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  1. Looks like the team lost 3 points. 72.5-69.5
  2. Both were penalized a team point
  3. 149 with retype ford would be tricky, but so would 157 with Nolf. It's got to one of those, and if I was making a guess is would be 157.
  4. Gotta be Lee, I don't really think this question could have any other answer.
  5. I would assume he is talking about Breydan Bailey, but the monkey off his back comment could apply to either.
  6. Looks like the stats do not sway far from the average post-transition, but this could be in part due to those that have transitioned are more likely to report an attempt. Still either way, a horrible stat to look into. Source: https://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/AFSP-Williams-Suicide-Report-Final.pdf
  7. True, equal shot. Depending on semistate and regionals, they could have a tougher road, but you are correct that every varsity wrestler has the same opportunity.
  8. Had Western Boone qualified any wrestlers, I believe we would have seen their robes!
  9. Unsure where Randolph Southern is sectional-wise, but wouldn't he actually have a better shot. Potentially a higher chance of forfeits from a weak sectional?
  10. Very interesting topic, any idea on where Red sits?
  11. 2017 New Castle Semi-State Preview New Castle Fieldhouse 801 Parkview Drive New Castle, IN This year, the New Castle Semi State delivers once again, with great matchups, outstanding wrestling, alongside a fantastic venue itself. From the first round of 106 all the way to the finals at 285, an awesome day of wrestling is ahead of us. There are great wrestlers facing off against one another here at every weight. Never a good time to get up from your seat, especially in the classic venue of the largest High School Gym in the nation. Could you ask for anything better?....Not a chance! Team Race: The top three teams seem to be in their own universe in terms of this event. Although there are a number of potential dark horses to fight for placement, no one will steal the crown from the favorites. Predictions: Perry Meridian Cathedral Carmel Bracket Buster- If this kid catches fire, kiss your pick ‘ems goodbye. These grapplers are nothing but the most underrated dark horses out there. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: These matches are sure to make your insides queasy. Whether it be a state ranked wrestler going home early, or two seniors duking it out to take one last trip to the bank, something's not going to sit well with you when all is said and done. 106: This year, 106 brings new faces and some returning ones as well, and is worth the price of admission itself! There are many talented wrestlers here, with #2 ranked sophomore Seth Johnson from North Montgomery, #3 ranked Brendan Mattingly from Carmel, #4 ranked Andrew Black from Shenandoah, #5 ranked Brayden Lowrey from Perry Meridian, #6 ranked Logan Bailey from Cathedral, and #12 ranked Gabe Smith from Lawrence Central. There are 6 ranked wrestlers here who all have great resumes, but only 4 can advance! Mattingly can be considered the slight favorite, but there are many talented wrestlers that could knock him off too! Don’t show up late, you do not want to miss the little guys kick things off at the Chrysler Arena. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Logan Bailey (Cathedral) 30-3 vs. Seth Johnson (North Montgomery) 40-1 Bracket Buster: Gabe Smith Predictions: Andrew Black Brendan Mattingly Seth Johnson Brayden Lowery 113: This weight recently had its “Fair” share of talk, due to the unfortunate news of hearing returning state placer Sammy Fair is having surgery Friday and will not be able to participate. This still leaves #2 ranked Alec Viduya from Roncalli, #3 ranked Skylour Turner from Warren Central, #7 ranked Gavin Rose from Greenfield Central, #13 ranked Nick Brady from Noblesville, and #16 ranked Kody Conaway from Beech Grove (alternate due to Fair injury) rounding out the weight, in terms of ranked wrestlers. There are 5 ranked wrestlers coming in here, along with Northmont Regional Champion Kyle Holman who are all looking to punch their ticket. Surprisingly, 3 time returning state placer Skylour Turner is not the favorite, instead it is freshman phenom Alec Viduya. Gavin Rose could potentially be in the mix to make some noise as well, as he has had close matches with some of the top dogs this year. Don’t count Nick Brady out either, as his greco style can keep him in nearly any match. