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  1. Top 4 kids from every state put into one bracket.... PRETTY AWESOME https://linktr.ee/bopwrestling
  2. You should want them to keep sleeping on you Ding. Use it as motivation. THE BRACKET BUSTER
  3. Due to past experience in Michigan. I can say that INDIANA WRESTLING IS MUCH BETTER THAN MICHIGAN WRESTLING. Weather Michigan has 1 division at state or 4.. Indiana is still better. When I first moved here I constantly argued for Michigan with my team but it is very clear to me now that Indiana Wrestling is VERY UNDERRATED
  4. Might get hated for this... but NOAH FREAKING HOLLENDONNER! DINGER! He might not be “the best” to never win state now, but if he decides to continue wrestling then in 4 years he’d be a conversation on a thread like this. Wrestled jv half the year two years ago, qualified last year (with 2 big upsets at semi state, and then made the STATE FINALS this year beating two top 5 ranked guys on the way. If the CP program was where it’s at NOW when Dinger was a freshman then I think Noah Hollendonner would be one of the top seniors in the stage right now.. if not the country. Call me crazy, but it’s ju
  5. Also the trainers asked me if I was ok, and I replied that it wasn’t my head, I just landed on my neck weird. I never even had the thought of taking the match from him like that. I have too much respect for him and his father to ever do that.
  6. What if I told you I was BETTICH he deserves the title No foul play intended at any point
  7. Zeke deserved his title. 2 more titles in his future.
  8. Little do many people know... the kid who beat Nico Bolivar in the championship quarter finals... Jesse Mendez beat 21-7 the same day he wrestled Nico. Jesse in my opinion got screwed due to a dumb penalty point. If Jesse and Nico wrestle again I have jesse by major or tech
  9. I’d like to see who ended in each placement the most to see how accurate this really may be
  10. Cp sectional 120 has 3 guys going to state. Diaz, Bettich, Solomey
  11. 106- Goin (1st) 113- Frazier (1st) 120- Bettich (2nd) 126- Roberson (1st) 132- Mendez (1st) 138- Tatinni (4th) 145- Cruz (2nd) 160- Hollendonner/ Dinger (1st)
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