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  1. Red is a gamer! He’s def ready this time of year.
  2. I think it would be similar to the Laplace match
  3. I’ve been every years since 1996 except 1 time.
  4. Kyson Montgomery isn’t much of an improvement for a draw. Yes the old alignment would double the qualifiers from 1 to 2, again not much of an improvement.
  5. The old alignment wouldn’t have done much better. Remove 1 qualifier with Tell City, add 2 qualifiers with Floyd Central. I think on a different day, the Jeff sectional could have sent a few more qualifiers.
  6. 4 over 1 Friday night 2 wrestlers from semi state finals meet in the state finals all finals matches won by 2 or more points Over/under on on each semi states’ # of placers (ex. EC 26, Ev 24, NC 28, FW 18)
  7. Evansville 106 126 138 160 285 good chance at 113 152 170
  8. This is well thought out and I think is simple, reasonable and efficient way to shorten a grueling 4 weeks. I like it, thanks for sharing.
  9. Chambers I think the 1-2 & 3-4 flipped at state semi state: Jared, Josh, Mike, Geno State: Josh, Jared, Geno, Mike
  10. Long time ago. Maybe 1996-1997, top four finishers at 171 finished top four at state. I’m sure there was one or two state pacers that didn’t make it to state that year. 1999 145# round to go featured the previous year 135# state champ vs 140# runner up.
  11. This is def a turrible draw! Possibly a state finals contender going home early.
  12. And this comes from a man that would have def benefitted from a wrestle back at the state finals. Brandon has the experience as a wrestler and a coach.
  13. I have a dog in this one (a bulldog actually!) I miss going to Jeff two weekends in a row, coming from Louisville it was nice to be able to sleep in a little. Maybe the EPA can look into the realignment. Seems like an excessive waste of diesel for the Floyd County teams to pass the Tell City bus on the way to sectionals
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