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  1. More on tiers: Tier 1: This is the highest exposure tier and consists of individuals for whom physical distancing and face coverings are not possible or effective during athletic training or competition. Examples of relevant individuals include student-athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapists, medical staff, equipment staff and officials. Tier 2: This is a moderate exposure tier and consists of individuals who come into close contact with Tier 1 individuals but can reasonably maintain physical distance and use face coverings. Examples of relevant ind
  2. For them too, I imagine. I remember hearing a podcast a while back where Nick Lee talked about how much he wanted that to happen because it is, in his opinion, the best room in the country.
  3. I have not seen anything from the NCAA to that effect. Are you sure?
  4. we appear to have our answer: https://gopsusports.com/sports/wrestling/roster Nick Lee at 141.
  5. Be prepared to see a lot of strange lineups this season as there will definitely be wrestlers who test positive and others who have to sit for shorter stints due to contact tracing. Of course, we can only guess because it is unlikely we will ever hear about medical info.
  6. With Rivera bumping up to 141 this year, Eierman back, and Diakomihalis out, you could make a case that 149 is easier than 141. I think most rankings have Sammy Sasso #1 at 149.
  7. And then there is the Willie Saylor view of the world. On his podcast he guessed at Bartlett 141 and Lee at 149. His logic was that maximizes PSU's point potential at NCAA's. He reasoned that Bartlett was a round of 12 guy who scores in the 4-5 point range and Lee is a top 4 guy at 149 or a top 3 guy at 141, so 16-20 point range at either weight. Effectively it comes down to whether Bartlett can score more at 141 than Verkleeren can score at 149. As you say, fluid.
  8. https://news.theopenmat.com/college-rankings/ncaa-di-college-wrestling-individual-rankings-january-5th-2021/79752 The Open Mat has Lee #2 and Red #8 at 141
  9. https://twitter.com/ByCSauertieg/status/1347181518641356802?s=20 I have no idea who Clay Sauertieg is, but lets assume, for the sake of argument, that he has some insight here and knows what he is talking about. If Bartlett is going 149, that would seem to imply that Lee is going 141 rather than redshirting.
  10. For what its worth, Wrestlestat has Lee #2 and Red #4 at 141.
  11. It seems likely that even if Red loses he is still a starter, just at 149 instead of 141 and with Rumors that Lee may go 149 Indiana may still get their dream NCAA final.
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