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  1. Looks like the team lost 3 points. 72.5-69.5
  2. Both were penalized a team point
  3. 149 with retype ford would be tricky, but so would 157 with Nolf. It's got to one of those, and if I was making a guess is would be 157.
  4. Gotta be Lee, I don't really think this question could have any other answer.
  5. I would assume he is talking about Breydan Bailey, but the monkey off his back comment could apply to either.
  6. Looks like the stats do not sway far from the average post-transition, but this could be in part due to those that have transitioned are more likely to report an attempt. Still either way, a horrible stat to look into. Source: https://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/AFSP-Williams-Suicide-Report-Final.pdf
  7. True, equal shot. Depending on semistate and regionals, they could have a tougher road, but you are correct that every varsity wrestler has the same opportunity.
  8. Had Western Boone qualified any wrestlers, I believe we would have seen their robes!
  9. Unsure where Randolph Southern is sectional-wise, but wouldn't he actually have a better shot. Potentially a higher chance of forfeits from a weak sectional?
  10. 2017 New Castle Semi-State Preview New Castle Fieldhouse 801 Parkview Drive New Castle, IN This year, the New Castle Semi State delivers once again, with great matchups, outstanding wrestling, alongside a fantastic venue itself. From the first round of 106 all the way to the finals at 285, an awesome day of wrestling is ahead of us. There are great wrestlers facing off against one another here at every weight. Never a good time to get up from your seat, especially in the classic venue of the largest High School Gym in the nation. Could you ask for anything better?....Not a chance! T
  11. Never want to hear about something like this. In our thoughts for sure!
  12. I swear this guy is talking to himself on three different accounts.
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