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  1. Here is my best attempt at a lineup for Bellmont 106-Brent Faurote (86-7) State Champ 113-John Sheets (189-9) State Champ 120-Jason Baker (137-23) State Champ 126-Tim Myers (155-7) Two-time State Champ 132-Paul Gunsett (141-11) State Champ 138-Matt Irwin (164-13) State Champ 145-Paul Baker (117-11) State Champ 152-TJ Hays (149-14) State Champ 160-Bryce Baumgartner (141-21) Four-time state qualifier 170-Randy Baker (164-12) Four-time placer, Four-time Al Smith Champ 182-Chris Mahlan (112-10) State Champ 195-Billy Baker (128-17) State Champ 220-Daniel Meyer (112-19) 3rd, 4th place 285-Bill Schultz State Champ There would be some nasty wrestle-offs between Myers, Gunsett, Irwin and Paul Baker. Left out: Phil Lengerich-State Champ 1969, Nick Koons 3x 4th place (142-19)
  2. Leave it to WZBD radio for all your groundbreaking journalism lol
  3. 1st place-The Jay County Patriot then everybody else.... Not even @shortjay could take that big dude down
  4. It appears the IHSAA is leaning towards two sessions on Friday night with the lower weights starting at noon and the upper weights at 7 p.m. Mr. Faulkens is expected to come on our show again either this week or next with more details
  5. It also depends on if all five coaches are arguing for the three seed.
  6. Join us TUESDAY night (not Monday this week) for another edition of High School Wrestling Weekly on WZBD at 7:05 p.m. We will be joined by Bruce Thieme, state medalist in 1975 and Hall of Fame journalist Jim Hopkins as we go through sectional brackets and review last week's conference action.
  7. Considering I just put in 13 of their duals, I don't think we have to worry about him seeing it on here.
  8. I don't like calling people out on here, but this just has me flustered. Can someone explain to me what the heck these two coaches were thinking? 106: Double Forfeit 113: Keith Wrestler (RAND) over (UNCT) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Wrestler Shinn (RAND) over (UNCT) (For.) 132: Landon Dickmann (UNCT) over (RAND) (For.) 138: Wrestler Fink (RAND) over (UNCT) (For.) 145: Blayne Daniels (UNCT) over (RAND) (For.) 152: Eli Moore (UNCT) over (RAND) (For.) 160: Colin Anquiano (UNCT) over (RAND) (For.) 170: Brendon Wright (UNCT) over (RAND) (For.) 182: Michael Vore (UNCT) over (RAND) (For.) 195: Erik Terriquez (UNCT) over (RAND) (For.) 220: Double Forfeit 285: Double Forfeit Not a single match wrestled. Why not bump up your 126? your 138? Come on, man....
  9. decbell1

    Winchester vs Union City

  10. Monroe Central
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    Winchester vs Union City

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    Tri vs Union City

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