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Stevenson by Major...Parris only points by escapes...


as a wise man told me...there is parris good and then there is gable good


It's hard to imagine Parris getting anything going against Gable. Gable will be the next great American heavyweight on the World and Olympic stage.

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Some common opponents

Evan Ellis

Gable Steveson (Minnesota Elite) over Evan Ellis (Central Indiana Wrestling Acad) (TF 22-6) 

Mason Parris (Indiana Gold) over Evan Ellis (Indiana Gorillas) Maj 15-5

Mason Parris (Lawrenceburg) 52-0 won by fall over Evan Ellis (Eastern (Greentown)) 45-1 (Fall 5:20) 

Mason Parris (Lawrenceburg Youth WC) over Evan Ellis (Central Indiana Academy of Wrestling) (Dec 14-7) 


Gunnar Larson
Gable Steveson (Minnesota Elite Golden Gophers) over Gunnar Larson (Indiana Gold) TF 27-12

Mason Parris (Lawrenceburg) 53-0 won by major decision over Gunnar Larson (Avon) 42-1 (MD 17-5)

Mason Parris (Lawrenceburg) 52-0 won by major decision over Gunnar Larson (Avon) 42-1 (MD 13-4)

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steveson would absolutely dominate him in freestyle no argument here. i do believe it would be much closer in folkstyle.hopfully we can see it one day in college im pretty sure if mason chooses to wrestle in college he will be a heavy.

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What if he and Bobby both stayed here and wrestled.  Here could have been some possible state final match-ups.  


2013-2014 182 Bobby vs. Damien Chambers (Bobby won state in Minnesota after winning it here in 2012-2013.  Gable placed 2nd in state as an 8th grader!)

2014-2015 195 Bobby vs. Blake Rypel (Bobby won state in Minnesota)

                  220 Gable vs. Kobe Woods (Gable won state in Minnesota)

2015-2016 220 Gable vs. Mason Parris (Gable won state in Minnesota)

2016-2017 HWT Gable vs. Evan Ellis (Gable won state in Minnesota)


These would have been fun to watch, however I would take the Stevenson's in every match up.  I am sure Merriville missed them and the 7 state titles they would have had between the two of them.

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A rats synopsis on da subject:


Stevenson been full time wraslin since he was a little kid


Paris a football player who wrasles


Athlete - I say all you have to look at deem - Parris is chilzled and Stevenson looks likes he spends to much time at da buffet


Top end - I say Parris - if he concentrated at wrestling and was in a top room he has more room to improve


I know Stevenson won a couple of cadet worlds and Fargo - he would win know - but if Parris spent a couple of years at Ohio State and worked with Snyder and Tervel I give him da nod


Probably a moot point because Parris will be playing on Saturday in college I would bet.

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Here is another "What If".  What if Nathan Boston had stayed in Indiana?  He won state as a freshman beating Micic in the tournament in 2010-2011.  Next year he lost to Micic in the finals.  He then moved to Kentucky where he won state pinning all but one tech fall.  If he had stayed

2012-2013  113lbs  Boston and Micic III?

2013-2014 120lbs Boston vs Chad Red (who was a sophmore that year)


Would Red be a four time state champ against a solid senior in Boston?  Micic is the better wrestler this year, however Boston did beat Micic last year in college.  Who would have won the 3rd state meeting between these two?  

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I'll take Micic in rd 3 and Red in a potential match.


What if.......Hump doesn't cut to 30 and we see a 2x state champ Hump vs. 3x state champ Escobedo?

That match happened.  Probably would have been a closer match as seniors, but not sure Humphrey would have closed the gap that much.


112 Pounds First Round Results Angel Escobedo (55-0), freshman, Griffith def. Reece Humphrey (17-5), freshman, Lawrence North, decision, 13-5. 

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