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  1. Y2, Kevin Elliot is the new HC at Benton Central, Everyone is very excited to have Kevin leading our young men And women into the great things to come in our corn field community !
  2. ahhhh im sure right, gettin old s@@@s lol
  3. Im pretty sure that was Damon Hummel, (Rochester i think) tallllll kid, i remember sitting down low in MSA and he was just hanging out by the railing and oooo i guess i better go wrestle. That kid was a throwing machine
  4. Wow Lee Kemp is inspirational and heart breaking at the same time! Also check out Junkyard Dogs on prime,, good one too!
  5. very well done, the announcing during the finals thoo, lol wld never hear it like that at Bankers. good $5 spent for sure
  6. What happened to Carroll, i dont see him in the rankings
  7. EC 106 #6 Bailey #20 Miller EC 120 #6 Hall #12 Hein EC 195 #6 Pack #7 Hargan
  8. '91 wrasled 119, hooved around about 130, 165-170 meow depending on how many beers that day. Also ive always had a scale in my bathroom, on it about everyday,,,,, not sure why lol
  9. Angel taled about this in his interview on the Takedown podcast, 7 IN guys in the bloodround this year would have scored a lot of points for PU or IN
  10. here is the link, https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/short-time-wrestling-podcast-biggest-names-in-college/id828454298?mt=2 Y2 do tell, are you going to be on it??
  11. as i am driving everyday, i was listening to the Short time Podcast and Byrant was talking about VA's terrible state tourney< makes me love OUR tourney and how it is done that much more! Anywhos,, with the IN vs USA match coming up, how Could of our IN team look IF some guys stayed in state or stayed wrestling? The obvious guys are Gable Stevenson and Joe Lee, are there any other guys we are missing? AND could this have been the best senior class in IN with those guys?
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