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  1. And I did mention that originally that it could just be the way Colorado runs it. which I didn't particularly like. If they are ran concurrently how would you be able to see all divisions? or at least focus on each class at the same weight class (for instance 126 at class 1A, 2A, and 3A)? My issue is the disconnect between each class that I experienced from CO. I feel it is inevitable there will be a disconnect over a span of 10 years. But I could be way wrong, just my opinion. I feel classed team tourney, non-classed individual tourney, add wrestle backs, make it 2-3 weekends instead of 4 (Re
  2. I agree, but the DIII ncaa championships arent held on the same date or in the same event center going on at the exact same time as the DII, DI, or NAIA finals. It doesn't make you choose between the 4. If you so will, you can go to every one of them or follow all of them at least. I get that they don't get as much following in general, but I don't see it as relevant in the High School setting when the tourney is all at the same time. But bigger schools do have the advantages as you mentioned, so I see what you are saying. even though they may not get recognized, we still want them to have mor
  3. Do we want that though for wrestling in IN or at the High School level in general to broaden it up? Again the team aspect, I'm all for. But in individual, that's a different story for me. I would have wanted to watch and see Silas Allred's senior campaign, but with his school being smaller I wouldn't have been able to follow it or probably even know his name if this was implemented 20 years ago. Like the 2a/3a/4a schools I mentioned. (I'm sure I would have, dude is a monster. but just for instance) ps - this site so beneficial for the sport of wrestling. CO has no forum (if they d
  4. I have always only attended the IHSAA State Tourney, whether it was to watch as a youngster or wrestle in it. This didn't really give me much perspective on the class system and all the ins and outs of how it is ran at the state tournament level in other states. I recently moved to Colorado about a year and a half ago and began coaching at a 5A school in the Denver Metro Area, where I not only had the chance to experience it first hand, but also had the chance to speak to others on their thoughts on how Indiana runs it. I definitely got a lot of 'wow! no wrestle backs'...'if you lose first/sec
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