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  1. I think what is missing is that simple word consistency. I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing officials cause I’m not. I in no way want to diminish what Me Deters did. He deserved to win the state championship. My complaint is when the referee awarded 2 then it was over turned (which I would have protested as well) the ref just went on other refs call. Why wasn’t the time keeper at the table asked.....same in Fieldon and Wagners other 170 semi final match. I’ve had many 5 or 6) say it was 2 but time was up. I asked another ref there and he didn’t think it was 2. My question is the ref in ch
  2. I hate complaining about officials because I feel over all they are great at what they do and I have officiated many years myself. My sons match at 170....other 170 semi final amongst some others I know had some controversy. It’s funny that ive had a few referees apologize about the match saying it was a takedown but time was out. Other refs said it wasn’t a takedown but the time was still not out. They award 2 then after the challenge (which I would have done myself) they change the call. The problem I had is not either ref checked at the table with time keeper how much time their was. I watc
  3. I’m sorry I didn’t get it. Can you try again or call me. 574-315-7474. Jimcam4@icloud.com. Thanknyou
  4. Looking for one or 2 suites if you have any. Thanks
  5. Joe that’s my question. Your right I don’t have a clue on this topic. All I know is people don’t know and wants to know. I hear all the time about we’re losing good refs and struggling getting refs. What is the system? How can it change? What needs changed? What’s in the works? Etc
  6. Politics are obviously playing a huge part. Our “older” and let’s be honest many of our better refs arent going to hang around after 10 plus years if they have to wait another say 5 years to work a state tournament. I’m jut tired of hearing people crying and complaining when our system can...should.....and needs fixed.
  7. Can someone please explain the process of what and when referees work at semi state and state. This rotating and sitting out to me makes no sense. I think of someone like Mike Faulkner in Northern Indiana who is hands down one of the best and I think most agree yet if I see it right can’t go back for a few years. Why not allow the coaches voices in different sections of the state have a little more say and input of the refs they see often and have the ability in voting in the officials above the rotating schedule? You can even have and I’ve seen them....new first second or third year officials
  8. Hall of fame coach Bob Read was honored as he coached his final home dual after 40 plus years at Plymouth high school. It was a special night watching past wrestlers come from literally all over the country to honor him. Coach hates any attention on himself but this was well deserving. I’ve known this man over 40 years and I can honestly say I’ve never met a man with more class, ethics and integrity in my life. The video tribute showed countless former wrestlers share how they have become the husbands, fathers and men they are because of the time and care coach poured into their lives. He’s ha
  9. I agree wholeheartedly. We truly are blessed in Indiana to have this as a way not only to share personal “feelings” etc but it definately is helping build wrestling in Indiana. Joe and Mike and the “others” thank you very much. Your efforts and what you do are noticed.
  10. When you look at the number of wrestlers from those states competing compared to Indiana that says a lot. They put a lot of stock in Fargo and super 32
  11. Wanted to see if anyone can help clarify what is the criteria that dictates what schools go to what semi state. For example some schools that go to Fort Wayne are closer to East Chicago and vice versa. Is it based strictly on numbers? Thanks
  12. Great wrestling, a lot of out of state talent, great officiating. Kudos to Joe for running another great tournament. Will be hard pressed to find a better ran national caliber tournament like Joe runs. I’m just sad it was our last one
  13. Some of these comments are comical! I know both wrestlers well. Carson and Jake are both great wrestlers, great kids and the sky is the limit for both. Instead of being on the sidelines or on here talking about how one is so much better...let’s just say they are both great and enjoy a great match! Looking forward to seeing two of Indiana’s best go at it. Only sad point is it’s on a Friday night
  14. Once you’ve wrestled or coached or personally been to state finals you would be disappointed anywhere else. Nothing like Indiana wrestling at state tournament in the country. Hope we never Do what basketball did. Indiana wrestling is turning into a national power!
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