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Nick Brady (Noblesville) 39-1 vs. Skylour Turner (Warren Central) 27-4 Bracket Buster: Gavin Rose Predictions: Alec Viduya Skyler Turner Gavin Rose Kody Conway 120: Paragraph: 120 offers more great wrestling, with the favorite being a toss up! The fans get a real doozy in the blood round with this one, as #12 ranked Sunny Nier and returning state placer #13 ranked Lukasz Walendzak square off in what is sure to be a wild match. Other notable wrestlers here are #15 Carter Noehre of Greenfield Central, and #18 Tyce Freije from Roncalli. All of these wrestlers have proven themselves all season, and anyone of them could win the entire thing. Northmont Regional Champion Ethan Greene who wrestled incredibly well last week might have something to say to that, as well as Dominic Pecoraro and Trevor Ragle, who were both ticket rounders last year. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Trevor Ragle (New Castle) 38-4 vs. Dominic Pecoraro (Carmel) 24-6 Bracket Buster: Ethan Greene Predictions: Carter Noehre Sunny Nier Tyce Freije Trevor Ragle 126: Paragraph: The headliner of this weight class is most definitely #5 ranked Senior Alec White, who was a semi state champion last year at 113. Not far behind White, however, is #6 ranked Jordan Slivka who was runner up at this same tournament last year, losing to White in an overtime thriller. #9 ranked Carmel Senior Adam Jerde is also looking to add a state medal to his resume, and has been wrestling very well all season. #13 ranked Dallas Pugsley of Shenandoah meets up with former state qualifier Alexander Strueder in the ticket round. This should be a great match between 2 wrestlers who both have 30+ wins on the season. Although #17 ranked Dylan Culp of Warren Central has been having a down season after his 7th place finish at state last year, you can never count out a wrestler with his skill and experience. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Dallas Pugsley (Shenandoah) 39-2 vs. Alexander Strueder (Fishers) 31-11 Bracket Buster: Alexander Strueder Predictions: Jordan Slivka Alec White Adam Jerde Dallas Pugsley 132: Leading the pack at 132 pounds is 3 time 3rd placer at state, #2 ranked Breyden Bailey, seeking to become a 4 time semi state champion. Although Bailey is the clear favorite, there are many other talented wrestlers in the weight looking to punch their tickets as well. #5 ranked Ethan Smiley from Beech Grove hopes to make a run on Saturday and hopefully return to the bank for a third time. #9 ranked Cainan Schaefer of South Dearborn is undefeated at 45-0 on the season and hopes to avenge his loss in last year’s ticket round. #10 ranked Zak Bowling of Lebanon will battle it out with #14 ranked Jack Servies of Perry Meridian in the elimination round. Both these wrestlers got axed in the blood round just a year ago, and will put everything on the line in hopes that they don’t have a similar fate this year. While Bailey has a large advantage over the rest of the field, he does run into #17 ranked Hayden Lohrey from Shenandoah who was a state qualifier last year, hopefully providing a match that won’t be just any cake walk. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Zak Bowling (Lebanon) 35-5 vs. Jack Servies (Perry Meridian) 28-7. Bracket Buster: Tim Wright Predictions: Breyden Bailey Cainan Schaefer Ethan Smiley Jack Servies 138: New Castle sees another familiar face in #2 ranked Zach Melloh from Cathedral, a seasoned Junior who was a state placer back in 2015. He comes back this year after being upset last year in the ticket round as the favorite to win the weight, and continue his dominance as he has done so all season. Other wrestlers here include #13 ranked Kody Wagner from Zionsville, who is set to face #10 ranked sophomore Brooks Davis from Perry Meridian in a juicy ticket round match. #6 ranked Riley White from Hamilton Heights takes on Ryan Surguy from Shenandoah who has been very solid with 40+ wins this year. Another great pair of wrestlers are set to meet in the ticket round with #17 Jesus Mancara of Lawrence Central meeting up with #18 Bailey Moore of Beech Grove battling it out to get their ticket punched. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Ryan Surguy (Shenandoah) 42-2 vs. Riley White (Hamilton Heights) 40-2. Bracket Buster: Jesus Mancera Predictions: Zach Melloh Riley White Brooks Davis Jesus Mancera 145: On paper, 145 seems a bit weak in terms of top tier wrestlers, but that is anything but true. This weight class will be a dogfight the entire day, from first round matches all the way to the finals. There is not a clear favorite in this weight, as #4 Clayton Cowan from Hamilton Heights and undefeated senior #15 ranked Boone Welliver from Southmont, both returning state qualifiers looking to make it back to the bank. Kain Rust ranked #9 from Perry Meridian meets Cowan in the ticket round in a fantastic ticket round matchup, in a battle of 2 seasoned seniors. Physical specimen Antwan Graves ranked #13 from Warren Central is a sophomore that has been wrestling fantastic all season, and hopes to punch his ticket as well. The top quarter bracket at 45 possesses the potential to be extremely unpredictable, as all the wrestlers have the potential to punch their ticket. Regional Champ Mike Humbert from Franklin County has an intriguing first round matchup with 30+ win Southport sophomore Chad Rothwell. Whoever shall win this first round match faces the winner of a senior matchup between North Central’s Darian Padgett and Fishers’ Beau Wilbrandt, who have been very good this year as well. