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  1. Kyle Bratke on FRL this morning relayed a conversation he had with Gary Traub about where he might transfer. Five finalists in alphabetical order: Indiana Iowa State Oregon State Pitt Purdue To make a decision this week.
  2. Agreed. The commentator also analyzed that position well. He pointed out that Garrett would need to get his arm out of the way while still maintaining control. As long as that arm was wrapped around the shoulder a pin was not even possible. As for why some people were insisting, its because there are always some people like that.
  3. vs. Garrett on mat 3 at about the 15:54 minute mark. vs. Retherford on mat 2 at about the 1:30:32 minute mark. vs. Diakomihalis on mat 4 at about the 2:46:12 minute mark. Not that I watched all that closely.
  4. Peacock still has the full mat replays up. The commentators were excellent. In the Garrett match he observes that Lee puts so much pressure on his opponent that they wind up shooting more often than they want to. After the Diakomihalis match the commentator was the first to comment that if they gave an OW for third it would be Nick Lee.
  5. There is zero chance USAW allows any kind of wrestle off. First, there is no way Snyder would agree to a wrestle off without it first going to court. Second, they would never be able to enforce the weigh in rules again without having to constantly litigate it. They will absolutely not allow this precedence because the ongoing consequences would be impossible to manage and they would need a lot of money to pay for a lot of lawyers. They simply do not have Cornell's resources.
  6. 3-0 today. Nick Lee beats 3 straight NCAA Champs (6 combined wins) in under 3 hours by a combined score of 38-14. Nick Lee had himself a day.
  7. Parris, Lee and Boyd are in the consolation bracket. That will be shown on Peacock starting at 1 ET today.
  8. Nick Lee with a 14-2 win over Mitch McKee. He had three 4 point throws and almost a pin. Pretty comprehensive.
  9. Track has bouts 2, 6, and 10 on mat 2, so I am guessing Nick will be the fourth bouy on mat 2.
  10. They went off on this on FRL yesterday, as well.
  11. He did not. In his post match interview he said he had no ACLs.
  12. 13 NQ for IN. Puts them tied for 8th most.
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