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  1. Yes, that’s the match I was thinking of. Happened right in front of me. I believe Dewig was undefeated. Lost a lot of respect for a good program that day.
  2. I seem to remember one down at Robert’s. The kid couldn’t continue the match but managed to wrestle the rest of the day for a 3rd place semi state finish. That would be a tough way to go out.
  3. Considering the above replies, plus the statistical data, who do you want? Who knows your strengths and your opponents weaknesses. Who can see how the match is developing? Who can give the best advice as things unfold?Maybe most important, whose voice cuts through the commotion and drowns out the other corner?
  4. Just calling it a match ... you’re pretty much asking for a fire
  5. Didn’t Craig put Tsirtsis on his back in the semis? That’s one I’d like to see again. Just sayin’
  6. You can watch about half this match on their Facebook page.
  7. I’d say this sums it up. So you get back what you put in. On the bright side, I doubt they have many top sixteen eliminated in the ticket round.
  8. Lol, just getting to the point. He might even be back this year.
  9. 125 Nato 2 133 Gross 9 141 Yianni 6 149 Zain 10 157 Nolf 5 165 Imar 8 174 Zahid 3 184 Nickal 7 197 Darmstadt 1 285 Snyder 4 PSU 140
  10. 125 Lee 2 133 Micic 7 141 Lee 5 149 Retherford 10 157 Nolf 1 165 I Mar 6 174 Hall 8 184 Martin 3 197 Rasheed 4 HWT Snyder 9 Penn St 136
  11. Wow, if they call that a pin every time I’d say there will be more than enough time for wrestle backs.
  12. Let's not forget if Luigs is in the other bracket, Bailey probably has to face #1 in the state. How does that shake out? As for the clock, right or wrong what is relevant is what the wrestlers see and how much time they think they have. If that becomes TW time then so be it. I'd say the takedown was there. Let them decide it in overtime
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