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  1. So what did the ihsaa say about fans attendance in the tourney and state finals? and what was the deal about the wrestlers all not going to be there at the same time?
  2. ShawSki


    Gabe Sollars
  3. Garcia vs Kaiser pretty good match 7-6 Garcia
  4. Just watched Evan Dickey go down to Billerman.. think it was 8-3..
  5. Thinks Sollars could beat Warren?.. i haven't had the chance to watch much of Warren but Sollars is looking impressive so far.
  6. Anyone know what the rules on the attendance will be?
  7. Anybody know the score of the Jalen Ward , Johnny Parker match?
  8. What is another good size stadium that we would be able to use? Hinkle Field House? Hulman Center? Assembly Hall?
  9. Just that if Slivka shows up like he did at State Last year, he took it up several notches.
  10. I’d say Dickens over Slivka.. it’s a toss up depending on which Slivka shows up..
  11. Thought it should’ve been a two by Macartney
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