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  1. decbell1

    Team State updates

    You obviously aren’t understanding the discussion here or the parameters in place
  2. decbell1

    Team State updates

    Thankfully the IHSAA and most coaches around the state don’t give two cents about whether you sleep at night. High school athletics aren’t for you enjoyment. They’re for the student athlete
  3. decbell1

    Team State updates

    People also need to remember that schools are removing tournaments with five duals from their schedules to come to this event. If we only guarantee them two duals, I think that is a negative and could seriously affect who accepts their invite and who declines. If anything-we should be creative and find a way to get a fourth dual for the last place teams, because to be honest, the 11th place team wrestling the 12th place team will be the most competitive and worthwhile dual they wrestle all day.
  4. decbell1

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    Yes, I was pretty upset with the ladies taking tickets, they probably remember me. I did appreciate there being WiFi available tho, I was able to submit my story and photos for our papers Saturday edition
  5. decbell1

    IHSGW Girls State Championships

    Great event, very glad to be a part of it, but extremely disappointed that media were not allowed in to cover this great event without paying the $7 entry fee
  6. decbell1

    3A Team State

    Great stuff. If you’re going on Saturday, print this out and circle the matchups!
  7. 3A 1. Cathedral 8. Avon Penn 2. Mater Dei 7. Carmel Portage 3. Warren Central 6. Roncalli Columbus East 4. Brownsburg 5. Perry Meridian Northridge 2A 1. Western 8. Leo South Dearborn 2. North Montgomery 7. Bellmont Southridge 3. Wawasee 6. Edgewood Rochester 4. West Vigo 5. Jimtown Yorktown 1A 1. Prairie Heights 8. Shenandoah Southern Wells 2. Adams Central 7. Wabash Eastside 3. Centerville 6. Frankton Central Noble 4. Eastern (Greentown) 5. Attica North Posey
  8. decbell1

    3a seeding for team state

    Not much else to look at other than the team as a whole. We, as the committee, enjoy Team State the least of just about anyone in attendance. If the seeds hold, we did well. If there's an upset, we catch crap. The goal of the committee is simple: seed the teams so that they hold in the end, within the confines of already determined head-to-head criteria.
  9. decbell1


  10. Wrestling Scholar, That result does not show up in my notes or on my sheets from the last round of rankings. I am not sure when it was posted but I would guess it was after I had put together the overall rankings. Otherwise, I would have marked it as significant and it would show up in the right hand column. The next rankings will definitely reflect the Harrison win over HSE
  11. decbell1

    North Knox Invite

  12. decbell1

    Zionsville Eagle Invite

  13. decbell1

    Get off my lawn

    I know I sound like a grumpy old man here, but instead of the Team State Seeding Committee working on seeding, we are busy entering in all the results that aren't posted.......

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