he chose to go after it - I'd take that kind of fight in
  9. I don't see this happening. The Lees & MD just aren't into playing games - I'd be very surprised if this prediction came true. Let's just all hope the heavens align and we finally get to see this match happen!
  10. I learned a long time ago in wrestling to expect the unexpected, never underestimate anyone, and to never tug on Superman's cape (sheer determination has pulled out more than one win over the years). I think all of Indiana shouted a collective "Woohoo!" when these brackets were released. Both are great wrestlers and this match will be worth the price of admission - and I have no doubt it will happen. I love to watch Red wrestle too, but I gotta be Team Lee!
  11. I have been so impressed with this young man. When he walked out on the mats all taped up and the big brace on his knee, all I could think was, he is a gladiator. So so tough - reminds me of why I love this sport. He may not have been on the top of the podium - but this young man has the heart of a champion.
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