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Everything posted by MD92

  1. Can't do it in between periods because that would potentially alter the rest of how that period played out. You would have to stop the action as soon as possible.
  2. Are you still drunk from Saturday night's celebration?
  3. So opinions on hypothetical issues/scenarios involving MD are not accepted here. Got it. Keep fighting the good fight.
  4. Well aware of that, thanks. I was giving my opinion on what would/could happen if there was ever a split to the individual tournament. At no time did I say it was a fact. In fact, I believe that MD would continue in the larger class just as they do with the dual state tournament, which I clearly stated in my original post. My second post was merely, again MY OPINION, on how things could have played out this year if there were two classes and if MD opted to stay in their enrollment class. And since one of your main arguments for class wrestling is that it would give more exposure to kids from smaller schools, I figured it was entirely appropriate to voice my opinion on how MD could have fared this year is such a system. Being in their assigned enrollment class would certainly give more exposure (i.e. state medals) to several more MD kids. Don't you agree?
  5. And there was a specific question asking if MD would be forced to go into the smaller class, which I gave my opinion on. I also gave my opinion on how I believe MD would have fared in the lower class of a two class system if it was in place this year. Is that not allowed now? I hope the other 300+ schools in the state can share their opinions on this matter without the snarky comments from the administration.
  6. If MD wrestled in the lower class of a theoretical individual class state tournament, in my opinion, this is how they would have placed this year. 106 - Freeman champ 113- Ross finalist. Only Dalton from Monrovia was a placer from the small class 120 - boarman champ 126 - Egli top 4 - only Watts was a placer from the lower class 132 - Egli top 4 - only Gimson and Johnson were placers from the lower class 138 - Mayer top 8 - was eliminated at SS by 5th place finisher Reynolds from Avon 145 - Lee champ 152 - Dickens champ - Highest placer among the small schools at 152 160 - Sollars top 6 - several smaller schools represented at this weight this year 170 - Parkinson top 2 - only Fielden was a higher placer from small schools 182 - Pierson SQ - Eliminated by Jasper at SS 195 - McGrew SQ - Eliminated by Martinsville at SS 220 - Boots DNQ Hvy - Woodruff DNQ
  7. If it is all about "exposure" and getting kids looked at by colleges, MD would be better off staying in the smaller class and picking a lot more individual titles and placers. But realistically they would opt to go the bigger class like they do for team duals.
  8. Let us know when B.Lee is a true freshman all-American....
  9. Fireman's straight to his back to go up 4-0.
  10. Wow. Lee as a senior would have waltzed through the state. No question about it. That's almost like saying B. Lee got pinned at semi-state his frosh year to avoid getting beat by Nick. Or him dropping to 138 to avoid both Nick and Joe.
  11. Quick, somebody post a still shot of Garcia flat on his back as he rolled through so we can argue if he self pinned or not.
  12. Believe it or not, I'm on the fence with this one. I tend to give Lee the nod (I know, I know...homer) strictly on his dominance. Here's a reminder of his 2014 post season run starting at semi state. I don't see the brackets for sectional or regional that year, but I'm confident that he teched or pinned his way through those as well. Evansville Semi State Tech Fall Payton Reese, Franklin 23-7 3:19 Fall over Brent Haynes, Charleston 2:20 Fall over Elliott Malloy, Danville 2:27 Fall over Quenton Harris, Avon :34 State Fall over John Hunting, Rochester, 1:26 Fall over AJ Belden, Westfield, 1:50 Loss to Micic 10-3 Tech Fall over Erique Early, 24-9
  13. Still shots are useless to determine a pin.
  14. Just a small community with 2400+ kids roaming the halls.
  15. Two of the best freshman I've seen. Who wins this hypothetical match up? Both were at 126. Mendez was obviously an undefeated champ. The only thing that kept Lee from winning was #1 in the country Micic. Lee bonused everyone that year (aside from Micic). Who you got?
  16. Oh, and congratulations on the state title.
  17. He's clearly a very talented wrestler, D1 recruit, state champ, etc. Unfortunately, people will be talking about the sandwich rather than his wrestling for a couple of years. I know it is all in good fun, but seems out of place.
  18. This place would be boring if we all go along and just agreed all the time
  19. Oh, I'm not offended at all. I can just see why some people don't like it, whether it is him, Mark Hall, DeSanto, whoever.
  20. The Iowa match in particular, he did basically nothing for 6:50 against Iowa's back up and then strutted around like he just knocked off a top 10 kid.
  21. Don't forget to cleverly add "I'm just joking" at the end of your posts when you rip somebody's opinion.
  22. Let's see if this young man can make the most of his opportunity.
  23. Moran has tough match Friday night. he is the clear favorite, but Cole Ross won't be an easy out.
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