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    JoshMed reacted to ENoblewrestling in National Preps   
    I would admit that there are some things that are difficult with having the IHSAA as our sports sanctioning body, but I think it would be a horrible detriment to the sport if we did not have them.
    Without the IHSAA the sport at the high school level would resemble the sport at the youth level. So teams would become all-star travel teams with-in a few years.  Not to mention that schools would not put the same funding and care into their programs... Why would a school keep and maintain a wrestling room for a club team that isn't IHSAA sanctioned?
    I also think that overall numbers would take a huge hit.  Think of how many kids come out for wrestling to just be a part of the team you would lose all of those kids.  Busing, uniforms,  gym schedules all would play a role as well.
    Finally no IHSAA no state tourney like we have now.  There would be no semi-states in great facilities, no state finals at Banker's Life.  
    This isn't to say that the say that wrestling would die if we went this route, it would just look much different and be much worse imo.
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    JoshMed reacted to Thor in Hoosiers in College 2019-2020 Results   
    Purdue up 20-3 at 125. Graham Rooks with another upset at 149 over an injured/gassed Griffin Parriott. Everything else Purdue after that match
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    JoshMed got a reaction from JoeCoffey in Hoosiers in College 2019-2020 Results   
    Any updates?
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    JoshMed reacted to Welchtwin2 in History of #1 vs #1   
    Back in 2011, Doug Welch (152) would beat up on Chad Welch (160) everyday in practice.
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    JoshMed reacted to decbell1 in Things we often overlook   
    Friday night at Maconaquah was filled with some great action and a lot of young ladies putting themselves on the line, but I wanted to share with all of you a photo I took that really hit me. 
    Heritage High School hasn't (according to IndianaMat results) won a dual meet in the last four years and they are 0-47 in that time. But every time I see coaches Lockett and Martin, I am impressed at the way they run their program. They are full of energy and passion for their kids. I have seen it at home dual meets, at the ACAC duals and I saw it on Friday night. 
    Heritage had one girl wrestling. One girl. Yet the entire team (almost, I think) and both coaches were in attendance and coaching their hearts out and laughing with their kids. This made a huge impression on me and I will be rooting for the Patriots the rest of the year. 
    The whole team spent six hours in a gym to watch Amber Hoy wrestle four matches. 
    Kudos to the Heritage team and to both coaches for the role they are playing in their program and congrats to Amber Hoy on her placement Friday night. 

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    JoshMed got a reaction from Paycheck141 in History question   
    I’m pretty sure the New Haven Invitational is the longest running individual tournament in the state and has been named the Bill Kerbel Invitational. I believe it was named after Bill in the last 10 years. 
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    JoshMed reacted to davecloud in Wrestling Little League outline   
    Triple B--
    I don't know you so I can't impugn your character like you did mine. I used a real word, with a real and definite meaning. I do not engage in our current looking-to-be-offended-cancel-culture.
    Our LIfe Skills students at PH are part of our program as managers. I would never use a word designed to demean a person with a disability. The word is a VERB. The horrible term you refer to is a slang term that I never use and have admonished my wrestlers and football players for using. If you wish to speak to me directly as opposed to attacking me in a public forum, my phone is 765-610-8150.
    Dave Cloud
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    JoshMed reacted to Mattyb in What do we do about it?   
    Here is what I also see from successful programs (in all sports) is the coaching from the bottom up approach. All programs are going to a few studs. The better programs have 10 or so studs. Guess what???... those are the easiest kids to coach. I see coaches coaching from the top down. Meaning... they spend the majority of time with their suds. Those kids are self motivated, and many times know more than their high school coaches. The successful coaches spend more time with their marginal kids and make them good. This not only builds depth, but makes those kids feel more important to the team. This results in retention, and the strengthening of the program. Show more love to the lesser kids. Let them know that they are a HUGE part of the program, and they are needed. That's another great way to keep kids around. 
    Here is something that the vast majority can relate to:
    As a youth football coach, I was lucky to have my teams in the "super bowl" every season. All teams have a fairly even draft. All teams have two or three studs. The daddy ball coaches spend the whole practice focusing on their own kids and letting junior and his best buddy run the ball in every practice and every game. The other kids "get" to stand on the line and block. That leads to kids hating youth football and angry parents. Where as the successful youth coaches convince the kids that line play is the most important part of the game (which it is). They also find something that each kid does well, and makes them feel that each kid is the very best at doing that particular thing. The daddy ball coaches just "hide" the weaker kids and focus on junior and the other studs. If a kid is not a striper, give them the rock once a game! Put your studs on the line for a play or two. Let them put their hand in the dirt and help get the "lesser" players a few yards. That approach leads to happy well rounded players and happy parents. Every kid will want to play the following year. The kids will play hard for each other and the wins will come.
