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  1. I 'd say there's a good chance Dake and Taylor both could end up skipping Final X and requesting a later date. I think they have up until 2 weeks before acclimation camp to get it in. USAW can deny the request, but of course they'll do anything to get two WC's on the team. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  2. He did. Still, won't be close.
  3. Yianni: Kid's on fire and I don't see Zain bringing anything new to the table. Dake: Ringer winning wouldn't surprise me in the least. Dude has looked good. Taylor: Really dislike DT and would love to see Downey win, but, not happening. Cox: Bo has impressed but I really don't see this being all that close. Gable: I think he's our future at the weight. Why not go ahead and take it? Gilman: Will wreck Fix in two. My man!! Graff: Finally breaks through and makes his first team. Green: Won't be close. JB: see Green v. Deakin. Snyder: Gadson will hang, always does. Snyder's just too much.
  4. Excellent showing from Yianni. 65kg has been an problem weight for us internationally for some time. Going forward, I like Yianni's chances to change that. That said, the most impressive US Open result was Deakin taking out two time world medalist Green.
  5. B. Alan

    Chad Red

    Yes, and the year before that. I took @Powerline as claiming 25s that move up don't do much for the depth of 33. Micic began as a 25, moved up and made 33 deeper a couple years back. Just like Suriano and Lizak did this year.
  6. B. Alan

    Chad Red

    you do realize Micic was also a 125 that moved up to 133, right?
  7. B. Alan

    Anyone Have Thoughts on J Robinson?

    It's an all around bummer, but I disagree with your take on how the situation was/should've been handled. From what I understand J was simply looking out for his kids, which, IMO, is the right way to do things. This situation is absolutely nothing like Paterno/Penn St scandal. I'm curious, how would you have liked to see it handled?
  8. Maroulis is one of my favorite wrestlers in the world to watch. Period. She's just slick as can be. Well deserved!!
  9. B. Alan

    NCAA coaches Poll

    Tsirtsis just got beat by Sorenson.

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