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  1. I think this will be the case for the foreseeable future. This isn’t a knock on the bigger guys, but I don’t think a wrestler in the lighter weights can be very competitive on the state level without a lot of year-round offseason training. I think the size of the weight class differences in the heavier weights allow a phenomenal athlete to be competitive without as much skill level. When I graduated (late 90’s) if you wrestled in season for 4 years and cut a decent amount of weight you could be competitive in the lighter weights. However, Year round kids are so highly skilled that the size/strength difference isn’t enough in the lighter weights for upperclassmen to overwhelm their younger competitors. If you look at the post about “top 3 at each weight” we all pretty much know how the state tournament is going to shake out (just need to know who’s at what weight). This is a testament to the year round kids. So yes, at the top end I think the talent is better than ever (there will be some years with exceptions). Kids/teams/regions without the resources/clinicians/money are going to struggle to make it past semi state. Many of the top teams have 2nd and 3rd JV teams that are better than probably half the teams in the state.
  2. Broken towel rack was my favorite
  3. Thank you Leroy! It has been my pleasure (and our wrestling community) watching you compete and coach an amazing team with outstanding individuals!
  4. Sorry, it has come to my attention my post was misunderstood. I grouped the Lee’s in alphabetical order.
  5. I think this is the correct order Brayton Hayden Joe Matt Nick
  6. Agreed, and he scored 49 points. It wasn’t like he grounded out 3-0 wins.
  7. 0 points is ridiculous. That is plain stingy. I knew after watching his semi final match Cottey was going to be in trouble, and that sucked because we were sitting in the Perry section and they have a lot of school spirit/enthusiasm.
  8. I don't see it very close. If Brewer settles his Friday night jitters, it will be a major.
  9. “Juiced Era” refers to when prohormones (legal steroids) were allowed. Think Mark Mcgwire, Sammy Sosa.
  10. DJ pinned everyone but Ian Spearman (I think)
  11. Dang Matt, you suck!
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