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  1. loscoz

    Daniel Below

    Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  2. loscoz

    Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee

    Lee could of been multiple time state champ but freshman year he wanted to measure himself to see exactly what he needed to do to improve. That is why we got the Lee vs Micic match and the junior yr also with Red even though he had been hurt and worked the cardio until cleared by doctors. So it it like comparing apples to oranges and would be a great match to witness.
  3. I really hope to see this match happens and to many it will be a redemption/revenge match for many MD fans. Yes I am a MD fan( and have been a Penn State fan for a very long time) but this match to count as rematch for state finals it would of needed to happen last year. This is now just two wrestlers from the same home state facing off on the next level and it’s one more step in Nicks journey to help him capture a National title. Yes I’m sure there is a little pay back on the way IF it happens. I don’t think it will happen though for whatever reason the coaches come up with or insert a reason. Best of luck to both but I am a Lee fan no matter what.
  4. loscoz

    Mater Dei Holiday Classic 12/28-29

    I believe Luke Dezember’s dad Mike and Uncle Bob Dezember wrestled for Mater Dei back in the 80’s. If it is who I think it is.
  5. loscoz

    #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei

    For his part, castle graduate and Reitz coach Scott Ferguson, it was a watershed moment—as an athlete or coach, he had never beaten MD. This part I believe is wrong. I believe he beat Rusty Head when Head was sophomore and Ferguson was a Senior.
  6. loscoz

    Beards- Hyway and ISWA

    It is there a certain person making the determination of what is abrasive and what is acceptable? Or is it a ref determining it on the mat?
  7. loscoz

    Cathedral on FIRE

    Those days of the fans are a thing of the past at Mater Dei in my opinion. The number of wrestlers have been dropping in the wrestling room and also through their feeder league. Only those who love the sport are following it but the kids aren’t the same either it is a different look for them and it’s sad.
  8. loscoz

    Blake Boarman

    Blake will be there ready to wrestle! Good luck to all the wrestlers this weekend. First time in 10 I won’t be able to make it and it sucks!
  9. loscoz

    Mappes vs South?

    Before someone tells me to follow the link post on how to become an official, I would love to but due to injuries sustained in the military that is an impossible task. Now the officials at Evansville were the worst I have seen in a while. The ref with the #3 was one the the most inconsistent and I believe he cost a few kids from advancing to the next round starting from round one. He would call out of bounds when one foot came close and let others wrestle till the were both on the Ice. I wish I could find my phone because I have three matches he refer that the same situation got different calls. Sorry for putting you out there but you need to be more consistent and hopefully I can gain enough mobility to become an official
  10. loscoz

    Freshman/Sophomore State

    What do you think the schools from the south think about the drive to team state in Ft Wayne? It’s a haul for us but that’s the price we pay to participate in this great sport.
  11. loscoz

    Holiday Classic

    As a Mater Dei grad all the above are true and the secret passways, elevators, the heated swimming pool and the Secret healing pool
  12. loscoz

    1996 State Championships

    Now who has the team state videos from the same year?
  13. loscoz

    What if, wrestlers

    Egli is not attending Mater Dei because of code violations.
  14. loscoz

    here is the link to watch black vs rumph

    Watched it again 11-11 should of been out!
  15. loscoz

    Best wrestling duo

    My mistake thought it said coaching dual mind is not right late night last night

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