    I truly think that many of us can do a better job of developing our "lesser" wrestlers, and letting them know and feel how important that they are to the team. Let dem studs "put their hands in the dirt". Let them take a little time to build up the 2nd or 3rd tier guys.  By doing a better job of this (coaching from the bottom up) we will grow depth and keep kids out.
    Oh.. by the way... Once the individual tourney starts.... go ahead and play daddy ball, with your best 14!!!! 
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    JoshMed reacted to IMrule in Fargo   
    Any ideas which juniors from Indiana are left?
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    JoshMed reacted to JC3390 in Missing EVSS Wrestlers!!   
    Brooks Wathen will in fact not be able to compete this year due to his recovery from ACL patellar graft reconstruction.  Early in the football season Brooks sustained a grade 3 tear of his right ACL, and at that time with guidance from his orthopedic surgeon, he made the decision to attempt to continue to play football in a brace with hopes of also wrestling in the brace.  Brooks was able to complete the football season while missing only a couple of games and as the wrestling season began, Brooks was optimistic as he was learning how to manage wrestling in the large apparatus.  As the second and third weeks of practice came and went, I was becoming less and less hopeful.  I watched Brooks return home each night in excruciating pain and knowing that things would only get worse as matches began, I began to lose any hopes that I possessed of Brooks competing at all this year, let alone making a return to Bankers Life.  In Brooks’ last few practices, while compensating for lack of use of his right knee, he began to strain his left LCL.  At this point, with the realization that Brooks would ultimately not be able finish his senior year and most likely end up needing both knees reconstructed, I encouraged him to surrender. 
    If you have spent any time at all around Brooks, you know that there is no quit in him and you understand how difficult not being able to finish is for him.  His ride started at age four at pee wee 40 and concludes 14 years and 125 lbs later somewhat short of his goal.   Time sure does fly!
    Brooks' Dad
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    JoshMed reacted to Perseverance in Cooper Noehre   
    Coop is a CIA kid.  So through the summer he frequently was rotating in with Silas, Winner.....and at times Dylan Lydy!  So he had 2 choices......Get beat up, or get better”. And fact is, the kid got better. Trememdous competitive heart.  
    He’s a great kid away from the mat as well.  Very genuine.  The Allred’s are big fans of Coop....and these early results have came as no surprise to us.  Don’t be shocked if he continues closing some small gaps and finds himself under the lights in Feb.
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    JoshMed reacted to ZachsDad in Zach Melloh Family   
    Dear 138 pound weight class at state finals,
    Congrats to all of you, lots of fierce competitors, and you should all be proud! Wrestling is the ultimate teacher of life lessons, so learn what you can from your experience!
    Kris Rumph
    You are a great wrestler and competitor and your interview showed some great character.  You have overcome a lot in life and I hope you understand that your wrestling achievements can transfer to anything you chose to pursue in life.  The Melloh family will look forward to seeing good things for you in the future, and will say a special prayer for Kris Rumph today at church.  Looking forward to rooting for you, not against you!  
    Blake Mulkey
    You are an awesome wrestler. Blake, you have a great wrestling future,  and we wish you the best.  Sometimes things don’t go your way, it will make you stronger if you let it.
    Dawson Combest
    We wish you the best at Uindy.  It truly seems like yesterday that you and Zach were battling it out for ISWA state finals.  I miss those days already.  Uindy is getting a good one and we know you will do great in wrestling and school.  Count your blessings son, you have an awesome support group with Columbus East wrestling family!  That’s a good group!  I will always hold Coach Trapp in high regard..... I saw how much he did for you guys with the youth program. What a great guy and mentor!
    Lastly, to my son, Zach Melloh
    With tears of pride, I want to tell you that I love you and I am so proud of you.  My sadness only comes from knowing this chapter is over.  I didn’t appreciate the ride like I should have while I was living it.......through wrestling, you have helped us grow as a family and expand our faith.  So few people know what you have been through to get to where you were yesterday. But God does and your family does, and we are proud to call you our son and your siblings are proud of their brother.  Part of trying to live a Christ centered life means that sometimes the target on your back gets bigger.  It’s ok, keep fighting the good fight.  Keep grinding and doing the right things in life.  With a heart full of pride for the young man you have become, looking forward to the next chapter. 
