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  1. Thanks for the novel but don’t we all have kids that we want to toot horns for as well? I was just saying people pilled on a little because you tooted more than anyone in the history of indianamat has . That’s all man no biggie no need to get all emotional 😭....Like you I don’t hide behind screen names either so if you want a name and picture of me feel free to ask I can even through an autograph on it 😎
  2. I think the fact that you said he was on another level LAST year too ( I believe your exact words were it will take a Herculean effort to beat him and Elijah Hercules Mayan did it first round)and now again saying the same things This year that has people jumping on you a little! It just proves how hard it is to win in Indiana at this level and how nothing is guaranteed no matter what national accolades you have . Brewer is very good I am glad he finally placed but like 99.99% of these kids he is not unbeatable .
  3. Chandler Woenker from Bishop Luers had 38 pins last year .......
  4. Yea Sounds like a track wrestling thing
  5. So Robert Faulkners let’s some sectionals brackets get released tonight and some have to wait until Friday?????🤔😐
  6. @157/165 Chandler Woenker Campbellsville 2-1, 16-4 and Ashton Mutuwa Campbellsville not sure on his record.
  7. You also have 3 Indiana guys ( 2 freshman) that are wrestling for Campbellsville University there also,
  8. Maybe not ever lol but but had to be 2018s winner of worst call of the year .
  9. Agreed the jimtown boys will be ready I am sure. And I have never seen their big 3 get dominated .........ever !!! Good luck to all it’s going to be a great one.
  10. Good luck to both of them at Bankers
  11. Cmon mike never assume .......You probably know the saying about assuming it makes an ass out of you and me lol. Nope no assumptions On my part in my book if there are two studs which they both are and one pins the other he is ranked higher . But that’s why I don’t do the rankings and you do . Again no biggie I have never met either boy and have no dog in the fight .
  12. Was not slamming the rankings btw it’s a great feature .I remembered that pin from state last year and was curious that’s all .
  13. ??????????ok That has no correlation whatsoever with my statement ....yes of course rank freshman if they deserve it and if they beat a guy head to head in an offseason tournament then yea makes sense to be higher than that guy......That was not the case in my statement #2 pinned the #1 guy that’s all I asked I was curious don’t get your panties in a ball ....... this isn’t rocket science lololololololololol
  14. Thank you sir for the respect and info . I guess I’m old school head to head is always my first criteria ??And Second would be your own states wrestling tournament placement to me not offseason . So I guess I would have to agree to disagree. Either way Rankings shmankings lol.........
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