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Mike Humbert (Franklin County) 33-7 vs. Beau Wilbrandt (Fishers) 28-10 Bracket Buster: Darian Padgett Predictions: Clayton Cowan Antwaun Graves Boone Welliever Beau Wilbrant 152: This weight class could not be more thrilling. The top dog at 152 is returning state placer #2 ranked Noah Warren of Perry Meridian, who looks to repeat as semi state champion at 152 once again. At first, Warren seems like the clear favorite, due to the experience at the state level and fantastic physical wrestling style, but not far behind is #7 ranked Jack Eiteljorge from Carmel, who has been consistent and wrestled very well all year, and hopes to punch his ticket after coming up short last year, but #19 ranked Tucker Coffman of Union County might have something to say about this, as him and Eiteljorge meet in the blood round. #11 ranked Andrew Negangard of East Central has only one loss to Eiteljorge and has been fantastic all year, and hopes to punch his ticket to add on to the success of his senior campaign. The bottom quarter bracket is very intriguing as well, with Samuel Gobeyn and David Kitko likely meeting in the ticket round for a battle between 2 seasoned seniors. This will be a close one too, as the last time they wrestled was a 1 point match, with Gobeyn coming out on top. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: David Kitko (Noblesville) 37-8 vs. Sam Gobeyn (Zionsville) 29-10. Bracket Buster:David Kitko Predictions: Noah Warren Andrew Negangard Jack Eiteljorge David Kitko 160: If you're planning to take a brief trip out of the New Castle Coliseum to grab some lunch, think again. The 10th weight class brings with it some of best wrestlers statewide, including Seniors #2 Alston Bane, #3 Laine Frazee, and #4 Christian Warren. Other lesser-known quality grapplers include #9 Dru Berkebile of Frankton, #19 Elijah Mahan of Roncalli, Matthew Wertz of Zionsville, Justin Miller of Westfield, and Josh Gee of Shenandoah. There are nearly no easy matches left within this weight, as the worst record among these wrestlers still contains 24 wins. Frazee versus Warren in a ticket round bout makes for a truly intriguing matchup, assuming that Frazee can squeak past the aforementioned Gee. Wertz vs JT Lazzara of Guerin Catholic also makes for an interesting elimination contest. One of the undefeated wrestlers in this field will go home with a blemish on their record, likely after a potential finals meetup between Bane and Warren. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Christian Warren (Perry Meridian) 39-0 vs. Laine Frazee (Fountain Central) 26-2. Bracket Buster: Justin Miller, Drake Tackett Predictions: Christian Warren Alston Bane Dru Berkebile Matthew Wertz 170: Paragraph: A true battle of the brutes, 170 is home to 3 of the top 4 ranked wrestlers in the state. #2 Tanner Webster, #3 Thomas Penola, and #4 Silas Allred all will compete in what is sure to be a slaughterhouse. Don’t over look #9 Jake Ruberg of Lawrenceburg, or senior sleeper Joe Mazero of HSE. Both these wrestlers have put together excellent seasons with a handful of wins against ranked opponents. The finals match here could be one that we will see at Banker’s Life. This weight is truly open to any of these elite guys, just look for whoever wants it most to be atop the podium this Saturday afternoon. With that being said, Brad Lowe of Greenfield Central looks to have a strong chance to qualify in the lower quarter bracket, but he doesn’t stand a chance against these other top dogs. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Thomas Penola (Zionsville) 36-1 vs. Jake Ruberg (Lawrenceburg) Bracket Buster: Joe Mazero Predictions: Tanner Webster Jake Ruberg Joe Mazero Jake Lowe 182: This weight class may look a bit down this year at first glance, but the competition should be as fierce as ever. The top two guys within this weight, #6 Evan Stambaugh of Lebanon and #9 Alec Jessop of HSE, share a combined 3 losses this season. 2 of these losses come against each other, as Stambaugh defeated Jessop in an electrifying double overtime match. This happened just a week after Jessop had received a win of his own, defeating Stambaugh in the sectional finals to the tune of a 3-2 decision. If this finals match comes to fruition, it's sure to be another barn burner that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t count out the other guys, though, as #10 Cameron Simmons of Lawrence Central, junior Jonah Rolfes of Lawrenceburg, and perennially underrated Josue Hill of Zionsville look to knock off the top two and find themselves a path to the finals. There will be upsets within this weight class, it's just a matter of when and where. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Cameron Simmons (Lawrence Central) 31-6 vs. Josue Hill (Zionsville) 32-9 Bracket Buster: Josue Hill Predictions: Alec Jessop Evan Stambaugh Josue Hill Jonah Rolfes 195: Two familiar foes here headlining 195 with #1 ranked Tristen Tonte from Warren Central, a two time runner up and a 3 time qualifier takes on #2 ranked Ben Stewart of Cathedral, a returning state placer as well as a division one football recruit. These two wrestlers (and football studs) separate themselves from the field tremendously, as they are both nationally ranked and both have serious state title hopes this year. Besides these two cold blooded killers leading the pack, in the uppermost quarter bracket creates interesting matchups to begin the day. 30+ win senior John Owensby of Franklin Central faces off against regional champion #12 ranked Drew Williamson of Zionsville in the first round, both who have had great seasons and have competed with the best as well. And the winner is set to face David Delph of Frankton who is another 30+ win wrestler who has been solid throughout the season. #10 ranked Cole Slavens of North Montgomery, another 30+ win senior gets the same death draw as last season, Ben Stewart, and despite Slavens being a top tier guy, the odds of him knocking off Stewart are slim. Regional Champ Sam Tibbetts of Lawrenceburg hopes to keep his momentum going, but runs into #10 Liam Jagow of Westfield who has battled against the best all year and had some big wins as well. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Ben Stewart (Cathedral) 30-0 vs. Cole Slavens (North Montgomery) 39-2 Bracket Buster: David Delph, John Owensby Predictions: Ben Stewart Tristen Tonte Liam Jagow Drew Williamson 220: The Mason Parris show will be in full effect Saturday as the nationally ranked phenom has his eyes set on nothing less than first place. However, for the rest of the field, a competitive and bruising day is among us. There are intriguing matchups all throughout the rest of the field, including some fantastic blood round matchups that will be the talk of the day. Undefeated Jacob McClaine of Lebanon ranked #7 looks to take on bruiser Rilee Miller of Perry Meridian in the ticket round. Plan for this one to be a close one, as McClaine barely walked away with a win in an ultimate tiebreaker, so consider this a toss up. Also, another riveting matchup is #10 ranked Kyle Cornwell of Elwood vs Joe Myren of Hamilton Southeastern. These two have wrestled twice before, with Cornwell coming out on top both times, but by a slim margin. Both have been wrestling great as of lately, there is no doubt that this match will be another toss up. The very bottom quarter bracket is extremely intriguing, where anyone is capable of making it out and punching their ticket. Regional Champ #19 ranked Landon Burton of New Palestine takes on Cathedral junior Andy Guhl in the first round, who have faced before, with Burton coming out on top by a slim margin. The winner of this faces the winner of Frankfort’s Corbin Mata and Blake Rippinger of Franklin County both who are tough seniors making their case as well for a state berth. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Kyle Cornwell (Elwood) 42-1 vs. Joe Myren (Hamilton Southeastern) 30-11 Bracket Buster: Joe Myren, Rilee Miller Predictions: Mason Parris Joe Myren Jacob McClaine Landan Burton 285: Similarly to how the little guys will kick off the day with a plethora of quality matchups, the day will come to a close with what is sure to be one hell of a dogfight. Ranked wrestler among the big boys include #9 Robert Samuels of Lawrence North, #10 Elijah Bailey of North Central, and #17 Peyton Wuerch of Mount Vernon. Although the depth of this weight appears to be lacking, the opening round matches are sure to be a significant factor in the team race. Expect Samuels and Bailey to meet in the finals just as they did in regionals, and for the match to be just as close as the overtime nail biter just a week ago. A number of underdogs could pull some upsets and stir the pot a little in this one, as Steve Woolbright of Perry Meridian, Jaden Powell of Speedway, Crae Kunkleman of HSE, and Austin Dollens of Westfield all look to extend their seasons. Ticket Round Tummy Turner: Austin Dollens (Westfield) 26-9 vs. Robert Samuels (Lawrence North) 37-5 Bracket Buster: Steve Woolbright Predictions: Robert Samuels Elijah Bailey Jaden Powell Steve Woolbright
  12. Never want to hear about something like this. In our thoughts for sure!
  13. I swear this guy is talking to himself on three different accounts.
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