    Your biggest fan club,
    Dad, Mom, Corinne, Alex, and Cecelia
    (Nick Melloh)
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    JoshMed reacted to bigballerb in Wow - Fattore pinned himself!   
    Awesome moment to see Fattore warm up rader before his finals
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    JoshMed reacted to Rookies03 in Sprinting to get seats   
    I agree... State is so much fun when a whole section is cheering together.  I wonder if IHSAA or Bankers Life could designate 1 or 2 sections in the lower level as "No Seat Saving" sections.  Maybe the corner sections that can see all the mats but aren't the best seats.  Most big groups would obviously avoid these sections since they can't save and give family, friends or small schools a chance to get a good seat.  Of course it would be first come first serve but could open up seats without that much extra work.  
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    JoshMed reacted to fearless fly in New Castle semistate preview   
    nice job as always Dingo ! 
    ...and please please please no one else quote him 
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    JoshMed reacted to Y2CJ41 in 2018 Sectional Forfeit Data   
    What other sports basically devote a varsity roster spot to freshmen like we do with the lowest weights? There were only 11 seniors in the WHOLE state of Indiana at 106lbs this year.
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    JoshMed reacted to backtothemat in Wrestlers not out/ big weight jumps   
    My kiddo Baxter Annakin has decided to "retire" from wrestling his senior year. He as had too many concussions and values his brain more than one more year on the mat.  He has loved wrestling ever since he joined Castle Wrestling Club as an 11-yr old.  It was 100% his decision, which I think is important to mention.  His Mom and I were crushed, but very proud at the same time.  Concussions are a scary thing and not to be taken lightly.  He will be at Castle's matches rooting on his teammates, especially his senior class.  I've become a big wrestling fan as a result of Baxter's involvement in this great sport, and an even bigger fan of Baxter after watching him grow into a fine young man.
    Good luck to all our wrestlers out there this year.  May they stay injury free.
    Doug Annakin
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    JoshMed reacted to ontherise219 in Best Matches at State Duals...any updates   
    It will be tough to get a ranking out before tomorrow. We had a lot of good match ups. It was a great atmosphere I got to hang and meet some of the county guys. Still trying to get a shirt
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    JoshMed reacted to grecoref in How To: Indiana as a top 5 wrestling state   
    In order to become a licensed IHSAA wrestling official you can follow this link for details on the process.http://www.ihsaa.org...72/Default.aspx
    Specific points about the On-Line Testing Process that you need to know:
    - The testing process is an on-line application. No longer do you need to plan to be at
    a site on a certain day. You do need to have access to a computer to take the test. You
    will need to plan when to take the test within the Testing Period indicated for each sport and
    submit your results before the deadline. This is not a timed test.
    - No on-site paper and pencil tests will be provided unless you are taking a class in that sport.
    - Application Deadlines must be met.
    - The test is composed of 100 questions, mostly True-False, but a few multiple choice. You must earn 75% or better on the test to
    become licensed.
    - You should receive your rules books from IHSAA as soon as they are published and available by the NFHS. If you are testing in more than one sport, the books for the later
    seasons will be sent when those books arrive in the IHSAA office. Please begin to study for the test
    upon receipt of the rules books.
    - You may only take a test one time within a program year. If you do not meet the 75%
    standard this program year, you will need to wait until the next program year to apply again.
    - You should not apply to take a test in any sport whose deadline dates have passed.
    - You should receive immediate feedback on your test results but you may not schedule
    contests until you receive the insignias and license card from this office which should come
    within 7-10 days after your test is submitted (and you have scored 75% or better).

    Remember, you do not have to be licensed to officiate middle school events or elementary events, and this is a great venue to work and gain experience, especially for those of you who are unsure as to whether or not you actually want to proceed to the high school level. It's a perfect part-time job... especially for a college student. It's a 100 question test that is open book and done online, so you are allowed ample time to complete the examination with little or no stress.
    Also keep in mind that nearly all officials begin at lower levels and work their way up, so you will not be thrust into the high profile varsity contest with 3000 screaming fans in the stands. If you like the sport and are physically able, becoming an official is a great hobby that pays well, gets you in the door for free, and gives you the best seat in the house!

