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  1. Here's the current list of IN guys registered for Flonationals this year Cadet Freestyle/Greco (Greco denominated by the *** next to the wrestlers name 41-45kg Anthony Bahl 51kg Logan Frazier 55kg Brodie Fogarty Zeke Seltzer 60kg Hayden Watson Jesse Mendez *** 65kg Anthony Poindexter Jr. Cody Goodwin *** J Conaway 71kg Jeff Dunasky Jr. *** 80kg Christian Carrol *** Jacob LaPlace 92kg Silas Allred *** 110kg Braydon Erb *** Junior Freestyle 61kg Jacob Hall 70kg Matt Lee 74kg Hayden Lohrey Joe Parrish 79kg Joseph Walker
  2. Interested in taking one more under your wing? I’ll be having a wrestler compete that weekend aswell and could use some knowledgeable folks in his corner!
  3. But what you haven't realized is that you're also using this website as well
  4. 125 Suriano 5 133 Gross 2 141 Meredith 3 149 Retherford 10 157 Nolf 9 165 IMar 6 174 Zahid 1 184 Nickal 8 197 Moore 4 285 Snyder 7 Team: Penn State 137
  5. Lots of studs already registered http://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/TournamentList.jsp?TIM=1520515761160&twSessionId=oawkhrrnnzvxopk&tournamentGroupId=287301009&tournamentBox=O_275568009
  6. Using this year's forfeits per team, per Semi-State, we can see that proportionally, FW-SS has the 2nd least amount of Forfeits, thus another point in favor of why FW SS is the strongest Semi-State out there!
  7. 106- Teusch, Shearer, Prater, Vega. Most likely going to see Teusch and Shearer in the finals, will be interesting to see how Teusch bounces back from his sickness from last week's conferences. Odds are that Vega and Prater will see eachother in the finals 113- Shearer, Goheen, Just, Kuhl. The older of the Shearer brother's is definitely the top dog here, and the other guys will be scrambling to get placements. Just can have a rematch with Goheen in the Semi's, while Kuhl can be tested by Shearer in the other Semi's. 120- Standridge, Wertman, Burns, Cornewell. Standridge the favorite to win this one, and has been dominant at this weight class this entire season. If Burns was on the other side of the bracket, we’d most likely see them both in the finals, but let’s see if Wertman can take down the top dog. Semi’s between Burn and Standridge will be a good one to watch 126- Hall, Saylor, Getty, Heath. Hall is dominant on top, is hard to ride, and fast on his feet. He’s the one to beat, and Saylor is going to see if he can find a chink in Hal’s armor. Don’t count out Heath though, he’s a tough nosed kid that can do a lot on a good day. Expect to see him battle Getty for 3rd. 132- Haught, Schrock, Weilbaker, Busz. Haught will take the crown this weekend at 132, beating Schrock in dominant fashion 2 weeks ago. Maybe Schrock can pull a magic trick and show Haught that he isn’t to be messed with. But, to get to the finals, Schrock will have to battle Weilbaker in the Semi’s. 138- Burns, Stonestreet, Scott, Maggard. Burns the favorite to win this one by far. It will be a battle for the rest to scramble for placements. 145- Leazier, Garrett, McKinley, Davis. Leazier has shown a dominant performance this season, and expect to see it again this weekend. Expect the same as 138 for the other guys to scramble for placements swell. 152- Arney, Fielden, Leeper, Grover. One of the loaded weights at this tournament. You have Arney, a returning state qualifier, then you have Fielden who is a Fargo AA, and Leeper who can surprise anyone and put them on their back. Semi’s between Fielden and Leeper and the winner vs Arney will be some of the best matches to watch this entire Sectionals. 160- Reed, Hicks, Baker, Bessesen. Reed has been walking through his competition this entire season, but expect to see a nail biter between Reed and the winner of the semi’s between a tough Baker and even tougher Hicks. 170- Minnick, Byman, Hills, Bergman. Like boomer said earlier, Minnick is prime and ready to tear up the mat. Byman vs Hills will have a nice Semi’s match to see who can take on the monster 182- Rucinski, Bevis, Willson, Holly. Decent bracket overall, with a tough quarterfinals match between Willson and Holly. And the winner of that slugfest gets to vs 1st seed Joey Rucinski, who should have this one locked up, but you can’t count out a solid-looking Bevis. 195- Agnew, Davis, Smith, Debolt. 2 studs, on opposite ends of the bracket as the 1st and 2nd seeds. Going to be a, and I quote, “slobberknocker!” In the finals between Angew and Davis. Expect to see Smith and Debolt, two wrestler’s that shouldn’t be counted out, meeting in the conso finals. 220- Smith, Wicker, Graft, Muncie. Another solid weight class, with 5 solid kids. Good matches to watch are the quarterfinals between Miller and Muncie, and both of the Semi’s on either side of the bracket. And to follow that, you’re going to have a solid finals match. My money is going to go with Smith though. 285- Leeper, Hathaway, Rennaker, Mueller. Leeper is the obvious favorite to win this one. It will be interesting to see how the rest do to try and gain placement’s.
  8. My apologies, I had it all done and typed out but forgot to reply! Expect to have a good read in the following post
  9. We should expand this to final four and then 1 extra kid/not so dark darkhorse that can sneak his way into the final four by getting a good draw, having a good day, etc..
  10. I have a Carroll Sectional Preview in the works right now, expect to see it later today on this post
  11. Haha nope, but I'll let you know that it's in the Fort Wayne Semi-State
  12. Then there are sectionals where only the first seed has a winning record and everyone else in the sectional at that weight doesn't. Not naming any sectional or weight, but this is from one of the sectionals this year. They're in order of seed. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me 1.) 27-5 2.) 8-14 3.) 10-17 4.) 10-18 5.) 4-20 6.) 9-14 7.) Forfeit 8.) Forfeit 10.) Forfeit
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