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  1. Former Zionsville Wrestler Tyler Mantel is the co-founder of the Ventilator Project where a team of individuals is working to create a ventilator that can be manufactured quickly and cost effectively in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Ryan Mantel, former Zionsville wrestler and coach, and Preston Mantel, former Zionsville wrestler are also helping on the project. You can visit theventilatorproject.org to learn more or donate to this amazing project being lead by former Indiana Wrestlers.
  2. Blake (and Brendan Bailey) showed up at IPS City tournament and he mentioned he was going down to Florida to continue wrestling. Great for him and wish him nothing but the best.
  3. I’m pretty sure the New Haven Invitational is the longest running individual tournament in the state and has been named the Bill Kerbel Invitational. I believe it was named after Bill in the last 10 years.
  4. Always one of my favorite Middle School Coaches! Congrats on 26 years.
  5. Jim preached that you officiate every match the same regardless if it was a state championship match or a CYO 2nd grade match. One state finals he came off the mat after doing a really exciting championship match and turned to me and said "See just like a CYO match". Jim never missed an opportunity to teach an official something to help them get better. Randal you hit the nail on the head that his imprint will live on through other officials. Rest In Peace, Jim.
  6. Great match. Congrats to both wrestlers!
  7. Robert Miller of LN lost several times to Gil Journey of PM before beating him in the State Finals. 93' I believe.
  8. R. White of the Falcons was a 2x state champ and I know Jeff Saturday was a pretty successful HS wrestler. Of course Nick Hardwick was a state champ here in IN. Im sure plenty of guys in the SB have some wrestling experience and I agree it would be nice to hear about some of it. As far as this SB, what about Pierre-Paul? I bet that guy could ankle pick from anywhere!!!
  9. From the Winter Bulletin: B. Regionals to Semi-States ? The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place contestants in each weight class will advance to the semi-state. 1. Alternates ? If it becomes necessary to provide an alternate for any contestant eligible to advance, the following procedure will be used: a. The alternate may be offi cially weighed in immediately after the end of the offi cial weigh-in period. b. The 1st alternate will be the last individual defeated by the champion who did not advance by placing. So the wrestler that was beaten by the eventual champion would be th
  10. For those that don't know... Rex coached his 1000 dual meet on 12/18/10 making him somewhere in the neiborhood of 800-205 an almost 80% winning percentage. That is amazing. Coach Peck, good luck the rest of the year and on your way to 1000 career wins.
  11. "threw the youngr boy down, pinned him to the mat and preformed an invasive "butt drag" maneuver" If this statement is accurate then I understand the law suit. A butt drag no matter how you use it is not a pinning combo and in the above quote would be used for retaliation or hazing or whatever you want to call it.
  12. I can name several HWT state champs over the years with great tech but none come close to Andy. The first state I ever went to was his junior year and it took all of about 30 sec of watching him wrestle to see a great wrestler. I've never understood why more HWTs don't take his approach of mastering technique.
  13. Here is one for you Nick.... 94-95 I lost to V. Cannon in overtime at the Thanksgiving weekend duals at LC. I was penalized for stalling in OT. Vernon went on to finish 2nd at state. I still mess with the ref that hit me for stalling!!! I lost in the ticket round at semi state that year but the V. Cannon match is the one i want back the most.
  14. BSU had a club team back in 95-96. We practiced in the old gym in the quad. I can't even remember the coaches name but it was just a few wrestlers and I think the team went to just a few open tournaments. It would take several very dedicated people to sucessfully get a club sport going. A great coach, substaintial funding and several talented wrestlers that want to compete at a high level as a clubteam. I hope it gets going.
  15. Thanks jlittlejohn. I couldnt think of his name. sb25, Obrien finished 3rd I think. I would still vote Brimmage. He wrestled against a great 171 lb class his junior and senior year. Gill Journey (2nd, 2nd, 3rd), Will Hill (state champ 95), Dan Pleak (state champ 94), James Brimm (4th, 3rd, 189 state champ 95), Robert Miller (state champ 93). I know Brimmage beat Hill, Brimm and Miller during those years. Im pretty sure he beat Pleak and maybe Journey.
  16. Pike High School DeMarcus Spencer 3x state qualifier and State Runner Up Deon Brimmage finished 3rd in 93 and 4th in 94 (my vote for best overall) Donnie Hale finished State Runner Up in 96 Pete Peterson finished State Runner UP in 97 There was a state champ in the 80s but I cant think of his name. TAE can you help out?
  17. ahobbs@peru.k12.in.us The post below makes it look like Hobbs- is apart of the email. Try the one above. Andy is very good about answering emails.
  18. I have a very small amount of cali ear on one ear and I love it. No one would even notice it unless they touch it. It is a permanent reminder of my wrestling career. I did wear headgear so it is probably why mine is so small. But to have really bad cali ear is another story.
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