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  1. the average kid eats 1500 PB&J's before graduation. Google it.
  2. Mendez run rule 5th inning
  3. That same “someone” also pinned Joe Lee.
  4. Nice when you can hand pick or recruit your athletes out of the Evansville* area
  5. Newman wrestled a Jasper kid in the finals at Big 8 conference 1st period - Newman TD2, Jasper Kid E1, Newman TD2. 2nd period - Jasper kid's choice. Defers. Newman takes Bottom - Newman R2 - Newman NF3 - Newman FALL Just saying, if that Jasper kid was Milanes I wouldn't be betting your house on that upset BUT anything can happen.
  6. Milanes over Newman? I may be mistaken but I think Newman pinned him first go around.
  7. Cody Phillips from Union County had a situation similar to this as well. 103 champ 103 champ 113 3rd 126 4th at S.S. But I believe someone wrestled in his spot at state. Unsure of the reason. Great wrestler all together. I do agree, I think that jump up from 113 - 126 is an undertaking. Or any jump 2 weight classes really in my mind can impact the effectiveness of different styles of wrestling. Very interested to see how everything plays out at 126.
  8. I think people forget that Chad Ruggeri did all of that while weighing around 220 soak and wet, directly after eating 2 big macs, and bricks in his pockets.
  9. I think it was Levi Miller's first round match, assistant ref overturned the call and they ended up awarding him a last second take down. Not saying it wasn't there just stating an example. I do agree with you, lots of situations where an assistant ref could have helped.
  10. Can't believe I've been at this semi state for almost 6 hours and I'm still alive. Evansville is freaking terrifying
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