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  1. Disclaimer: Not sure if this is the time or place for this, so let me know if you don't want this kind of "not Indiana, but Indiana adjacent" content. I brought up the other day that Eierman could possibly take Murin's spot at 141 for Iowa. Flo posted the following pro / con article today. I know not everyone has access (though I don't think this is behind the firewall, let me know if I am wrong), but here is the link: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6650331-should-iowa-pull-jaydin-eiermans-redshirt
  2. Unless it is Eierman on 1/31. He tweeted a teasing message that could, maybe, possibly imply he will pull his red shirt. Hard to know what he meant by it, but since Lee ruined his chance to qualify for the Olympic trials at Sr. Nationals he only has two remaining avenues to qualify; win the Last Chance qualifier, or win the NCAA title. Top 2 at Last Chance qualify and no one who has already qualified is allowed to enter (unlike at Sr. Nationals), so you would think he stands a strong chance there, but if you are a gambling man you have to think in terms of odds. It has to help his odds to try both avenues to qualify. That it also aligns with Iowas "all in this year" philosophy also increases the probability it happens. We don't know how Murin is doing against him in the room, though. If Murin is winning in the room I could not see the Brands agreeing to pull the shirt.
  3. And with Brunner taking it on the chin last night my over / under for Purdue against Iowa is now 3.5
  4. Well at least part of my scenario is wrong. Busiello is wrestling at 157 this weekend in an open tournament. Lee wins 13-5 last night over Dylan Duncan from Illinois. Duncan was ranked 14 on Flo and 22 on Wrestlestat.
  5. If I put the Purdue over / under at 4.5 which way do you bet? Put another way, what do you think Lydy and Brunner do?
  6. Agreed. Yianni represents a challenge to accept rather than duck (see Micic, see Red).I think the bigger factor in whether Lee red shirts or not is how it helps or hurts the team. It would not be an individual decision. That said, with Busiello now going to PSU you can envision a situation where Lee red shirts next year and RBY or Busiello go 141 next year and Lee comes back the following year at 149. Way too many factors over too much time to make an actual prediction, just saying it is a possible scenario.
  7. And about Red: Despite wrestling in the same conference for an entire season, Chad Red and Tristan Moran have never met collegiately. Both are incredible scramblers who are not afraid to mix, so this one has the potential to be a lot of fun.
  8. From the Flo preview where they pick their top 10 matches of the weekend You could make an argument that Dylan Lydy has been the hottest wrestler in the country this season. Coming off a bloodround finish at last year's NCAA Championships, Lydy has won all 20 of his matches this season and has picked up CKLV and Midlands titles along the way. Lydy began the year ranked #12 and has since beat Anthony Valencia, Kimball Bastian, Ben Harvey, Mikey Labriola, and Bryce Steiert twice. Can Lydy add to his hit list?
  9. Joe Lee wrestles tomorrow morning unattached at the Southern Scuffle. He is unseeded. The top seed goes to Shane Griffith of Stanford. Griffith is 36-2 between his red shirt year last year and his freshmen year so far this year. One of his losses was a tight match at last year's Scuffle to Vincenzo Joseph. That said Lee and Griffith have wrestled once before with Lee prevailing. Of course it was 4 years ago and freestyle, so a lot of mitigating factors. They are on the same side of the bracket so could meet in semis.
  10. Lydy Harvey rematch in the first period of semis. Nomad "familiarity breeds contempt they say" after a first period without a single leg attack which ends 0-0. Lydy starts period 2 on top with just 5 seconds of riding time (and that was generous from the timer). Big scramble leads to nothing. After contact lens stoppage time (is that a thing?) Lydy tries a double but OB. And it ends 1-0 Harvey. Lydy up and out in 5 seconds. Deja vu. There was a shot, re-shot in the period that came to nothing, but otherwise just cagey. SV-1 Lydy goes right leg single 21 seconds in for the 3-1 win.
  11. From Minnesota Wrestling website: At 149-pounds Brayton Lee was disqualified in the first period after an "illegal move" while finishing a single leg takedown. The referee whistled things dead after Lee turned the leg and, after injury time, Lehigh was awarded the full six team points.
  12. Brock Hudkins had a massive third period in the semis against Pat Glory (6th as a true freshman last year). It was tied at 5 with Hudkins on top. He got hit for an illegal move (announcer speculated it was a full nelson) before riding Glory out to reverse a 1 minute plus riding time disadvantage and re-tie the match. Sadly he gets injured during sudden victory. It looked like a knee but hard to know for sure. He had to be carried from the mat after having to concede. A real shame for him and hopefully he is able to recover quickly as this looked to be his year.
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