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  1. i know all you guys say Mason doesnt have a chance agianst Gable but I would love to see it!!
  2. steveson would absolutely dominate him in freestyle no argument here. i do believe it would be much closer in folkstyle.hopfully we can see it one day in college im pretty sure if mason chooses to wrestle in college he will be a heavy.
  3. please correct me if im wrong but didnt mason come back and pin him a month later?
  4. i really dont see a major happening in folkstyle. Mason has too much heart.Gable wins 7-4
  5. i base that off of he hasnt been taken down by any kid that lives in indiana in two years and has won by tech fall or pin besides last years state finals and he majored him. and im pretty sure davison didnt make it pasted friday last year?
  6. mason would beat him 12-6 at a catch weight of 205 mason doesnt give up a takedown.
  7. p4p senior yes but mason parris is p4p overall in the state. yes i know he cant win this.
  8. I do believe Mason was on a mission today four pins in like 3 min!!!
  9. did Mason Parris break a sweat today? pinned everyone within a minute!!
  10. i dont know if he is the best of all time but i can tell you this mason is the most humble kid that i have ever met and the crazy thing is he might be a better football player. but the best thing about him is he is a great person he is never too busy to talk to a youth wrestler or get his picture taken with them. lets not put a bigger bulleye on him than he already has. good luck this year mason as your real season is about to start i know my kid and i will be cheering you on!!
  11. He is pretty great more than likely will be a 3 time State champ with only one loss name someone else that did that at a heavier weight class. Oh and he just beat the 4th and 5th ranked wrestlers in country!!
  12. Destroy I don't think so he would Def prob win in a freestyle match but I don't think there is anybody that is going to destroy him.
  13. Gable Stevenson is a stud I'm not saying mason could beat him but would love to see the two wrestle.
  14. I think your right but I would take him on my team there's not a better 220 in the state I don't care what style it is. If he wanted to be on it he would be there not a better 220 in the state or in that matter 99 percent of the country.
  15. Did mason parris not want to wrestle in this or was he not chosen just figured you would want one of the nation's best on your team.
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