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    JoshMed reacted to hogleg in East Chicago Semi State Rankings   
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    JoshMed reacted to rdrodd1 in Evansville Semi State   
    Glad to see this topic is getting over the officiating at Evansville.  These guys go out there and Ref for the love of the kids and the sport (certainly can't be for the money). I challenge any of you ref haters to go out there and give it a try.  They are human, they may make mistakes just like you and I but they are there for your team and your kid.  Just stop and think for a minute about how you would feel if they didn't show up for a match on Senior Night.  You would be wishing that they were there.  I once remember an old, out of shape guy that reffed on the South Side of Indy.  He was reffing for the love of the kids and the sport.  He wore thick, black horned rimmed glasses and had trouble getting up and down on the mat to see a fall or back points but he was there for the love of the sport and your kids.  What was pitiful was what I was hearing from some of the parents in the stands that day and I was cheering for the same team.  Kind of made me ashamed to be part of that team though not the Coaches.   I don't in any way disagree with a Coach arguing with a Ref (that is part of their job) but when you come on here and ridicule/trash Ref's for what they do, what are you teaching your child?  Done venting....You Ref's and Coaches Rock.    
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    JoshMed reacted to jchas in Bracket Fiasco 2015   
    I would say this bracket Fiasco has effected my son as much as or more than most.
    This is the text I sent him this morning.
    Today you start to prepare for greatness.  You were in the exact same spot last week
    and last year.  You rose to the occasion and people said Wow!  You will do the same
    this week.  Move forward, never look back and in the end you will have a story to tell.
    As fathers we are called to do more than fix or coddle our young men.  We teach them
    that life does not always go your way.  But you always have a choice on how you live it.
    What story's will they tell when they are old like us.   Hopefully it will be one that they can
    be proud of.  Not one that always went their way. 
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    JoshMed reacted to ENoblewrestling in How would class wrestling work in Indiana?   
    I am not saying we would bump up if classing ever happened. I wish I had that much virtue, but honestly I don't. I would take the easier accolades, and I am sure that my team and staff would be all right with that. I honestly do not think that classing would kill the sport like I once did. I also don't think it would do anything to make wrestling in the state "better".
    It may add some kids at small schools I guess, but I don't believe that the easier path would cause the level of wrestling at small schools to improve. This season we had five kids on the team who went to camps, wrestled club and did the things currently needed to advance in the post season. Want to guess how many moved on in the post season? If we were classed those same kids and others who didn't put in the extra effort would be able to move on. The system we have now forces you to put in extra effort, if we classed you could get to a higher level without having to put in the extra effort. If that makes our sport better then I guess the is what we should shoot for.
    In the end I don't think the any small gain in numbers at small schools would be worth throwing away the strong tradition the our state has built. I have two kids wrestling tomorrow, if they make it, it's because they earned it under our current system. If they don't make it, it won't be a fault of the system they simple wouldn't qualify because they didn't earn it. I don't see a need to change our system because it is difficult.
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    JoshMed reacted to Rookies03 in ref medical authority   
    There is a process for approving a skin condition as non-contagious which allows a wrestler to compete and that has already been discussed. This process is actually in place to take the decision process off of the "untrained" official. Unfortunately unethical behavior has forced officials to make decisions on skin conditions that I guarantee they don't want to make.
    Is it the best system? No. Do wrestlers that are contagious slip thru the cracks and are allowed to wrestle? Yes. Do wrestlers that are non-contagious not allowed to wrestle? Yes.
    Arguing whether an official is qualified to make a decision on a skin condition is a waste of time. There are 2 ways to help this situation:
    1. Coaches, Parents and Wrestlers make skin issues a non-issue by having good hygiene, washing mats and being relentless to identify any problems. When a skin condition does pop up during the season get it treated correctly. Do not worry about wrestling the next match until the condition is truly gone. Wrestling in conference with an iffy skin condition that a doctor signed off on (on the correct IHSAA note) doesn't mean much if your season (or high school career) is ended at weigh-ins of Sectional because the skin condition wasn't truly non-contagious (or at least doesn't look non-contagious to the official).
    2. Coaches and IHSWCA demand that the IHSAA requires host schools to employee a licensed physician for Sectional, Regional, Semi-State and State. Charge $1 more at admission to pay for them if that is what it takes. Having a licensed physician at every "Major" tournament is not a realistic goal but I think it is very reasonable to have all the Sectional sites (and Reg, SS, S) have a doctor for weigh in. Most weigh-ins take 30-45 mins. I imagine the cost wouldn't be very much to get a doctor just for weigh-ins.
    Notice I didn't say anything about having the right note or training officials. These are not the problems. Getting skin conditions under control for the health and safety of high school athletes needs to be the priority not letting a kid wrestle at any event.
    And before someone says the condition in question from the original post wasn't contagious, I am referring to the overall problem of skin conditions and unethical behavior surrounding skin conditions which leads to a kid who probably should be able to wrestle getting DQd at Sectional.
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