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  1. So did Perry Meridian in 92.
  2. Mater Dei was runner up and had one champ, 2 4ths and a 6th Looks like Belmont had a 6th, 3 2nds and a 4th.
  3. I think it has more to do with the antics of the father after the Lee match than what CJ did. Just my opinion.
  4. Belmont won in 1987 without an individual champion.
  5. Not sure anybody is a 100% guaranteed lock this year. Maybe Alred and South? Seems just about all the top ranked kids have had some close matches. Not sure there is anybody I would feel comfortable laying a large amount of money on at this point.
  6. Better not question the rankings.
  7. If anybody is laying money on the Purdue/IU dual, they have a serious problem.
  8. MD92

    Southern Indiana Athletic Conference

    Not sure if MD can get all 14 into the finals. I think 106-170 are locks to make it, and probably pretty safe to call locks to win. 182 can make it. I think it would be an upset if the other 3 weights did. I predict 10 champs, 1 runner up and 3 thirds.
  9. MD92

    State Rankings #6

    I’m glad somebody understood my point. In hindsight I shouldn’t have mentioned names. Kid is a fantastic wrestler.
  10. MD92

    State Rankings #6

    Nope, not a state champ here. Just a fan and a guy that likes to bust chops, as Mattyb says. All in good fun, but I guess I should be careful with other people’s sensitivities.
  11. MD92

    State Rankings #6

    Let me be very clear here. I think Brody Bauman is a fantastic wrestler and I meant no disrespect to him. I agree that he would be a starter on just about any team in the state. I was just wondering if wind over non-starters are now being considered for the rankings. As far as being called out and identified, it is what it is. If it makes Y2 feel good to do that so be it. Again, if offense was taken, my apologies. It was just something that struck me as odd.
  12. MD92

    State Rankings #6

    No, he’s a freshman
  13. MD92

    Undefeated wrestlers left

    Dickens is not undefeated. He lost in Michigan.
  14. MD92

    State Rankings #6

    Just curious why wins over Brody Bauman are being considered as significant wins at 113. I know he a very good wrestler has a lot of credentials, etc. but just seems weird that a win over a junior varsity wrestler is considered significant.

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