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  1. What Happened to Walker from Mish????
  2. EC 106 #6 Bailey #20 Miller EC 120 #6 Hall #12 Hein EC 195 #6 Pack #7 Hargan
  3. '91 wrasled 119, hooved around about 130, 165-170 meow depending on how many beers that day. Also ive always had a scale in my bathroom, on it about everyday,,,,, not sure why lol
  4. Angel taled about this in his interview on the Takedown podcast, 7 IN guys in the bloodround this year would have scored a lot of points for PU or IN
  5. here is the link, https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/short-time-wrestling-podcast-biggest-names-in-college/id828454298?mt=2 Y2 do tell, are you going to be on it??
  6. as i am driving everyday, i was listening to the Short time Podcast and Byrant was talking about VA's terrible state tourney< makes me love OUR tourney and how it is done that much more! Anywhos,, with the IN vs USA match coming up, how Could of our IN team look IF some guys stayed in state or stayed wrestling? The obvious guys are Gable Stevenson and Joe Lee, are there any other guys we are missing? AND could this have been the best senior class in IN with those guys?
  7. id like to see Darren and Alex,,, loved seeing Pribble win, but not sure he's a 3 seed....
  8. after listening to Short time podcast with Jason Byrant, it dif is NOT Virginia!! wow what a shame. They do not do those kids justice
  9. i could not make it this year, so the fortunate those of you that are watching the greatest sport ever today, Who was the most impressive to this point NOT named Lee or Parris??
  10. im a little late to as about this, but is there a radio broadcast that i can listen to today? if there is im hoping to find it on tunein app. Thanks
  11. Dang what happened to Betourne with Brooks? i see he got stuck!
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