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  2. 11/30/2022 06:00 PM
  3. FWSS #8 @120 Meyer from Dekalb over #7 at 126 Cole Stuffel from Yorktown I believe 9-4.
  4. It seems I added the result for the yorktown dekalb dual at homestead thanksgiving duals twice and it won’t let me link it to the event
  5. I’ve never had someone make me feel so uncomfortable in every position like bethel could. I definitely see the comparison
  6. Great job as always. Appreciate all the work that goes into this!
  7. Junior 120 has a quarter bracket that all 4 kids made it to state this year lol. That means someone who made it to state won’t place at iswa state
  8. Used Hudl for wrestling in high school and used matboss in college. Matboss was way more wrestling friendly. Hudl will get the job done though if you're just looking to get video and stored. Benefit of matboss is it can be used at all levels of your program as you can upload as much video as you want and input as many wrestlers as you want according to the website. I'm not sure on the capabilities of this with hudl as it seemed in high school as if storage might have been an issue.
  9. We had 11 wrestlers 3 managers and 4 coaches. I had to pay out of pocket for all our coaches or our managers couldn’t get in…$8 a ticket $32 total. This is for our 3 coaches and coach/bus driver.
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