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  1. Looking back on the 2015-16 season, I must say it was a wild and crazy ride for wrestlers, coaches, and fans alike. There were surprises, upsets, and deep runs from the underdogs. All in all, who would you say impressed you this season with a run to the bank? I have three nominees that stood out to me. 1. Kris Rumph (Portage) - For a kid who's only been wrestling for a few years, placing fourth in a weight class led by nationally ranked studs is pretty impressive. He went toe to toe with Red, and about stopped the building if he finished the blast double. I hope to see more from this guy s
  2. Alfred Warren from Mooresville. He was the younger brother of '06 state champion, Alex Warren. Alfred was 37-0 his senior year and ranked #4 but was upset in the ticket round. He also had one loss his junior year and I believe four his sophomore year.
  3. After reviewing the many arguments, data, statistics, and other states' state tournaments, I believe class wrestling can grow the sport of wrestling in Indiana. I was initially overlooking the entire sport based upon the atmosphere of Bankers Life during the finals anticipating Red and Lee, but then I thought, "It would be awesome if a team like Prairie Heights was in contention for a state championship." The crowd eruptions I was previously pointing towards has nothing to do with us being a single class. I remember watching the 1A team fans going nuts at the IHSWCA Team State watching their t
  4. At next year's IHSAA finals, I want to challenge for the title in between rounds in a TLC match.
  5. LOL Agreed... Both 4-time champions, everything is on the line. Even the vacant BCW World Heavyweight Title.
  6. I posted in an earlier thread about the top Indiana teams of all-time. Of those ten teams listed, I have a couple of dream match-ups I would pay any price to see, and a slew of individual match-ups as well (unrelated to the team match-ups). Team #1 '03 Mater Dei vs. #1 '10 Mishawaka - Two teams with ten state qualifiers a piece. #1 '05 Lawrence North vs. #1 '12 Perry Meridian - Two of the most dominant dual teams the state has ever seen. Individual #1 '14 Stevan Micic (Hanover Central) vs. #1 '16 Chad Red (New Palestine) (126/132) #1 '05 Angel Escobedo (Griffith) vs. #1 '15 Nick Le
  7. I personally agree with this statement here. The atmosphere inside Bankers Life Fieldhouse was incredible. All eyes on one mat watching one match. I understand the classed system would give a somewhat better chance for smaller schools to compete for a state title, but imagine having another or maybe two state championship matches going on during Red vs. Lee or Garcia vs. Murphy. The building wouldn't erupt like it did, and it would look rather awkward. I'm sure champions like Chad Red, Mason Parris, Asa Garcia, and place-winners/qualifiers like Brycen Denny and Dristin McCubbins feel great kno
  8. It looks like my theme today is "the best." The recent IHSAA State Finals sparked many questions in my head, and while Chad Red and Nick Lee tore the house down Saturday night, it makes me wonder what everyone has in their mind as the best high school match they have ever seen. This weekend garnered two match of the year candidates, Chad Red v. Nick Lee, and Drew Hildebrandt v. Blake Glogouski. In terms of some of the best matches I've ever seen though (Didn't witness Vega/Schaefer unfortunately), I'll give a quick rundown of my top five. 5. Reece Humphrey (Lawrence North) vs. Andrew H
  9. I'd add Kirk Johnson from Perry Meridian too. 4th 2X, and a 3rd his senior year if I'm correct.
  10. 106 - Colton Cummings over Asa Garcia - Dec 6-3 ... Cummings is great no doubt about it, but Garcia will compete, and I don't believe he'd give up a major. 113 - Garrett Pepple over Colton Cummings - Dec 5-4 ... Both solid mat wrestlers here, but Pepple has the advantage due to experience. 120 - Brock Hudkins over Drew Hildebrandt - Dec 3-1 126 - Chad Red over Brock Hudkins - Dec 4-0 132 - Nick Lee vs. Chad Red ... http://s400.trackwrestling.com/tw//predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&sport=wrestling&TIM=1456261260053&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=657 1
  11. A stellar career, no doubt about it. Is there any way I can watch the 2011 or 2012 finals? I'd really like to see the 2011 finals match and replay the 2012 match.
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