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  1. I would love to see us go back to having all the teams at one site.
  2. Please check out the attached flyer for information on coach Tim Myers' academy, which will begin preparations for Freestyle state in the upcoming weeks. 2022 MWA Freestyle Freaks Brochure.pdf
  3. Check out WZBD Audio on Podcasts and listen to Sunday's show. He called in during the second hour.
  4. If you get a chance, please listen to our podcast Sunday and our interview with Clint Gard. You’ll be glad you did
  5. The General was a guest on our show last night, check out the podcast to hear some of his thoughts.
  6. Why on earth would we not use the new enrollment data? These numbers are so old and we have brand new data to use. This makes no sense
  7. Kid is quite an athlete. As I understand it, he is already a Lilly scholar, too.
  8. decbell1


    Isiah Smedley
  9. Date: 01/11/2022 Entity: IndianaMat Type: Dual Ranking Class: All 1. Crown Point 2. Brownsburg 3. Center Grove 4. Indianapolis Cathedral 5. Evansville Mater Dei 6. Penn 7. Bellmont 8. Carmel 9. Columbus East 10. Roncalli View full team ranking
  10. Date: 01/11/2022 Entity: IndianaMat Type: Dual Ranking Class: 1A 1. Tell City 2. Rochester 3. Centerville 4. Prairie Heights 5. Adams Central 6. Cascade 7. North Posey 8. Rensselaer Central 9. Cowan 10. Bluffton View full team ranking
  11. Date: 01/11/2022 Entity: IndianaMat Type: Dual Ranking Class: 2A 1. Bellmont 2. Jay County 3. Oak Hill 4. Western 5. Norwell 6. Wawasee 7. Delta 8. Monrovia 9. Owen Valley 10. Jimtown View full team ranking
  12. Date: 01/11/2022 Entity: IndianaMat Type: Dual Ranking Class: 3A 1. Columbus East 2. Roncalli 3. East Central 4. Franklin Community 5. Terre Haute South 6. Floyd Central 7. Bloomington South 8. Greenfield-Central 9. Hobart 10. Mishawaka View full team ranking
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